Chapter 5 – The Blood Pact with the King of Demons

By | May 21, 2017

No, wait!

How could she not die with this voluntary donation of blood, or organs, or blood?

No, it cannot be!

She could not die!

Just as expected, the King of Demons was an impostor!

But if now Jiuche was already a chunk of meat on the King of Demons chopping board, how could she run away?

Right from the moment she had agreed and was marked with blood between his eyebrows, Jiuche had already no way out.

The King of the Demons raised his silvery pupils and smiled at her. Suddenly, under Jiuche’s feet, it appeared a flame so powerful that it could burn even a soul. It was so bright that it made her cry for a moment.

That flame penetrated into her skin, into her bones, into her organs… It made her look like molten steel, it purified and bolstered her continually out and inside.

Dirt and impurities inside her were purified, becoming dust and dissipating.

But the ancient spell continued, as a decadent celestial music stagnated and slowly sculpted into its soul.

“All around there is only catastrophe, bitterness, despair, fear, torment, destruction, cries of sorrow … I will destroy the earth, I will obliterate the universe, I will kill who’s needed, I will come to your side, and I will blow away all the evil beings for you! I, devoted being with two souls, a faithful donor forever … ”


By now, Jiuche felt nothing more, she did not even realize how long it had been, until, in the end, that silver flame did not begin to blur and turn into a silver pearl that went into his navel. It was only at that moment that she woke up from the spell.

The King of Demons smiled, his eyes glittering more than an explosion of fireworks: “You have been marked, very good, little servant.”




She 22-23 years old… How could he call her “little” servant?

The Prince of the Demons caressed her head as he caressed a pet, put a ruined book on her lap, and laughed, “Little slave, today you will take the path of Xiulian, keep this book. If your progress will proceed at a shorter speed than the one to which the silver dragon grows, the latter will eat you. Also remember to offer to the book something to eat, otherwise he will eat you anyway. My precious little slave sigh your two souls, try not to die too easily. ”


He did not even wait for Jiuche’s answer, grabbed her by an arm, lifted her and threw her away.

With her head twisting and her aching snout, Jiuche pointed at the ground as if playing a guqin.




What a humiliation!

A great humiliation!

The hatred she felt for the humiliation she had had today would not even go away with all the water in the world!

It has little importance whether it’s dangerous or not, King of the Demons, you will not win!

Jiuche clenched her teeth with perseverance, looked around her body for a while, she was all covered with a black substance, got up and went looking for a place to wash the black slime and the bad luck.

She did just two steps, then Jiuche looked at the place from which she left.

Wait, were his injuries completely healed? Even the fractures disappeared?


She touched herself from head to toe. Jiuche was more than sure that all of his internal, external, small, and large injuries were completely healed. Then she felt a little stupid.

Was it for that silver flame?

Suddenly, Jiuche felt an echo like the nitrite of a beast.

She looked around her immediately. Not far from her, she saw a dense, lush forest, but there was no trace of any beast. But then that nitrite where did it come from?

The wind rose hissing and scattered the clouds in the distance. On the horizon, a flock of black dots was approaching compact. The thing that surprised Jiuche was that she could see them distinctly one by one.

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