Chapter 30 – Target

By | December 31, 2016

One of the elders questioned, “Lu Jiuque? How can someone like that be granted a test opportunity?”

Someone has to be really good at what he/she is doing in order to be invited to take the test.

“I don’t want to see her face. She just made everybody poisoned yesterday and she wasn’t even in our sect yet. Can you imagine what would happen if we let her in?”

“Whatever. She has an invitation to be here so there’s really nothing we can do. Just be sure to not let her in.”

“You know what, with her stupidity..She probably won’t even pass the written test.”

“Hahaha that’s true!”

Lu Jiuque heard it all. She didn’t like what she heard.

These elders…They don’t even know what’s really happening and all they do is judging her based on what others tell them.

How are they any different from all those others who laugh at her and bully her?

Even though their social status is higher, their heart and mind is just as nasty.

With these people recruiting students, their sect must suck.

Ye Hui thinks they must have hurt her feelings by saying those mean things.

She’s been through so many similar situations throughout her life.

Being bullied by everyone, and never giving up.

She has always fought through everything. Always that brave.

The fact that she protected him yesterday from falling makes him feel like he has to at least say something.

“You are so wrong! That’s not what she did!”


Everyone stared at Ye Hui, including Lu Jiuque.
Ye Hui said, “What you said couldn’t be farther from the truth! She didn’t poison all those people! And she didn’t cause Shao Qingrou’s arm to fracture! Those students ripped Shao’s clothes off and that’s why she got mad and started hitting them! And that’s how she got injured by the dragon! Know your facts before you talk crap!”

“Did you hear what he just said?”
“Did he just say the students ripped Shao’s clothes off?”

“Hotdayyyuum for real? ”

“I don’t think he’s lying. He doesn’t sound like he’s lying.”

“Nonsense!”Qin is so mad about what he said. She run towards Lu Jiuque and made an attempt to slap her right in the face.

Fortunately she missed, as Ye Hui came up and took the hit for Lu.

That slap was heavy. It almost slapped the sh*t out of Ye Hui.
“What the heck just happened..”

What is Qin doing??? Is she out of her mind?

“What….”Qin’s nervous. She doesn’t want no beef with the Ye Family. Everyone knows that General Ye is a tough guy and Ye family can’t be messed with.

“I was gonna slap her. Not you. None of my business that you took the slap for her.”

Ye Hui was hurting so bad he was almost crying.

That is a big strong woman right there. Almost a grown man.  
Lu said, “Don’t talk. Your tongue is bleeding.”


“You deserved it. That’s what you get when you defend Lu Jiuque.” said Qin Ying.

Lu Jiuque turned around, facing Qin.
Her looks are cold, sharp, and horrifying. So much that Qin Ying automatically backed off a bit.

“That’s what he gets when he defends me? Do you know what you will get when you mess with me?”
Qin Ying is genuinely scared. She doesn’t know what Lu meant by that.

“What are you going to do then? There’s people everywhere.”

Lu Jiuque laughed at her, “So?”

Qin Ying held her breath. Why.. why is she scared of her?

That’s when they were interrupted by a man yelling from far away.

“What on the earth are you people doing there! You are in the test center! Behave!”

Qin Ying heard him and shook a bit, then she immediately stopped exhibiting bitch like behavior like she did one minute ago and changed into a whole new person, “Yes sir. My name is Qin Ying, and I was just mad that this girl right here poisoned our students yesterday. I apologize for starting a fight in the test center. ”

She wiped tear from her face as she was speaking.

Lu noticed her sudden change of tone. She noticed that Qin sounded not only sad, which is obviously faked, but also extremely excited.
This gotta be someone special. Otherwise she wouldn’t bother answering him.

And what’s really interesting is that although Qin Ying was apologizing, she was in fact making herself look like the good kid here who would apologize for her wrongdoings.

Is this guy..her target?

Lu Jiuque instantly realized why Qin Ying chose to mess with her today right before the test.
How sly she is.
The man asked, “Explain. What exactly is going on here?”

As soon as he asked, everybody rushed to explain for him and they all seem to be complimenting Qin Ying for what she did.

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  1. DOH

    Thank you for the chapter~
    It’s kinda annoying that in all these novels everyyyoooone is evil, except the mc’s friends. Those few that aren’t evil will definitely get along with her. Not just this one novel, but most historical Chinese ones

    1. June-June

      True that. I’ve had that question in my head after reading about 3 or 4 Chinese novels. I don’t really hate it but it puts a squeeze in my heart from irritation…

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    Hi! Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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    I’m still going to ‘enjoy’ reading them, but many are ending up rather disappointing further in the story regarding that factor.

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    Is the word “hotdayummmn” here translated word-for-word from the CN? Could you find no other equivalent? I’m sorry but it’s really distracting from the context and the setting of this story…ancient CN xianxia and they’re throwing out 21st century slang…?

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