Chapter 4: Curse (Part 2)

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Liu Xiuli’s long fingernails started to grow more. My eyes got big from astonishment when I think that I will die at any moment.

But suddenly, her long fingernails that were piercing my neck was cut off.

My body fell on the ground and saw a white light, then my ears heard a chanting voice of a monk. Liu Xiuli’s convulsing body also fell on the ground and her mouth continuously spits blood with maggots.

“Stop! don’t chant anymore!” Liu Xiuli’s body was slowly turning into bubbles and drying up, so I hurriedly cried and beg.

However, that chanting voice didn’t stop.

I squatted and hold Liu Xiuli’s body, but I couldn’t see the person who keeps chanting so I just shouted: “If you dare to hurt her, I will not forgive you!”

Although I can’t see that man’s face, I felt that he is the ghost monk, my future husband.

His words slowly stopped. My arms keep holding Liu Xiuli’s body, her face has withered and her drying up increased in speed, but her eyes are no longer scarlet in color.

She looked at me and her tears started to burst: “Xiao Xi, I’m sorry.”

“Lily, don’t worry, I know. Lili you didn’t drown in the river, right? It’s because of Uncle Zhao Long, right?” I hold her tightly and tried asking while crying.

Her lips twitched a bit: “If it’s really… Why?”

“Argghh! Mother Mei quickly kill her, kill her ah!”

At this time, Liu Xuelian suddenly rushed in and shouted loudly. Her one hand was covering her chest and the other one was pointing to Liu Xiuli.

Grandmother holds the black coffin and stood up. She looked at Liu Xuelian and shake her head, then said: “If only your not pregnant, I will really not help you.”

Grandma walks toward me and Liu Xiuli. Liu Xiuli glance at her mother, then her body sank and no longer move.

“Lili, Lili?” I cried, although I know that she is already dead, but now she died in my arms. I tried calling her but she no longer moves.

“Don’t call her anymore Xiao Xi, her soul has been saved. Master has removed the curse in her using that chant before. In her next life, she will be a good person too, so you don’t need to be sad.” Grandma said and look at Liu Xuelian: “For now, you need to immediately send these two bodies for cremation, don’t delay it anymore.”

“Thank you very much Mother Mei, but Zhao Long hasn’t done his spiritual funeral for three days, isn’t it against the rules to cremate him soon?” When I heard that Liu Xuelian got more concern with Zhao Long’s corpse, I felt very sad for Liu Xiuli.

“Then, if the corpse changes, don’t ever come to me.” Grandma was obviously not happy with her words. Liu Xuelian quickly changes her mind and said that she will immediately take Zhao Long and Liu Xiuli’s body to the town for cremation.

“Wait, I want to change Lili’s clothes.” I looked at her and didn’t dare to call her aunt anymore.

She got surprised at first and look at Liu Xiuli in my arm, she then nodded her head when she saw Liu Xiuli’s body has been covered with blood.

I gently put down her body and turned to go to her room. Liu Xuili’s room was in the backyard. Now is the early autumn season, but even if you open the door the wind won’t be able to get inside. I can’t imagine how she was able to sleep here all the time.

Liu Xuili’s room was very simple, she has an old wooden bed, a nearly crumbling wooden cabinet and an open cupboard with a few clothes inside. Her other clothes have a couple of patches too. Several hours almost had passed but I still can’t find her pink jacket.

That coat is very beautiful. Grandmother bought it for her and she likes it very much.

“Where is Lili’s pink coat?” I stood in front of Liu Xuelian and coldly asked.

“That coat is very nice, it will be a waste if the dead will wear it.” It seems Liu Xuelian doesn’t want to answer where it was.

“But that is Lili’s favorite cloth, if you will not give it for her to wear, I ‘m afraid she will come back for you.” I deliberately raised the tone of my voice to scare her.

Her eyes got wide and nodded desperately: “Oh, ok, ok, I, I will go and  give it to you.”

She turned and hold her big belly while walking in the front yard. After she went to her room she handed me the pink jacket, but when I took it, my body felt like got hit by a lightning and a clear scene flash in my mind.


“Dad, Mom, I’m back.”

I saw Liu Xiuli was carrying her torn bag near their door in the hall. She was wearing the pink jacket.

That’s right, when she sent me home that day, she was wearing that coat.

“Lily, you came back so early today? Come, come here and accompany dad to drink.”

Zhao Long staggered a bit when he stood up, he went close and look at Liu Xiuli’s body and slightly lifts up her blouse!

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