Chapter 32 – Test Starts

By | January 16, 2017

“My Majesty. My Name is Lu Jiuque, and I was misbehaving because of the fact that my friend here was beaten for no reason by this lady. I sincerely apologize for what I did.”

People are quiet after she said that.

She pretty much just copied what Qin Ying said..

She even copied Qin Ying’s looks.

Qin Ying slapped Ye Hui in the face in revenge of what happened the day before.

Lu Jiuque slapped Qin Ying in the face in revenge of what happened couple minutes ago.

In essence they did the same thing.

But! There’s always a big fat but.

Here’s the interesting part.

After Qin Ying slapped Ye in the face and apologized, in the same way as Lu Jiuque just did, the big boss accepted her apology and even told her not to worry.

He said something along the lines of “Qin Ying, I accept your apology because I see why you did that. It’s a good thing that you care for your friends. Don’t worry about it now and get ready for the test.”

So generous and so understanding.

Lu Jiuque did pretty much the same thing as Qin Ying(slapping people), and also apologized in nearly the same way, what is the boss going to do about it?

Is he seriously going to punish her?

This all happened in public and everyone watched what happened. The boss can’t let people think he has double standards.

Lu is really pushing it here.

Bossman said, “Ok. Ok. Fine! You..I accept your apology.”

Nothing else he can do here. Technically he was the one who told Lu Jiuque to slap her.

He literally made that happen.

It’s been so long since he met someone like this girl.

Qin Ying is so mad. “Lu Jiuque, you are a nasty woman. Such a nasty woman. You set everything up and you made Ye Hui lie for you. You don’t deserve to take the test!”

“Do you have any proof for that? Everyone saw what you did. You slapped him in the face. But did everyone see what you claimed I did? Technically speaking you are the only one here who don’t deserve to take the test, aren’t you?”


“Oh shut up already. People are not blind.”


“Stop it..The more you talk the more clearly people see you for who you really are.”
Damn it!

Qin Ying felt like she was about to lose control!

Lu Jiuque is so good at this.

“Alright people.”

Finally bossman interrupted them, “I don’t blame you. I don’t blame your friend either. You three knock it off and get ready for the test.”

Then he went back to his seat in fourth row and sat down, looking exhausted.

The seats next to his are untaken.

Lu Jiuque instantly realized why Qin Ying was trying so hard to make a good first impression in front of this guy.

That’s the dopest seat in the whole stadium. He can’t sit there unless he’s someone really special.

The fourth row belongs to level A sects; third row belongs to level B sects, second row belongs to level C sects.

He’s sitting in level A.

Bossman here.

Even a dope ass sect like Tian Yan Sect can’t be compared with level A sects. You get the point here.

It’s like the judges are all trash and level A sects guys are the ones that really get to decide who stays and who doesn’t.

Turns out this bossman here is the president of Douhun Sect, best sect in the whole area.

Qin Ying wiped away the blood from corner of her mouth, “Lu Jiuque. That’s it for today but remember, we ain’t done yet.”

“Ain’t done yet? ” replied Lu Jiuque.

Yeah right.

Of course we ain’t done yet. It would be too easy on you if I just let you go.

Lu still hasn’t got her revenge yet.Plus, the original owner of this body hated this woman.

Suddenly someone whispered to Lu Jiuque, “Yo. Are you like, really close with him?”Ye Hui was apparently confused. She was being so rude with that bossman and yet he didn’t even punish her.

Lu Jiuque answered impatiently, “Don’t know that guy. Try not to get into so much trouble next time. You are weak as hell. Try not to get yourself killed.”

“No I’m not weak..”

The big boss noticed the untaken seat around him and asked quietly, “Where is he?”

Guy standing behind him answered carefully, “Uhmm..Bai never comes on time, you know. So..”

“Well then screw him. Let’s start.”

“Yes sir!”

Guy walked up in front, and glanced around. He didn’t even need to say anything. Everyone just immediately stopped talking as they saw him walking to the front.

“Welcome, everyone. Since you all are from the best sects in our country, I’m very excited to see what you guys got. Remember, your own capabilities are the only factors deciding whether you pass the test. So, without further ado, let’s begin.”

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