Chapter 5: Death’s flashback (Part 2)

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“I will send this to the crematorium, but it’s really a waste ah.” Liu Xuelian felt pity to the coat. I was pulled back to reality when I heard those words of her. My hand shakes a little when those images are till rotating in my mind.

My face was full of tears, Liu Xuelian got puzzled and look at me: “Xiao Xi, why are you crying?  Are you hungry? Wait for a while, Aunt will cook something for you and your grandmother.”

“Don’t call me that! I feel sick just by seeing you, you killed Lili! You killed her! You don’t deserve to be Lili’s mother.” I directly shouted at her, then turned and looked at Liu Xiuli’s body: “Don’t you dare bury Lili’s body together with Zhao Long, otherwise, just wait for a ghost to come and get you”.

Liu Xuelian’s eyes got wide and stared at me when she heard my words.

“Xiao Xi, I really didn’t mean to that to Lili. Don’t mention that to your grandmother ah! If this thing spread out, how can I live? how can this child in my belly survive?” Liu Xuelian didn’t even cry when her own daughter died, but this time because of fear she was shaking and crying out loud.

Grandma coughs a few times and walked toward me, she said in a low voice: “Make a good funeral arrangement for Lili, don’t treat her badly anymore, whatever might have happened she is still your flesh and blood. Xiao Xi, let’s go home now.”

I looked at Liu Xiuli once more before I nodded my head to grandmother, but my heart was still in pain.


I went back home with grandmother and didn’t eat dinner with them. I began crying in my quilt, I was thinking, if only Liu Xiuli didn’t send me home that day, she will not go back early.

If she didn’t go back early, perhaps that Zhao Long wouldn’t”rape” her, Liu Xuelian wouldn’t get angry and she wouldn’t die.

“Everything happens for a reason, some people are born to pay back their past debts. Lili will be born again, just believe that in her next life, she will be happy.” Grandma said while opening my quilt. I looked at her and started sobbing: “Grandma, I want to go to Lili’s burial, I want to go to her tomb in the mountain and put incense for her.”

“No, you need to wait for your yin soul to get stable before you can do those things and stay away from the tomb mountain. For now, you can burn paper at home for Lili.” Grandma said while stroking my cheek:” Lili might be dead, but she wouldn’t want to see you so sad.”

I know grandma was only trying to comfort me and in order for her not worry, I wiped the tears from my cheeks.

Grandma said that she was also wrong, but she thought that the baby in Liu Xuelian’s belly is innocent too. She had taken into account the child’s life, the baby will be the first generation of Zhang Family and she hopes that he can be born successfully.

So, she will still help Liu Xuelian.

Grandma has a kind heart to any people, I know that fact. And because she feels guilty, she burned several beautiful clothes for Lili.

After Lili’s burial, I burned papers for her, but those paper money fly in the sky, like Lili who fly away from my life.

Things had quiet down, Liu Xuelian also gave birth to a fat baby boy. And because there is no adult man at home and Zhao Long died, there are dozens of pigs in their house. But her life has returned to normal.


At School.

“Lin Xi, Teacher is looking at you.”

I was looking out the window, thinking about Lili. When suddenly, Hei Wa, my classmate who sits next to me gently touched me in my elbow. I recovered my mind and look in the front.

Sure enough, Teacher keeps speaking and looking straight at me, but she looked at me strangely.

This teacher is our new language teacher named Chen Shuling, she is only 21 years old and a college student in the city. She will only teach in our school until next year.

And because she is more beautiful than any woman in the village, a lot of uncles admired her. So naturally the village’s aunt no less speak ill behind her.

“I’m sorry Teacher Chen.” Seeing that she’s giving me that kind of look, I suddenly stood up and apologize to her.

She recovered her strange eyes and smiled at me, she moves her hand downward for me to sit down and then continue her class.

“Recently, you’re always absent-minded in class, is it because of Lili? Don’t worry, even if she’s gone now you still have me, right?” Hei Wa’s voice was getting smaller and smaller: “I will always be your friend.”

Hei Wa’s real name is Zhao Xueda, my relationship with him is also good. When Lili died, he deliberately teases me to make happy, which is good for me.


When the school bell rings, Hei Wa whispered in my ear: “Today, let’s go to the tomb mountain to see Lili, you haven’t go in there, right?”

He looked at me and asked.

I nodded, but I suddenly remembered my grandmother’s words and hesitated.

“Don’t be scared, I will protect you.” Hei Wa thought that I was scared of those wild animals in the mountain, he patted his chest to reassure me that he will protect me well.

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