Chapter 4: Curse (Part 1)

By | December 21, 2016

I looked back at her and felt that my scalp was tingling because I am very familiar with that figure. It’s no other than Lili, my lips trembled for several times, I want to shout her name, but, the words got stuck in my throat.

“Ka Ka Ka.”

She was holding a hand, my body couldn’t stop from shaking. When she felt that someone was standing behind her, she suddenly stopped from eating. Her neck made a crackling sound when she turned a bit. And then, she fiercely turned toward me.

When I saw her, her cheeks already begun to rot, I got so scared and my legs felt weak.

“Ka Ka Ka.”

Her purple lips moved a few times and I noticed that the edge of her mouth actually has some dark blood.

My eyes glanced behind Liu Xiuli. I tried to look inside the black coffin and saw that the dead person lying inside was Liu Xiuli’s stepfather, Zhao Long!

But, Uncle Zhao Long’s arm has been bitten and was bloody.

” Ha ha ha, Xiao Xi, you came? This is very nice.” Liu Xiuli’s purple lips with blood smile wide at me, her smile is very scary and creepy. The Lili in my memory has a kind and tender heart.

She slowly walked towards me step by step. I can vaguely see her shadow on the ground. Ghost has no shadow. Is she not a ghost?

“Lili, you… You scared me, I, I am afraid.” I stuttered and couldn’t help to try moving back my weak feet.

“Afraid? Then why don’t you accompany me, when we became partners you wouldn’t be afraid.” The tone of her voice suddenly increased and she rushed over me.

She’s so fast, I couldn’t react at all.


I thought that Liu Xiuli will tightly grab my neck, but I didn’t expect that my ears will hear her hysterical cry.

When I opened my eyes, I saw her body was wet and grandmother was carrying a bucket. Then, Grandma drags me behind her.

“Now that you have helped her, I will kill you both.” Liu Xiuli’s eyes revealed a murderous intent. Grandmother lifted her bucket once again and poured something on her, but Liu Xiuli was able to avoid it.

Her body suddenly disappeared.

“I told you to stay at home, why are you so disobedient?” Grandma glared at me and started blaming me.

“Grandma, what exactly is going on? Why did Lily want to harm us? Is her death related to Uncle Zhao Long?” I looked at my grandmother anxiously.

But grandmother keeps looking around the house. When she noticed that there was no movement, grandmother releases her other hand off the bucket and immediately bite her finger.

When grandmother’s red blood flows out on her finger, I suddenly heard a sound. That voice is so close to me as if it’s inside my head.

Before I could react, grandmother forcefully pushes me on the side. I staggered a bit and completely fall to the ground.

At that moment, Liu Xiuli’s body bumps on my grandmother. Grandmother’s mouth started muttering words that I don’t know. And then, she suddenly raised her hand and wave, I saw her constant writing in the air and a black line was formed. After a few seconds, the black line turn into rope and Liu Xiuli got tied with it.

Liu Xuili shouted and a smoke began to emerge in her body.

“Turn to dust and return to earth! Put down the hatred in your heart and  go to where you belong!” Grandma keeps pulling the end of the black rope with her one hand and she keeps pinching her other hand. Liu Xiuli’s eyes started to smoke and she looked in so much pain.

“No! I want to kill her, I want to kill her!” Liu Xiuli hysterically roar.

“Then don’t blame me! I will break your body and soul, so you will never be able to come back.” Grandma’s eyes have changed, she raises her hand and pulled the rope tightly.

Never be able to come back? My mouth silently muttered those words. Unconsciously, I immediately stand up and rushed over to Liu Xiuli.

Grandma saw me and instantly loosen the rope. Liu Xiuli also took advantage this opportunity to get rid of the rope and directly grabbed grandmother’s arm. She forcefully threw her in the black coffin.

“Bang” grandmother’s body fall in the black coffin and spit a mouthful of black blood.

“Grandma!” I shouted, I wanted to help grandmother, but Liu Xiuli’s hand grabbed my neck.

As I looked at her rotting face my heart felt terrified, but thinking about our current situation, I shouted at her: “Lili, if you want to kill me then just kill me. You don’t need to hurt my grandma, she is innocent!”

“Ha ha ha, innocent?” Liu Xiuli suddenly laughed. And because her mouth was stretch her rotten skin on the face got rip, pus and blood started to flow out: “Your grandmother did not only help me but also join that beast to harm me! I will kill you today. I want your grandmother to know what heartache is! And what sadness is!”

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