Chapter 5.2

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The makeup artist was only a twenty-year old young girl, and when she saw Mo Zhen, her entire body burned up in excitement. Long live Emperor Mo Long Live Emperor Mo ah! When she thought about all the things she could do to the God that was put in her hands, her eyes filled with excitement.

Of course, the scene in her imagination did not actually occur; Mo Zhen, in reality, had a naturally good complexion and Gao Sen’s makeup was already very simple, thus there was no real effort needed. While the makeup artist secretly grieved her heart out, Cui Dao brought the screenwriter over to Mo Zhen’s side.

Mo Zhen could see Cui Dao walking over to him in the mirror, when he saw the worried expression on Cui Dao’s face he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Cui Dao pushed the screenwriter’s side, the poor screenwriter’s face was getting paler and paler by the second, with a bitter smile on his face, he forced himself to look directly at Mo Zhen: “Emperor Mo, we may add another scene.”

“Oh.” Mo Zhen did not mind, shooting an extra scene was not something he wasn’t used to, so he did not find it strange, “What kind of scene?”

The screenwriter swallowed and smiled brightly, “A Kissing scene,” and then added, “You kissing Song Ni.”

Mo Zhen did not speak, but quietly watched the screenwriter from the mirror.

The screenwriter was about to collapse, and was pushed by Cui Dao. Cui Dao wiped the sweat off his face and said: “Don’t look at me, I’m just a director, I don’t write the scenes, I just shoot them.”

Screenwriter: “…”

Mo Zhen slowly exhaled, he watched Cui Dao and screenwriter as he said: “How much are they paying? I’ll double the price to delete this paragraph.”

Cui Dao: “… …”

Screenwriter: “…”

It was always these moments when Tang Qiang would have his time to shine.

The crew and Mo Zhen had done about half an hour of work, and finally the scene of the mouth to mouth kiss had been changed to a kiss on the back of the hand.

Mo Zhen with a black face had finally agreed to this scene, Tang Qiang wiped his forehead sweat, and thought to himself that he needed to find Mo Zhen an assistant. With all this running around, he would soon die young.

But it was not entirely Mo Zhen’s fault for being angry; although he has been in the acting industry for ten years, the large and small films he has appeared in could be added up to more than twenty dozen, but he has only been in a few kiss scenes. After all, a film was not much different than an idol drama; sometimes, they needed a kiss to improve the ratings.

Mo Zhen was actually a very conservative person, even when he modeled for photo shoots he did not expose too much skin.

So the naked upper body exposed to the camera that Ah Yao had seen last night on “God Forbidden Zone 1” was actually a rarity and was worthy to be in the classic collection of Mo Zhen photographs.

After the small storm had passed, the stylists began to dress Mo Zhen into his character. It took on twenty minutes and an elegant white-coated Dr. Gao Sen appeared on the set.

The scene caused a small commotion among the female crew members, the majority of them looked like they were shooting pink hearts from their eyes at Mo Zhen- or now, Gao Sen.

Even Ah Yao didn’t hold back, she rushed directly towards Mo Zhen and cried excitedly, “Dr. Gao Sen!!

Mo Zhen calmly watched as Ah Yao ran through his body, eventually hitting the opposite side of the wall as she drifted.

Ah Yao stopped and turned around to look enthusiastically at Mo Zhen. Last night, she did not dream of Dr. Gao Sen, but today, she had met the live version, it was even better

Alright, ever since she watched the first movie, she had become a big fan of Mo Zhen. The role of Gao Sen was the main reason why Mo Zhen had become so successful. Out of the three major awards he had won, 2 of them were for the role of Gao Sen in the God Forbidden Zone series.

Now that “God Forbidden Zone 3” would start filming, many media outlets predicted that Emperor Mo would become even more successful.

Mo Zhen’s hand held a lemon, he walked to the front of the camera lens slightly strong when the original moment of soft eyes down, but it also revealed an indescribable wisdom.

With the changes in his eyes, Mo Zhen had entirely become a completely different person, it felt that even if you rushed over and kissed him, he would ask you nicely on how it tasted.

But when she thought about how she may be exorcised by Mo Zhen when they went back home, Ah Yao quickly dispelled her ideas.

Shooting the scene was quite simple, his collegue, Nessa, played by Song Ni, would finally be introduced to Gao Sen in his laboratory. Nessa was sexy and beautiful, she was well-published in many articles in influential foreign papers and was a highly favored beautiful doctor. Because she had grown up in the United States, her character was passionate- so much so that the first time to saw Gao Sen, she gave him a kiss.

But that was the original scene.

The improved script had been changed by Mo Zhen to Gao Sen kissing Nessa… … at the back of the hand.

Since Gao Sen was a gentlemanly character, his actions to Nessa were not surprising, but for Mo Zhen to do it to Song Ni, his heart felt very uncomfortable.

However, Mo Zhen was a professional actor, no matter how reluctant his hear was, he still took the initiative to lift Song Ni’s right hand and gently pressed a kiss onto it.

When his head was down, Mo Zhen lowered his eyelids, covering the eyes that were filled with disgust and despise.


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