Chapter – 4.2

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Bai Yu Luo Bo finally broke the commotion, ‘Let’s guess, exactly how tall is Ah Mi? There’s a prize for winner.”


Zi Liu Li asked when she heard that, “Prize? What prize would that be, Xiao Luo Bo? Can the host join?”


“Liu Li stop joking with him, or else Xiao Mi would…” Su Qing Mo stopped here, as if thought of that scene and started to laugh.


‘You guys are spoiling idol’s reputation! I guess he’s between 187-189’


As the fans started to chatter away in the comment box, a voice suddenly rang through the room. The voice was clear and low, its gentle tone gave a hint of laziness. It almost brought tears to everyone’s eyes.


“What are you guys talking about? Sounds interesting”


Mo Lan froze on her seat. The screen went frozen too.


After a few seconds, the screen started to explode, as did  Mo Lan.

‘What did I just hear? Mi Da you’re here!’


‘It’s his own voice… and it’s on YY… Goodness…’


‘I’m going crazy crazy crazy! It’s his real voice!’


‘Who can relate with me? I’m hiding in my bed biting my blanket because I couldn’t scream… I’m suffocating! Idol I love you!’


Mo Lan felt a pang of sadness. She remembered the last time she heard her idol’s voice on YY was three years ago…


His voice could change from one type to another. eH always used that elegant and soothing tone, however when he talked earlier, he was using his authentic voice.


In reality, a person’s voice would not be the same as the voice he used on radio dramas. Including her crush’s voice, it too would be a little different from his radio drama’s tone.


Mo Lan was confirmed that, like herself, the fans on the screen would definitely prefer his real voice. It was magnetizing and low, somewhat gentle yet idle. It was as if he was talking to you personally, even though it was as simple as ‘good day’ or ‘bye’.


The first person who responded was Su Qing Mo. He laughed a little and started to greet him enthusiastically, “Xiao Mi, finally you’re here. It’s been so long, your voice is still the same…”


Bai Yu Luo Bo teased, “Ah Mi Ah Mi! I miss you so much, when are we going to take photos again?”


Mo Lan’s idol chuckled and replied to them, “You are bombarding my page, I wouldn’t want to take photos with you.”


The fans had started to flood the screen with comments:


‘Damn! It’s really the man of BGM! I remembered that handsome young rich man when you chuckled!’


‘Your eyes are so dazzling; I’m going blind… Mi Da I’ll remember your voice forever in my mind. I’m going to spit blood!’


‘Am I the only one who feels like crying… How long has it been since I heard you talking on YY…’


‘Up there on the stage, you’re not a human!’


You’re not a human number 1’


‘We are too weak! Idol you like to sing that classic poem? Sing ‘Du Dan Ting’ please?’


After ten more seconds, the host Zi Liu Li coughed to clear her senses She started expressing herself too in a tone that sounded like almost crying, “Mi Da… I want to confess, I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I also screamed out loud in the office when I heard about you getting a new job…” She composed herself, “Alright, I know how excited you guys are, but let’s hear an introduction by Mi Da alright?”


The screen dropped a new topic bomb once again:


‘Three cucumbers, the first thing he will say is hi everyone, I am your idol!’


‘Do you really have to bet on this? His intro is always this!’


Mo Lan looked at her speeding screen, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh. That’s true, her idol always used the same introduction line on YY.


Indeed, the next moment, his voice travelled to her ears:


“Hi everyone, I am your idol. Sorry for being missing in action for a while. I know that everyone is waiting for me, but… How do I say this?  Actually I have no idea how long I’ll be working  after I get this new job. I will continue to give everyone my best dramas and memories in this limited time.”


His description was so brief and sincere that Mo Lan’s eyes turned slightly red. Stretching out her hands, she started typing:


‘Idol, it’s fine even if you retire. I will never forget your voice in my whole life. I truly thank God for your voice… Wishing you good health and happiness while you are working!’


The fans started to feel Mo Lan’s sadness:


‘Actually I’m satisfied enough when you’re getting a new job, even if it’s only 1 radio drama and you’ll retire, it’s better than none. You have no idea how many people have cried hearing your voice.’


‘Mi Da, do you know? Every night after my studies I have to walk alone on this especially dark street, but I’ve never been afraid for once because I have your voice to accompany me.’


‘I feel like crying… Just by reading your comments… I haven’t even saida word yet…’


Zi Liu Li sighed a little and continued the show, “Guys, this is him getting a new job, not retiring alright? Why is this like a farewell…? Alright, let’s start with some small activity. Grab the mic! Mmm, whoever that gets it first, you get to make a personal request of our idol. Are you all satisfied with this benefit?”


“Mmm…” The idol thought for a while and said, “Then let’s make it 77 and 207.”

Zi Liu Li laughed, “Mi Da are you into the number 7? Alright, person on stage please bring down Su Qing Mo Da Da and Xiao Luo Bo first. I’ll count to three and everyone start grabbing the mic!”


Upon Zi Liu Li’s count, Mo Lan placed her mouse on the ‘grab mic’ button, holding her breath when she did that.


“Three, two, one, grab the mic now!”


The room went into silence and then, Zi Liu Li’s voice rang again, “Number 77… Ruan Mei sister, mmm… and, 207 Ye Lan Shan sister, congratulations!”


Ye Lan Shan?


Mo Lan was stunned.


She got it? Was this even real…


She scrolled up and down on her screen and saw 207, she was indeed the lucky star.


“Alright, now, let’s get number 77 on the line! Don’t be shy, this is the great chance to get so close to your idol. As long as your request is not overboard, just say it out!” Zi Liu Li’s voice hit hard into Mo Lan’s heart.


It was her turn after number 77 was done.


Goodness… Did she just go overboard with her personality? She could get to talk to her idol on YY?


Before Mo Lan could process her feeling, the girl named Ruan Mei started to shout on the mic:


“Mi Da, I’m your super fan!”


Her voice was soft and shaky, she sounded as if she was almost crying.


Mo Lan understood her feeling completely at this point. Her hands were already shaking hard on the mouse.


The girl stunned and replied, “I, I don’t have any request, I just ask for you to post a blog and put my name in it, any post would do… My ID is Meng Meng is Ruan Mei.”


“Just like that? Alright.” Her idol smiled. His tone went up slightly when he said ‘Just like that’, it melted everyone’s heart.


The host Zi Liu Li could not help herself and started saying, “Ah sister, this is such a rare opportunity. I tell you, you guys have really spoiled him!”

Spoiled him? Mo Lan read the comments such as ‘sister forgive me!’. ‘sister let me go!’, she laughed out at those comments.


“But, I really don’t have other requests…” The girl said softly, she still could not regain herself from this exciting news.


Zi Liu Li sighed and continued on, “Alright, bring down Ruan Mei sister then. Mi Da, remember to post that blog after this talk show!”




His voice was so determined and clear when he said that.


While she was diving in his voice, Mo Lan was shocked when she realized it was her turn.


Zi Liu Li started to remind her as well, “Now it’s number 207 Ye Lan Shan sister. Sister, don’t be like your friend just now, just say out your biggest request. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


Mo Lan breathed deeply in the silence. She tried to hide her excitement and said softly, “Mmm… I don’t have a big request either. I wish you could say out my name and recite a classic phrase from ‘Nan Ping Shen Qing’.”


Her crush went into silence at that.


After a few seconds, Mo Lan started freaking out.


As she was debating whether her request was too much, suddenly, a voice recited softly from the other side of the screen, “Ye, Lan, Shan?”


It hit the main point.


Mo Lan was about to black out at his voice. Trying hard to stay rational, she replied, “eYs… I am Ye Lan Shan.”


Her idol called out her name… It was so gentle… Ah, she had to save that voice when this was all over and put it on repeat mode!


“Which line would you want to hear?” Her crush smiled, his voice was extraordinarily tender.  


“I want to hear… Into my dreamland, that part.” Mo Lan stated firmly.  After all it was her favourite line, this line from the drama ‘Du Wo’ was really remarkable.


Just as Mo Lan finished, her screen started to explode again:


‘Sister we are the same! We both love that classic poem!’

‘I almost died when I heard him reciting ‘Qiu Feng Ci’!’


‘I dare to request, to make it my ringtone afterwards!’


‘I want to record!’


‘I want to record number 1!’


‘I want to record number 10086!’


The idol thought silently, and started to grab attention with the first line:


“Into my dreamland, you know it was hard for me. It was so incredible and memorable.”


He recited from the bottom of his heart, each word was marked deeply in Mo Lan’s heart and mind.


After that, he smiled to himself and as if talking to himself, he continued with a sad tone, “I only understood this poem now, was I too late?”


Mo Lan froze when she heard him saying the lines, she could no longer hear nor see anything. She could only feel his silence..


‘Idol… Can you tell me how did you act out so perfectly? It was so amazing, I’m about to cry!’


‘It was amazing, I’m all out of control now, I need to calm myself down…’


‘You turned into the young rich man in a second’


Mo Lan replied hesitantly, “Thank… thank you idol, your voice is really amazing.”


“Yours too.” Her crush replied briefly, but it was carved in her heart.


Zi Liu Li cleared her throat to break the silence, “I almost couldn’t control myself too just now… Come back people! Bring her down and thank you Ye Lan Shan sister for sharing her benefit with us. Please kindly share your recording with me later! Now, let’s invite Xiao Luo Bo to sing for us!”


The screen did not stop at all, everyone hyped up instantly. Mo Lan could only touch her flushing cheeks,  wanting to switch on the air conditioning to cool her high temperature…


Suddenly, her YY’s notification popped up: ‘Idol requested to be your friend.’


Mo Lan’s eyes went wider and wider, her hands were shaking and she clicked on the ‘reject’ button.


What? Her idol wanted to add her as friend and she rejected?! Mo Lan wanted to cry so bad. As she stared at her right hand, she wanted to chop off her hand at that moment. With a last glimpse of hope, she clicked into his page and clicked on his ‘add as friend’ button, however a warning popped up indicated that he would not let anyone add him as friend.


Her heart broke into pieces…


However, another notification popped up again. It was her idol sending her friend request once more.


Mo Lan wanted to scream and pour her tears out, her heartbeat was racing faster and faster. Without hesitation, she clicked on the agree button.


Idol: ‘Ye Lan Shan?’


Ye Lan Shan: ‘Idol… It’s me!’


Idol: ‘Your voice is really good.’


Ye Lan Shan: ‘Ah… Really? This is not your pirated account, right?’


Idol: ‘No, it’s not.’


Ye Lan Shan: ‘Oh, then that’s good. I’m really lucky – were you forced to add me as a friend today?’


Idol: ‘No. Mind telling me your WeChat ID?’


Mo Lan froze when she read this. She could not believe she was giving her WeChat ID to her idol just like that.


Ye Lan Shan: ‘Of course not! My ID is ylslalzm1990.’


After sending out her last message, her phone notification started to pop up She picked it up and saw that it was a friend request from GYM.


The request message was merely: ‘I am your idol.’


Mo Lan felt… as if she was about to collapse.


Ambulance… come save her now T.T. She would not want to be listed as first crazy fan who died because her idol added her on WeChat!


After approving his request, Mo Lan clicked into the message with her shaky hands. It was only a simple seven-word sentence:


GYM: ‘It’s late, not sleeping yet?’


Mo Lan wanted to brush her teeth and change into her pyjamas at his question. Even if she could not sleep she would force her eyes to close immediately!




Mo Mo: ‘Idol… I want to finish listening to your talk show first.’


GYM: ‘I think it’ll finish after Su Qing Mo’s song.’


Mo Lan’s ear mic was playing Su Qing Mo’s classic song, but all she could think  of was…


Mo Mo: ‘Why wouldn’t you sing on YY?’


GYM: ‘Want to listen? I’ll sing for you some other day.’


… Mo Lan surrendered.


Mo Mo: ‘Idol, I’ve been your fan for four years… I couldn’t believe this is really you…’


After few seconds, the opposite side of her phone was silent, until he sent… a voice message!


Quickly pulling out her ear mic from her ears, Mo Lan opened up the voice message and waited for it anxiously.


His voice was as clear as the mountain water in the message, “Do you believe it’s me now? It’s already ten thirty, a girl shouldn’t sleep this late.”


Mo Lan’s phone fell from her hand, landing on the floor with a loud thud.


She rushed to pick up her phone and typed hurriedly:


Mo Mo: ‘Idol, I’ll go sleep now! Good night!’


GYM: ‘Good night.’


After logging out from YY and shutting off her computer, Mo Lan walked to her toilet rigidly. She still could not process what had just happened. She brushed up briefly and just as she was going to her room, a shrieking yelp screeched from the living room.


Mo Lan stared blankly at An Xiao Luo, who freaked out when she just arrived home.


An Xiao Luo realized it was Mo Lan who was standing in front of her. hSe calmed down slightly and retorted, “Xiao Lan… stop walking around in the middle of the night. I thought it was a ghost!”


Mo Lan ignored her and stretched out her arms, “Cousin… bite me now please, I think I’m dead… Dead of bliss…”


An Xiao Luo looked at her as if she was mentally ill, “Crazy, I’m going to watch my idol’s YY recording now, I have nothing to say to you for now.”


Mo Lan went back to her room. As she was lying on her bed that night, his voice echoed in her mind: Into my dreamland, you know it was hard for me. It was so incredible and memorable.


So elegant and incomparable.


His voice echoed again, with such magnetism and elegance, like white linen covering the moonlight, so tender and blissful.


He said, ‘Do you believe it’s me now? It’s already ten thirty, a girl shouldn’t sleep this late.’


Mo Lan bit her blanket. Her mind was completely blank and she was about to cry. After sinking into her own thoughts until late 3-4am, finally her body could not take it anymore.She closed her eyes and drifted into her dreamland.

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