Chapter 41: Prince got to know

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Listening to his explanation, Murong Xue was speechless, Murong Ye was only older than her by an hour, and he was just a fourteen year old kid; it was difficult for him to take the role as a parent and at the same time also be a matchmaker.

She took a gaze at him and asked him softly: “Are you done talking? If you are, you may leave now, and also bring Gu Haoyu with you……”

“No wait.” Murong Ye was shocked and replied: “It took me a lot of effort to choose such a great future brother-in-law!”

“I’m not interested with him!” Murong Xue shook her head.

“Even if you aren’t interested in him, you still have to talk to him since he has already come to visit!” Murong Ye smiled.

Murong Xue looked at him and said: “I have nothing to talk with him!”

“You can ask about how his parents are doing, or if he is busy with work and so on… I tried so hard to invite him to come; it’s ill-mannered if you just ask him to leave like this…..”

Murong Ye pulled Murong Xue to Gu Haoyu and smiled: “Both of you have a little chat first, I’ll go and check with the kitchen servants to see whether the high-tea is ready to serve.”

He left both of them without saying another word.

Murong Xue looked at Gu Haoyu and sighed: “My brother is such a dandy, sorry for the disturbance, please let me lead you to the main door perhaps!”

Gu Haoyu was shocked by her words, but his expression return to calm almost immediately and he smiled: “After you, Miss Murong!”

Murong Ye looked on as his sister and Gu Haoyu left. He felt depressed as he merely wanted them to have a chat.

His world was crushed completely as his hard work and efforts were completely stomped beneath his sister’s feet, as if it was nothing.

A ray of sunlight sparkled up the road, Murong Xue was still silent and even in their stroll, the atmosphere was filled with a slight discomfort as it was too quiet.

After a while, Gu Haoyu could not stand the silence any longer, and started to state out his intentions, “To tell you the truth, the reason why I’m here today was not purely out of your brother’s kind invitation, I am willing to come over by myself because I’ve heard so much about you and I admire you, Miss Murong, so I’m here to meet you personally.”

“Admire me?” Murong Xue exclaimed, she looked at Gu Haoyu in disbelief, “Have we met before this?” In her memory, there was no one like this man standing in front of her right now; she had only met a few people since her arrival at Qing Yan.

“Of course! I first saw you when you broke off your engagement which shocked everyone in their seats during the banquet dinner by Prince Jing.” Even now, he still remembered the scene vividly in his mind, the girl who was once as gentle as a dove changed into a completely different person- a brave girl with such strong courage that even the mighty sun loses its power.

Murong Xue was stunned for a moment, as her eyes blinked quickly she tried to recall back to that night. She was busy entertaining Ye Yichen and Qin Yu Yan then and did not manage to see who was in the hall. “Gu gongzi, don’t you have a slight judgmental thought about my misbehavior?”

That night, she had gathered up her courage and announced the breakoff of her engagement with Prince of War (Ye Yichen) in front of everyone, her family and friends were enraged by her actions!

“Why would you think so? Just as you mentioned, you’re the first daughter of Zhen Manor, how can you marry a person like that? It was Ye Yichen loss to overlook your positive traits, my lady.” Gu Hao Yu praised her while looking at her with pure adoration in his eyes.

“Oh, how sweet of you to say that, Mr. Gu!” Murong Xue smiled in bliss, Gu Haoyu who had lost himself in her beauty, blurted out, “Miss Murong, actually, I…”

Suddenly, three men in black attacked him out of nowhere, cutting his conversation.

Gu Haoyu was appalled by this sudden attack; being a temperate scholar, he was soon pressed down under those attackers, with no ability at all to fight back.

Murong Xue saw what happened to him, shook off her surprise and started snapping, “Stop! Stop immediately!”

Those men ignore her and continued their brutal attack.

Murong Xue used her mighty strength and kicked away one of the attacker; and she spread out her arms, standing in front of Gu Haoyu and be his human shield. She stared coldly at the three of them, “How dare you come over here and commit this crime? Which house are you from?”

The leader of the group stepped forward, replied with a cold tone, “Yes, Miss Murong, we are requested by Master Ye (Ye Yichen) to kill those men who are close to you.”

Murong Xue’s face darkened instantly, how dare Ye Yi Chen plant his spies in her house compound, and blatantly emerged in this way to attack people, how arrogant! Guess this is what will happen to all of the men who came near her…

“Leave this place! I don’t want to see you all over again!”

Those men looked blankly among themselves, and then stared at Gu Haoyu who was lying on the floor. The surrounding shifted quickly from the previous tension to distress.

Murong Xue turned behind and found Gu Haoyu’s face was swollen like a pig from the beating, his hair was a crazy mess, even his turquoise royal robe was torn, and she looked at him in pity.

Gu Haoyu leaned against the wall and gradually pulled himself up, he smiled warmly at her and said, “Miss Mu Rong, don’t worry about me, I’m fine…” A sharp prick pierced into his bones and wounds as he smiled, he hitched a breath out of pain.

“I’ll ask my man to send you back; I think it is wiser to not come over here again!” Murong Xue sighed and turned around, making her way back to her home.

Gu Hao Yu’s face darkened, his eyes kept following the lady, “Miss Murong!”

Mu Rong Xue ignored him, she did not turn her head, she just continued on back to her house: The reason why she did not want to be Gu Hao Yao’s friend was not because of her fear towards Ye Yi Chen, it was because she did not like him as a person. Her resentment with Ye Yi Chen could be settled between themselves, there’s no need to burden the others.

The sound of footsteps could be heard behind the main door, with this, she knew that her men had sent off Gu Haoyu, even after a distance, she could still feel the piercing eyes on her, she sighed at the thought of this.

Just then, Murong Ye walked out from behind a big tree, he glared angrily at the door. He had stalked both of them to see if Murong Xue and Gu Haoyu would start a conversation, but was furious when he saw the sight of Ye Yichen’s spies, “Ye Yichen is such a bully!” He shouted in rage.

“Ye Yichen is the Prince of War, he is mighty and powerful with troops made of the best warriors. I’m telling you now don’t set me up for a blind date with someone else, otherwise today’s incident will happen again!” Murong Xue glanced at him.

“No, I don’t believe that Ye Yichen can rule the city like this!” Murong Ye’s eyes filled with pure rage and displeasure: Indeed, Ye Yichen is famous for his powerful fighting skills and mighty strength, if he could find someone better than him for his sister, Ye Yichen could no longer be as arrogant as now.

Mu Rong Xue did not know of her brother’s mischievous plans; she walked past him and went back to her own crib. When she opened her room door, a handsome young man turned around, she exclaimed in delight, “Mr. Ouyang!”

“Were you on a blind date? Are you getting married soon?” OuYang ShaoChen stepped forward towards her, with a slight smirk on his face, who knows what kind of danger was awaiting her this time…

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