Chapter 38 – Teasing her cousin

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Chapter 38 Teasing her cousin

 A young man was bathing under the sky in a wooden hot tub…..

It’s him, Ouyang Shaochen!

She saw the prince once before far away from the palace, there is no doubt that he is the prince!

“I am sorry your Highness!” Song Qingyan saluted the prince hurriedly, with her heart beating fast and her face blushing: Can’t believe that I will meet Prince Ouyang here, what a fate….

Ouyang did not give her a glance but stared at Murong Xue: “Who is she?”

Murong Xue answered coolly: “I don’t know her!”

“Bullshit!” Song Qingyan stand up immediately and replies Murong Xue with a fierce look: “I am the daughter of Wu An Marquis, the one that grew up with you since we are young, and you said that you don’t know who am I?”

“The daughter of Wu An Marquis should be a person who is tender and virtuous, full of knowledge, it won’t be a person like you who is unruly and capricious!” Murong Xue replied with ridicule.

“You!” Song Qingyan glared at Murong Xue angrily but she couldn’t think of anything to say back.

Xun Feng appeared obviously and remind Ouyang Shaochen: “Your Highness. It is going to be quarter past one!”

“Xue’Er, I’ll leave first as I have something to do.”

Murong Xue smiled and replied, “Alright Your Highness!”

Ouyang Shaochen turned around and walked along the road then disappeared from the light of sunshine.

Song Qingyan looked at it blankly: Prince Ouyang had just left without looking or talking to her…..

“Imperial bodyguard Lee, bring this Jiaowei Qin to Luo Xue Pavillion” Murong Xue coolly ordered.

Song Qingyan started to get very angry and said: “Murong Xue, you are a fiancée to someone, please take note of your own identity…..”

Song Qingyan had clearly noticed how Ouyang shizi had called Murong Xue- Xue’Er, but she knew that such a noble person wouldn’t get close to a girl who had an engagement, it was for certain that Murong Xue was the one who kept on bewitching him shamelessly.

“This is none of your business. It is better that you mind your own business!” Murong Xue reprimanded, calm and severely. All the sudden, Song Qingyan got so angry and yelled: “I would not bother if you weren’t the one who keeps on pestering Prince Ouyang.

“Oh, so you’ve fallen in love with Ouyang Shaochen. What a pity he doesn’t like you back…….” Murong Xue said, raising her brow. She didn’t know what type of girls Ouyang Shaochen was into but she knew he wasn’t interested in someone like Song Qingyan who was immensely selfish, stubborn and immature…..

With her thoughts deciphered, Song Qingyan flushed. She glared at Murong Xue, enunciating every word, “Ouyang Shaochen doesn’t like you too, don’t you think too highly of yourself….”

Murong Xue laughed sarcastically, “I know my place, not like someone who always likes to daydream and vainly attempt to take a share of something she can’t have!”

“Murong Xue, don’t you dare ridicule me!” Song Qingyan glowered, her eyes were raging with hatred.

“I didn’t even point out any names, you said it yourself!” Murong Xue casually replied.

She turned to walk into the palace. With contempt in her eyes and an air of arrogance, she completely ignored Song Qingyan.


At that moment, Song Qingyan’s face darkened to a dangerous shade of murder. With two-three steps, she ran in front of Murong Xue and wanted to push her down the stairs.

Murong Xue had realized what was about to happen and swiftly turned to one side. Song Qingyan used all of her might and pushed at what was supposed to be Murong Xue but now was thin air. Having lost her balance, down she tumbled to the bottom of the steps with a loud noise.

“Ahh…!” a mournful wailing echoed, so loud that the gatekeepers trembled and look over to the direction where it came from. Song Qingyan was flat-faced on the floor. Her dress robe torn, exposing her bare arm which was bruised with a purplish-green.

With her whole body aching, Song Qingyan tried her best to stand but could only force herself to a half crawl half stand.

Glaring furiously at Murong Xue’s direction, “Murong Xue, how dare you pushed me……”

Murong Xue lifted her hand to interrupt her, from above the steps she looked at her and said, “Miss Song, you should never spout such nonsense. It was you, yourself who fell down the steps, the gatekeepers clearly saw it with their own eyes. Don’t try to push the blame on me…..”

Song Qingyan’s eyes swept nervously from side to side, lifting her chin she challenged, “These gatekeepers are yours, of course they would obey and tell others that you were innocent if you told them to do so….”

Having failed at pushing Murong Xue down, moreover, having fallen down herself, she would never confess what happened. So, she had to put the blame on Murong Xue, to let her be punished, as revenge.


“What you say is true..” Murong Xue contemplated deeply while nodding her head, “You and I have been in conflict for a long time. Even the Jing City citizens have heard about it. If you claimed that I had pushed you, even if someone proved your statement wrong, they won’t be convinced. Guard Zhang, bring Miss Song over here……”

“Yes, miss!” Guard Zhang sweated nervously, not understanding why Murong Xue had made this command. But he obeyed, he did as he was asked as he bowed at her before proceeding towards Song Qingyan.

Guard Zhang was a strong man. As he was approaching, an unseen pressure made Song Qingyan tremble and she shouted, “Murong Xue, what do you think you’re doing?!”

“Since you claimed that I had pushed you, then I should do just that! So at least I don’t get accused of doing what I didn’t do! These 3 to 4 flights of stairs, aren’t really very long or short. But if you fell and became a retard… Hopefully you can bear with it!” Murong Xue smiled while casually replying her.


Song Qingyan momentarily stopped breathing and her face swelled with fury:  Murong Xue, you evil woman. I just accused her of something trivial and she’s ready to push me down to become a retard…..


Seeing that Guard Zhang was almost where she was and that there weren’t many passersbyers, she quickly shouted, “I accidentally fell down the steps myself, Cousin Xue had nothing to do with it!”

Lately, Murong Xue had been rather wicked, if she said she might accidentally cause her to become a retard by pushing her, she would certainly believe she would! By then, when she had become one, it would have been too late!

Murong Xue raised her brow and said sarcastically, “Cousin, you change your mind rather quickly, I must say, did you accidentally knock your head in the process and blur your thoughts?”

“No, no!” Song Qingyan quickly shook her head and shouted in a clear voice, “Qingyan, myself is very much awake and thinking clearly right now. I accidentally fell down the steps myself, no one was involved in this!”

“Since it is so, then Guard Zhang please return to your former position and stand guard, you no longer have to help her up!” Murong Xue nodded, satisfied with her answer and gracefully walked into the palace: Song Qingyan was only a minion, she need not waste any more of her energy on her, she should save it for the sly fox that awaited her in the palace.


Seeing her disappearing into the palace, Song Qingyan’s eyes burned with fury, in her anger, she knitted 3 words together: Mu Rong Xue!

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