Chapter 4 – The Blood Pact with the King of Demons

By | May 21, 2017

The Demon’s King stared straight in her eyes, squeezing his eyes full of a dark glow. His gaze made Jiuche shiver.

After a while, the King of Demons raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “I’m not surprised you’re still alive, you are a being with two souls, it’s the first time I see one of your kind!”

Two souls?

Did he realize that she was reincarnated?

Jiuche was still like a frozen tree. As soon as she was ready to say something, the King of Demons released his throat.

Jiuche started breathing heavily for so long that she felt like a fish back in the water, and began to intake all the air that she could.

The King of Demons, seeing her awkward appearance, wavered maliciously and continued: “Interesting, so… You have just a life left, little servant”


What he meant with “little servant”?

“There are two ways ahead of you: to die and become my flower fertilizer, or become my donor of blood, and you will be my servant and slave forever. Obviously, if you choose to become my slave, I will help you improve some small imperfection….” 「……」


Jiuche’s hearth started to beat furiously.

Would he really help to eliminate all of her flaws?

Seeing the doubtful look of Jiuche, the King of Demons showed his sharp tiger teeth with a spooky appearance, but so beautiful to make anyone envious.

“Do no worry, I never lie… Do you know why you are being called Jiuche?”


This was a secret that even her ancestors did not know, they could never explain it, they must have been struck by lightning, for Buddha’s sake!

“Because you miss the nine elements, that is gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wealth, fortune, colour and life… So theoretically you, lacking the life one, should already be dead, but if you’re still here it’s because of your two souls. Then leaving aside the ninth element, you are still the person missing the eighth element…”


“You should inherit the memories of the original owner. Do you know that she was a great “good-for-nothing? ”


“Now it’s your turn, so now it’s up to you to be a poor, unlucky human waste without a minimum of female beauty… You already got it, right? You will not have any aura around you, in a nutshell you will not be able to resist the fate of the original owner, you will need a hand. ”

When he finished talking, he continued to look at Jiuche with a compassionate look that seemed to mean: “Besides me, no one else wants to come close to you, look at how charitable I am.”


Wasn’t there a way to defeat this scoundrel that was acting gentle, but inside was totally the opposite?

He was really annoying!

No, definitely there was no way.

She stayed.

“Then? Have you thought about it? Do you accept the offer?” The King of Demons had once again shown his perfect smile.

Jiuche was so on the fence… Then she found some strength and tightened her teeth, “I accept!”

She had dared to make a pact with the King of Demons, really daring!

However, it was an occasion that did not happen every day, she could not let it run away.

The King of the Demons laughed satisfied, from the ground under his feet a fresh and pure breeze started to gush out, a gentle air that seemed able to wash from the hearts of people all sorts of dirt and sin. Jiuche remained still and silent.


The King of Demons bit the tip of his finger, and with a drop of blood he made a mark between Jiuche’s eyebrows. Her lips, which looked like petals opened and an ancient spell came out of them, full-bodied, graceful, touching …

It’s a pity she did not hear it from the beginning! No, wait! I’m understanding!

The moment she realized what she was saying, she began to shiver.

“… I sacrifice my blood, my soul, my organs, I pray for the praiseworthy visit of the sovereign …”

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