Chapter 4 – State of The Mind

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“Yun-Ye, you were pretty good, I did not even think you could even hide away. Good, just kill me now or you bow to me right here right now, maybe you will get a chance to live.” Dao Lie-Liu finally came back into senses but his eyes were not a shocking look. A pair of fierce eyes staring to Yun-Ye.

Yun-Ye did not even laugh. He calmly walked and his foot stepped down the ground.

He stepped down Dao Lie-Liu’s face. A sudden energy came surging him made more power to crunch the skull, leaving blood gushing out and teeth also.

Yun-Ye could not even see the current face of Dao Lie-Liu’s and laughed: “Liu master, I did not listen clearly to your words. Can you speak one more time?”

Dao Lie-Liu had gone pale on his face. His eyes were fiery: “Great! But do you dare to kill me?”

Another crushing sound.

Yun-Ye stepped down one more time.

“There were no disciples got the right to kill, but is not the offender needs to be punished? You do not have to scare me. I will not kill you but I can step onto your face just like this every single day!”

A cold laugh lingers, Dao Lie-Liu tried to speak and fresh blood kept gushing out.

Looking at this situation, the crowds were shocked and frightened. None of the dares to speak.

Yun-Ye just walked past them and he did not look down on others.

These people were the same. They meant to oppose Dao Lie-Liu.

He remembered the other young man that was skinny, Mo-Chen.

“Brother Ye, you were so great!”

Suddenly Mo-Chen’s voice was there to be heard. His face was red meant happy and his eyes were so dreamy. He praised Yun-Ye.

Yun-Ye was a really kind-hearted. He patted Mo-Chen’s head and went by him: “Let’s go, Dao Lie-Liu won’t just leave me like this. You have to train seriously. In this world, the strong will have more chance of living.”

“Right, I understand!” Mo-Chen was looking at Yun-Ye and he shook down his head.

Leaving the place, Yun-Ye went back to his home. It was just a little and old house.

Yun-Ye sat down on his bed and was recovering his energy. All of this week, he could feel that he was getting a bit stronger.

This might be impossible. This should be done in months. He had to train using the spirit stone.

“What was happening? Those rays did not just lift my strength, but also my endurance? But I believed I gained more strength, or else I would have much power like this.”

Yun-Ye was curious and looking to his body.

“Let’s call it a day. Maybe the Gods gifted me. I should embrace it.”

Yun-Ye took out a spirit stone from the bedside.

This was a low leveled spirit stone. It shone with pure white light.

Disciples like him have to bring ten low leveled spirit stones for the training. In fact, ten stones were enough for a month of training.

But the stones were not directly given to the disciples. There were given to Dao Lie-Liu’s first but he would steal one from it. If it was high disciples like Yun-Ye, he would take two to three stones.

Near thousands of spirit, stones were taken by him. He then brought those back to him master. This was a dark path done by the dark Tian Jian faction.

It was impossible to feel the aura without training.

In addition, normal training would not have absorbed any aura so the disciples needed spirit stones to do so.

However, Yun-Ye did not use the spirit stones for practice. He used his heart to operate so he could feel the actual spiritual power that was slowly growing in his body. This was simply unreasonable.

How did this happen? Perhaps the body was changed by the black white rays and it could directly absorb the heaven and the earth’s aura.

If that was what happen……

Then, if the spirit stones were used, what result could it be?

Yun-Ye’s hands were trembling. He was so curious. He really wanted to know the low leveled spirit stone could bring how much power.

Slowly grabbed into his palm.

Along with his heart feeling, a little aura was flowing into his arms and went inside his body.

Yun-Ye felt the aura flowing through his body. Though the aura was only a pure calming one, but it was easy enough to absorb.

Absorbing spirit stone was not a new thing to him but he never easily absorbed a very pure aura. Low leveled stones were meant to hard to absorbed and not pure with not enough aura in it.

But, this one stone maybe was purified so it could be easily absorbed. This stone was different from the other. But if the stone had enough aura, Yun-Ye believed he could easily be reached the top stage of training.

The spirit stone seemed weakened and turned into dust.

“Looks like the aura was not enough.”

In all of sudden, his eyes flashed and laugh coldly. His killing intent was back without him knowing.

It was from the other time he was struck down by the black white light and he became stronger. His patient and calm heart was slowly gone. Now he tended to be more daring and more resolve.

Dao Lie-Liu went back to his house. He treated his wound. There were six disciples standing in front of him and they were trembling.

“Today’s event I will now blame to you. No one even thinks that Yun-Ye could be this strong. I did not what was he hiding. Lin-Chen, go to the tower of the beast and find master Yu-Liu, let Yun-Ye battle with my master.”

The six disciples were letting out their breath but suddenly several laughs were to be heard in their ears: “Liu master, what trouble you so much?”

Dao Lie-Liu changed his face and snapped: “Don’t let him approach!”

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