Chapter 5 – Deal with the Demon 2

By | November 11, 2016

Words like “sacrifice” and “blood” scared her.
She can’t die!

The demon is such a liar!

It’s highly unlikely for her to escape right now since the Demon has got his eyes on her.

There’s no way back for her the moment she said yes.
The Demon put on that characteristic smile again as holy fire appeared out of thin air and devoured Lu Jiuque.

The fire pierces through her skin and burns her body, as if melting her into steel, burning her inside out.

Dirt and impurities flushed out of her body, disappearing as they touch the ground.

Incantation hasn’t come to an end, instilling into her soul.
Lu Jiuque has gone numb from the pain and has lost track of time. It wasn’t until the fire disappeared that she finally wakes back up.

The Demon was, again, smiling a little, a smile with a twist to it, like the smile of a child who is determined not to weep.“Good job, my little servant.”

This little guy looks like a 12 year old. How dare he call her his ittle servant.

The Demon petted her like a dog, giving her an old worn out book, smiling.”My servant, starting from today you better train and practice hard. Here is the scriptures. Keep in mind if you don’t progress as fast as the silver dragon it will eat you. And also, don’t forget to feed it oblations, otherwise it will eat you. Please don’t just die. ”

The Demon grabbed her by the arms and threw her away before she even realized it.

A small gasp left her lips as her arms flailed in the air, gravity taking her down onto the ground.


What a shame!

She stood there frozen with nothing short of disgust on her face, almost hatred, as her face reddened with shame.
Danger or whatnot no longer bothers her anymore. She wants revenge!

Lu Jiuque decided to find a place to wash up her body, since she’s pretty much covered in dirt right now.

She stopped abruptly.

She’s healed. Her fractured bone is healed.

Lu Jique was surprised to find out that all the pain is gone and all the injuries are healed completely.
Is it because of the silver fire?

All of a sudden Lu Jiuque heard a loud noise as if a dragon was roaring.
She looked over vigilantly. All she saw was forest, and no sign of dragons. Where did the roaring come from?

Then she saw exactly what it was that roared.

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