Chapter 4 – The Secret in the House

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Yi Ti almost put dropped her bowl when she saw Cecil. She carefully observed him for a moment, then put out a finger and carefully poked Cecil: “What happened?”

“Do not worry, just accepted too much information at once.”

“… …” This guy had really plugged into the computer ah. Before the cookie event, Cecil had been on her bad side but now, she knew he was pretty tough and didn’t worry too much. “Really? No problem?”

“It’s okay. It’s just…so much information…so confusing…just need to finish absorbing…”

Yi Ti: “… …” Hey, is this really no problem? It will not be good if he dies.

Fortunately, after she finished her breakfast and returned to the living room, Cecil finally returned to normal in shape and manner of speech. Then, he acknowledged his mistake.  He now recognized that he had underestimated the Earth’s ability to create “information junk”. Next time, he would be more careful.

Yi Ti just wanted to say – ‘There’s going to be a next time?’ And, ‘Haven’t you painted Earth black enough!?’

After some more frustration, the morning had almost been used up.

Yi Ti is still didn’t intended to open the shop today, but to focus on a key.

After she had received the legacy of the old man, she had been given all the keys to the house. But after checking out the property, she noticed that one of the keys didn’t fit any of the doors or locks.  It couldn’t be a junk key though because it felt very smooth…like it had been used often.

“Is that the key to the room?”

Yi Ti looked up from the key surprised to see Cecil: “The room?” Which room?

“Yesterday I gathered all the information about the room, it was locked. Are you going to open it now?”

“Where is it?”

“Below your bedroom.”


A basement?

Yi Ti realized that this seemingly ordinary house, like her, might be hiding a secret. Because normal people, had absolutely no need for such things, right?

Her mind flirted with going to look.

With Cecil’s help, she quickly found a loose floor tile, and was easily able to lift it up. But at this time, she suddenly thought, since the room was in the ground, then it should be a secret place. Generally, so-called secret places have always been exclusive. Although she had inherited the house, was she even worthy to inherit this secret?

“Is an eight-digit code lock.”

Yi Ti looked down and found in front of her really was a keypad.  Looking at the key, the code should be a set of numbers and letters.  She thought for a moment and then decided.  If….if she could guess the code, then that showed she was allowed to enter.  If not, then she would give up on the idea of snooping around

So she took a deep breath, and input “yiti0703”..  This is her name and the day she met the old man.

“Click” The lock opened.

At the same time, a small keyhole appeared by the keypad.

Yi Ti felt assured, this is indeed the old man leaving her a valuable asset. But, what could it be?

She put the key in and gave a gentle twist.  Suddenly a handle popped from the bottom of the keypad.  Yi Ti grabbed it and gave a slight pull.  Suddenly, the floor (which was very thick) came up and revealed a ladder leading down.

Just like in the movies, as soon as the door opened, lights came on and it looked very well lit down there.

Yi Ti thought a moment.  She then set the keys next to Cecil.: “Cecil, do me a favor?”

“Yes,” said the slime without hesitation.

“If I accidentally touch something down there and the door shuts, reopen the door so I can get out.”

Cecil wrapped the key in his tentacles and replied, “Sure.”

Although the alien still looks so soft and slippery, Yi Ti always thinks he looks very reliable.  So, she didn’t worry about going down.

Besides, she does not think there is any danger below.

After walking down the ladder, and taking a few steps, a brown door appeared in front of Yi Ti. This door was strange.  Instead of a normal door with a handle and lock, this door had a  white stone ball embedded in it.

“This is…”

She has seen this.

The mosaic sparked a memory of that day with the old man.

Yi Ti remembered that day very clearly. The old man had gone to the back of the shop and told her to have a look around.  Because it was raining so hard, she had nothing better to do so she walked the aisles.  She picked up a flower and was about to set it down when she saw the stone ball.  Curious, she had picked it up.  What she didn’t expect was that as soon as she did, the ball let out a very dazzling green light.  It scared her so badly she dropped the ball.

Fortunately, it did not hit the ground, but fell into her purse.

But even so, she was scared enough to choke. She secretly cursed and put it back in its original place.  She did not expect to turn around and see the old man staring at her.  The cup of tea in his hands was slightly tilted and spilling on the ground.

At that time she only apologized.  She was so embarrassed she didn’t even think about the weird green light.

Now that she thought about it, the old man was watching her with eyes that were really not quite right.  He looked surprised … joyful … a lot of emotions intertwined together.  He was so intent that he didn’t even notice that his shoes were soaking wet.

After that the old man seemed to want to say something.  But since she was embarrassed, Yi Ti hurried to leave. However, before leaving, the old man had meaningfully said something to her –

“If you are free, do you want to try to plant flowers? I think you are very talented.”

She was so shocked, because she had never told anyone about being able to plant things.  How had he known?

Now it came to this … …

The old man had said that…and now this door…

That being the case, the method of opening the door is very obvious.

Yi Ti only needed to……

Put her hand on it.

Yi Ti looked down at the palm of her hand. She suddenly had a kind of premonition.  She felt that once she did this, her life may change forever and go in a really different direction.

Did she really want to do this?

She hesitated, suddenly she felt something touch her.  Turning around Yi Ti saw a tentacle poking her back.  Another tentacle held a note written on a piece of paper-

[Are you ok? n, y]

She smiled.

Indeed, from the moment she met Cecil, her life had already changed.

Although she had lived in the “everyday” world, at that time she had nothing to do with Cecil.  But now, she was living with an alien!  Perhaps she has a soft heart…she had been so ordinary … … No, because she had been so ordinary, deep down she may have been eager for something…extraordinary. Maybe, she hoped her life would be a little bit different from the rest.

In short, the original Yi Ti had a thirst for adventure!

Now was not the time to hesitate!.

Yi Ti took a deep breath and shouted back, “I’m fine”.  Then she raised her hand to touch the cold stone ball.

A green light burst from the stone ball and the door opened.

In front of her was a very ancient stone chamber. The surrounding walls and floors were made of monolithic stone. These stones showed a black and white intertwining pattern that  looked incredible.  Until today, Yi Ti had never seen such a stone. In the center of the stone chamber, was a straw futon, that looked like it had been used often.

On the futon was placed an envelope and a crescent-shaped black stone. The envelope had “Yi Ti pro-Kai” written on it.

Yi Ti picked up the envelope, opened it, and then she read it’s incredible content.

“Xu Xiuying,” the old man is really not an ordinary person. In his words, she belonged to a spiritual division. The so-called “spiritual plant division”, as the name suggests is very good at cultivating a variety of plants which contain auras. In addition, they can extract from such plants various magical properties and make a variety of concoctions with magical effects.  Although these medications may seem to convey immortality, anything that doesn’t contain “erysipelas” will in fact cause damage to the human body when taken in excess.

With this talent not seen in that many people, the status of the spiritual division has faded from memory.

This talent seems to have some kind of wonderful relationship with the blood. In short, if the parents are of the spiritual plant division, the child has a relatively high probability of talent. Xu, the old man, continued to write that in the past, there had been several  high-level spiritual division members, intermediate and low-level spiritual division members.  Each one had been extremely prosperous.  But, with the passage of time, the world’s aura had become more and more scarce and the Aura plants gradually became extinct.  The Xu family, naturally  also gradually decline until only old man Xu was left.

And Yi Ti, also has this talent.  And so he decided to let the family be handed down to her.  The Lingshi’s green light was proof.

In other words –

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