Chapter 4.1 – Love Was Similar To Firefly

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Early the next morning, Mo Lan bought a ticket back to Nanking.


Just as Mo Lan carried her heavy luggage back to her living room, she found An Xiao Luo sitting in front of the table in the living room. She was looking at her computer silently, not even noticing as Mo Lan rushed through the front door.


Mo Lan put her luggage aside and closed the door. An Xiao Luo noticed her and started walking  towards Mo Lan.


“Cousin… It’s early in the morning, yet you look as ifyou’ve seen ghost?”


An Xiao Luo heard Mo Lan’s voice and was startled, “Xiao Lan Xiao Lan, finally you’re back! Did you hear? Our idol took up our YY talk show tonight at 7.30!”


Mo Lan’s eyes went wide as she stared at her cousin.


Her crush was only on YY once or twice a year. It was as rare as her travelling home to Hailan once a year. Mo Lan grabbed her cousin, “I’m not dreaming, am I? Cousin, quickly bite me…”


“It’s absolutely true!” An Xiao Luo nodded her head. She suddenly thought of something and her face went pale, “But I have to work overtime tonight, and with boss…”


An Xiao Luo was the finance director in a mid-sized agency. Even though she was crazy in front of Mo Lan, when it came to work-related matters she would turn into a workaholic. She was considered one of the most important figures in her company.


Feeling sorry for her cousin, Mo Lan tried to squeeze out her compassionate face, “Don’t worry, I will record the show and wait for you to come back.”


In the afternoon, Mo Lan ran to the magazine company to hand in her details to her boss, she then rushed back to her room and finished up her articles so that she could submit them to the editors earlier than usual.


As she was working on her articles, she looked up at the time and noticed it was almost seven. She had prepared everything for tonight, except…


Mo Lan took a deep breath and plugged her ear mic into the computer. She logged into YY asher phone suddenly rang.


Sighing, Mo Lan picked up her phone and heard Rong Xia Xia’s bubbly voice, “Mo Mo, did you bring back my Xi Hu Long Jing?”


Mo Lan laughed slightly, “Of course I brought it back. How could I forget?”


“Alright, I will return the money to you when I see you tomorrow! I’m bringing my mother too on my way back tomorrow since she misses me a lot.” Rong Xia Xia then stated in relief, “I know Mo Mo is always the best!”


Mo Lan laughed joyfully as she looked at the ear mic sitting beside her computer, “Good for you to know that. Oh right, I wanted to tell you, my idol… is getting a new job.”


Rong Xia Xia went silent before  shouting unbelievably, “Are you sure? He’s been missing in action for three whole years… Now he’s coming back?”


“Even though I do not know why he’s coming back, it’s good that he’s getting a new job. I feel such bliss every time I think of hearing his voice again in radio dramas.” Mo Lan hugged her phone and smiled happily at that thought, “Alright, that’s all for now., I’m waiting for him on YY tonight at 7.30. Talk to you soon. Bye.”


“… You ungrateful lady! Bye!” Rong Xia Xia hung up the phone reluctantly.


Mo Lan laughed at her friend, then started to search for her crush’s YY channel and put on her ear mic.


Mo Lan was stunned by the amount of viewers as she clicked into the channel. tI was only half an hour before the show. The viewers had already exceeded more than 9000 people…


Luckily An Xiao Luo installed wifi in her house. She still remembered how the Internet connection would fail each time they tried to watch their idol on YY.


Suddenly, a familiar soundtrack rang through her ear mic. Mo Lan’s eyes lit up, this song was… the main soundtrack of ‘Du Wo’.


Speaking of ‘Du Wo’, this was the second radio drama by her idol. It was also the hit that made him famous.


In this radio drama, he was a highly devoted and religious monk. His name was Jia Luo and he was brought up in Zi Xia Shrine. In this tale his biggest dream was to become Buddha.


One day, he was meditating in Ming Yue Brook when he saved a white little fox from a cave of tigers.


After that, it was the classic clichéd storyline of how the fox fell in love with the monk and she turned into a human after five hundred years of meditation. She named herself Ah Zhi and she went to Zi Xia Shrine to look for the monk. Jia Luo, however, wanted to become Buddha and so he ignored her.


The fox did not give up. She strolled outside his door, and she stayed with him without leaving his sight.


At dawn, she stood silently beside the monk as he rang the temple’s bell. In the afternoon, she turned herself into a fox and accompanied him in his studies in Cang Jing Ge. At night, she accompanied him in his meditation under a tree.


Just like that, the monk was becoming more and more stable and the fox did not change her mind towards him at all.


However, a disaster emerged as the villagers near Zi Xia Shrine died one by one in a night. It was a mysterious chain of  deaths. After investigation, the leader of the shrine accused Ah Zhi of the calamity. He said that once a monster, always a monster.


Therefore, on a night filled with  lightning and thunder, thousands of disciples surrounded Ah Zhi and burned her alive using their meditation.


In the meantime, Jia Luo was resting in his study room. he was chanting while knocking slightly on the wooden fish.


Ah Zhi was screaming in pain outside the house. She screamed out his name again and again, wanting him to save her.


Unfortunately, he did not show up until an hour had passed.


The fox was burned to ashes and her soul flew away from her body.


Jia Luo’s wooden fish suddenly broke into half as he meditated.

He opened his eyes and his pupils turned devilishly red.


“Hey, don’t become Buddha., Bring me out, we could go anywhere in this realm.

I’m not leaving. I liked you. I’ll be wherever you are.”


“Jia Luo! Come out! Why aren’t you out? I hate you, I hate you!”



The lady’s voice rang through his ears; he could not stand it any longer.


On that night, Jia Luo killed every single monk in the shrine. He became a devil and started wandering about to find the soul of Ah Zhi.


Finally, after gathering  her soul, the badly injured Jia Luo went back to Zi Xia Shrine and walked towards the brook where they first met.


He breathed in deeply and gave up his meditations in order for her to regain herself.


However, the newly reborn Ah Zhi could no longer recognize him.


The ending of the radio drama was concluded with Jia Luo’s miserable phrase.  

Laughing slightly, he said in a low voice, “Ah Zhi, if there is an afterlife… I will never choose to become Buddha.”


Mo Lan bit her lower lip as she resurfaced after immersing herself in the radio drama. In this radio drama, Jia Luo’s feeling was hard to fathom. His whole life was only three stages: first stage of calm meditation, middle stage of becoming a devil, and the last stage of dismay.


All these stages were acted out perfectly by Mo Lan’s idol.


This radio drama was perfectly scripted and it stirred up everyone’s emotions.


This was also one of the rare radio dramas that Mo Lan dared not to keep listening to.


Sometimes, she would wonder what type of person her idol was. It was as if he would emerge as his voice unfolded through the  acts of the drama.


As she was deep in thought, Jia Luo’s voice flowed through her ear mic. it was like a pure white lily in a pond.


He said, “Love was similar to a firefly.”


Right after that, the scene changed into the night of lightning and thunder, and the fox was shouting and screaming in pain, “Jia Luo! Come out! Why aren’t you out? I hate you, I hate you!”


Luo Jia sat on his seat and stated calmly, “The life of love was sad and horrible. Life would  be fearless and free if you could leave such love.”


His voice was so lively and heartbreaking.


After that… he threw himself into the pit of devil.


In the shrine, he killed all of his brothers, and stood among the pile of blood. He plucked a white lily from the pond and mocked, “even if I’m forever in this devil path… I will bring you back.”


He then ripped his meditation off and reclined breathlessly by the brook. A lady appeared before him. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he stared at the familiar face, “It doesn’t matter who am I. Please, don’t forget, you are Ah Zhi.”


At last… he breathed out his final breath as the sad soundtrack played. The lady was nervous, but he smiled and closed his eyes as he comforted her, “Ah Zhi, if there is an afterlife… I will not choose to become Buddha.”


His weak voice vanished in the air with a hint of sigh.


He stated, if there was an afterlife, he would not choose to become Buddha. Since then, there was no more Jia Luo.


The radio drama had finally ended. Mo Lan came back to her senses after falling deep into the world of her idol, only to realize the screen had almost exploded with comments such as ‘How dare you use the soundtrack of ‘Du Wo’ for introduction?! This host is too much! I’m about to cry before he even comes out!’


Mo Lan laughed to herself. She looked at the time on her screen, it showed 7.28. The talk show was about to begin.


Indeed, after few seconds, the host appeared on the screen. This host was ZI Liu Li, she was a close colleague to An Xiao Luo, who was also a fan of her idol. Right then, the host’s sweet voice rang through her ears:


“Good evening everyone, I am Liu Li. First of all I would like to thank all of you here for coming to our YY channel. Of course, I know all of you are waiting for this person… Actually, I am too!  I couldn’t believe my ears when he said he’s getting a new job! Even though he disappeared for three years, I know very well that all of us have never forgotten about him. After all, his melodious voice would never been buried forever. Earlier on on ‘Du Wo’ – I’m sure everyone here is very familiar with that radio drama – I cried so hard hearing that.”


In the meantime, the comment box on her screen was piling up and exploding.


‘I heard the sad soundtrack when I opened the channel, it was so depressing!’


‘Idol, my tissue papers are finishing, come out soon T.T How dare they play ‘Du Wo’? Host lady, you did this on purpose.’


‘It was the best when he became the devil and  the afterlife bit –  not becoming Buddha all that!’


‘Damn, I did not bring my earphones., My mum asked whose melodious voice it was.  You have yourself an old fan, you know that?!’


Zi Liu Li coughed slightly and continued, “Everyone’s hating me now. I just thought that ‘Du Wo’ was a classic. Alright then, I know I’m talking too much nonsense here. Right now let’s welcome our first guest, Mr. Su Qing Mo!”


Su Qing Mo was here? Mo Lan was astonished by this, but then it was perfectly reasonable for her to be on the show., After all he was the partner of her crush. They were so close that nobody would dare to split both of them up in the social site.


‘Su Qing Mo came? Oh! This is going to be awesome!’


‘Su Da Da you must be here for your beloved, we understand you!’


‘Understand you number 1!’ ‘Understand you number 2!’ ‘Understand you number 10086!’


Just as everyone was typing furiously on the screen, Su Qing Mo had broken the explosion:


“Good evening. It’s my pleasure to meet you all here.”


His sincere voice was one of the reasons why people love his too.


“Actually the reason I’m here tonight is the same as you guys… It was a long time since I’ve seen Xiao Mi, I miss him sometimes, so I’m here to see if he’s dead or not.”


‘It’s always been so cute whenever Su Da Da called him Xiao Mi… I didn’t hear anything.’


‘I didn’t hear anything number 1’ ‘I didn’t hear anything number 2’



Mo Lan stared at her screen and laughed uncontrollably. She added her reply, ‘I didn’t hear anything number N.’


Su Qing Mo laughed along at this. As he could be seen speaking on  the screen, the fans could not control themselves as his voice rang again from their earphones. “I haven’t seen Xiao Mi for a long time, I want to be there when I knew he’s coming back. Mmm… Let’s talk about the first time we met. iIt was recruiting season. I was in charge of arranging acts for new actors. Maybe it was destiny or fate, but my arrangement was the one Xiao Mi acted in. I’ve forgotten about the script now, I just remembered how shocked my colleagues and I were when he started talking. His voice was indeed ear-catching, and it was incredible too. So after that I recruited him and you all know what happened next, he took up two radio dramas and his fame shot higher than mine -and I’ve done more than ten dramas! What was that…?”


He stopped to laugh at this point., He was so honest about everything he said, “But Xiao Mi’s personality is really good., We would always like to hang out and talk to him privately, because his voice is so good, haha.”


‘He was so lucky to be able to listen to Mi Da’s voice everyday!’


‘Su Da Da, your love towards Xiao Mi is sincere! Idol and idol are perfect couple, wish you two the best until the end!’


‘You two are indeed perfect couple! I knew it from the start!’


Zi Liu Li laughed and teased him, “That’s right Mr. Su Qing Mo, I always thought you were quiet in your fan groups. Why are so talkative when you meet Mi Da? You two are indeed perfect couple.”


Su Qing Mo cleared his throat, “You guys are funny. I did not even say anything…”


Just then, a voice broke into the conversation from a YY room, “Alright, Mo Mo stop denying, you and Ah Mi’s infidelity was exposed long time ago. Check out the discussion forum, your conversations are still flagged and pinned at the top page.”

This man was from the south, even though it was energetic and clear, the voice gave out a hint of softness and familiarity.


The one who spoke was Bai Yu Luo Bo, he was famous among the fan page.


Su Qing Mo stated nonchalantly, “I’ve told you not call me Mo Mo.”


The host, Zi Liu Li was also astounded when she heard Bai Yu Luo Bo’s voice, “Speaking of which, Xiao Luo Bo, who brought you up here? Control room, you are too much, you did not even tell me!”


Another wave of storm hit the computer screen once again:


‘Ah Luo Bo Luo Bo, recite ‘Shu Dao Nan’!’


‘The master of million years is here too?’


‘Xiao Luo Bo, what happened to your second season? It’s already been more than half a year.’


‘Please guys, take it slow… I’ve been blocked out for three times…’


Bai Yu Luo Bo saw the comments on the screen and shouted as if he was framed, “No, for the new season you have ask my superior. I’ve handed in my latest drama. Also, who said I’m the victim? I’m the manager alright!”


His soft voice was somewhat feminine; this drove the fans crazier than before.


He laughed again, “Alright, as the second guest of this show, I’ll tell you guys how I met Ah Mi, even though it  might not  be as memorable as Mo Mo’s story. So the first time I met him was in YY Channel. I was a new noobie then, and I was in the room with a couple new girls as well, they couldn’t lock the room door anyways. So Ah Mi came in and I almost peed myself when he started talking! The girls beside me could not say anything as well, I thought they were putting a voice recording tape outside… How could someone’s voice be so amazing! Then, he started to teach and guide us on how to find the correct mood for the act, and how to record something like ‘laughed softly’ or ‘mocking laugh’. Since then I’ve respected him. Also, we took photos together.”

Took photos together?


Mo Lan was curious, she was anxious and excited.


Everyone was concerned about what the idols looked like on their social sites. Some idols liked to show off their good looks by posting selfies and what not. There was another type of idol who did not like to do so. They maintained their privacy, therefore nobody could offend them. Mo Lan’s crush was the latter type.


Mo Lan still remembered an incident that sparked her idol’s anger, and it was because of a photo.


Three years ago, his friend somehow knew that he was on the social site and that person posted a photo of his back. This photo stirred up the fans and comments were flooding his page. After Mo Lan’s idol knew about it, he posted that if anyone did such thing ever again, he would delete his account from the page, then he deleted the friend and the photo.


Bowing her head, Mo Lan saw the comment box was piling up even more. Her Internet speed of 280s was not enough.


‘Damn what did I just hear? So… Xiao Luo Bo, you’ve seen his face? (Starry eyes)’


‘Took photos together?! I won’t ask for the picture, but Luo Bo please describe his features, at least I could imagine it in my mind…’


‘What do you mean imagine?’


‘I still remember the photo by Da Ming Lake… Even though I did not see his face, his body was good enough. It was so muscular, and I bet with one cucumber it’s 185!’


Mo Lan recalled her photo in her USB. She then added, ‘Two cucumbers, idol must be 188!’
‘You guys are too much, bullying a person who’s never seen any photos of him like me!’


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