Chapter 5: Death’s Flashback (Part 1)

By | December 22, 2016

Liu Xiuli seems accustomed to such look in his eyes, she kept her head down and quickly ran toward her room and closed the door. But because the wooden door was pretty old, the door didn’t close and simply just squeaks. Zhao Long chased after Liu Xiuli.

He impatiently pushed the door for several times, but Liu Xiuli keeps pushing back the door and stand behind it. Zhao Long forcefully kick the door and it got opened.

Listening to the “bang” loud noise, Liu Xiuli falls to the ground and the wooden door got broken.

“This smelly little girl, I only tried hard in raising you because you got my interest.” After he finished saying those words, he approaches Liu Xiuli. Liu Xiuli got panic, she doesn’t know what Zhao Long plan to do with her, so she just desperately moves back her body.

Finally, her body reach and lean to the moldy walls and can no longer retreat back.

“Hahaha, I have been waiting for this moment to come. If only I had money I wouldn’t even dare to marry your old and second-hand mother!” Zhao Long said and quickly pulled Liu Xiuli.

Zhao Long’s oily face with thick mustache directly got attached to Liu Xiuli’s face. He couldn’t wait any longer and kiss her for several times. Liu Xiuli shouted and tried pushing him away.

However, her thin body couldn’t stop him. Zhao Long had easily picked her up and thrown her to the old wooden bed.

Liu Xiuli climbed up from her bed, she begs and kneels in front of him: “Dad, please don’t this, I beg you! I will work harder to do the housework and if you want me to stop going to school and work instead, I will do that. I promised I will obediently listen to you.”

Liu Xiuli curled up her body and keep shedding her tears. Anyone who will witness this will felt an endless distressed.

But Zhao Long didn’t pity her, he just rubs back and forth his hands. The creepy smile on his face widen and said: “You will stop going to school? That’s good, after all, father already spent a lot of his money for you to finished your primary school. But now, you need to pay me back.”

Zhao Long directly move toward her. He then grabs Liu Xiuli’s coat and couldn’t wait to tore her clothes.

Liu Xiuli scream, she keeps shouting: “Mom help me, Mom!”

“Your mother is still outside and very busy to chat with the neighbors. You just need to behave or else I will hit you!” Zhao Long said, he put his hand on her chest and forcefully remove her underwear.

Liu Xiuli keeps wiggling her legs, but all her struggles and resistance didn’t stop Zhao Long.

Her throat turns red from shouting. Zhao Long got extremely excited with her shouts and this inhuman scenes even lasted for half an hour long.

Liu Xiuli keeps crying in the beginning. But finally, her tears got dry and stops resisting. She bites her lips and silently lies down on the bed.

When Zhao Long was getting ready to get out of the bed and was about to wear his underwear, Liu Xiuli’s mother came in.

To see such a scene, Liu Xuelian didn’t even seek justice for her own daughter but rather went near her and grabbed her hair. Liu Xiuli’s scalp almost got torn because of her.

“You little slut! You finally able to seduce your dad. Are you satisfied now?.” She raised her other hand and severely slaps Liu Xiuli’s face.

Blood leaks from Liu Xiuli’s mouth because of her slaps, both her cheeks had turned red, but Liu Xuelian didn’t stop.

Zhao Long didn’t try to stop her too, he just wears his clothes and took out a cigarette to smoke.

Liu Xiuli who no longer had strength in her body let her mother beat her. Finally, Liu Xuelian stared and shouted: “You little slut! Crawl back to your grandmother now! I don’t want to see you again.”

“But… Grandmother live in uncle’s house, you already know that aunt will not let me live with them.” Liu Xiuli replied back while crying.

“So you still want to live and depend on me? After what you have done? You shamelessly seduced your father. I don’t want to ever see you again. I will strangle you to death, I will strangle you!” Liu Xuelian grabs Liu Xiuli’s neck, Liu Xiuli had tried to push her a few times, but she has no strength. And finally, out of desperation, she scratches back Liu Xuelian’s hand.

Liu Xuelian got angry when Liu Xiuli scratched her back, her anger burst and because of too much force, her nails got broken.

After a few minutes, Liu Xiuli completely stops from moving. Her own mother strangled her to death in her cold wooden bed.

Seeing that Liu Xiuli no longer move, Liu Xuelian at first got surprised and panic. She didn’t felt sad that Liu Xiuli died but rather felt scared that other people will know that she is a murderer. She went immediately to  Zhao Long, he tried waking her up for more than half an hour, but Liu Xiuli really died.

They took advantage of that night with heavy rain, they carried Liu Xiuli’s body and planned to discard her to the river. Liu Xuelian who was very reluctant to throw the coat with her forcefully removed it before she completely pushes her in the river.

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