Chapter 28: Family

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They argued with each other so badly they almost broke into a fight.
But the thing Lu Jiuque didn’t expect was that this middle aged guy is a level 2 producer.

They invited a level 2 producer to make the needles for her. She didn’t see that coming.

No matter why they did that, she loves it.

Smiling, Lu said, “Thank you all for giving me this gift. I, Lu Jiuque, really appreciate it.”
Lu Jiuque?

Doesn’t that name sound kind of familiar? Is she that…

But no way she could be THAT girl. She’s definitely a different person. Just the same name.
Right about now the young boys and girls started to wake up, not having a clue what is going on.

After suffering for a whole day they have barely any consciousness left.
Lu doesn’t care whether they will recognize her or not. She gotta prepare for the test as well.
Plus, she has reached her goal for today.

“Now that they are feeling better, time for me to leave.”

Wait. She’s leaving already?

But if she leaves now, when will they get to see her again?

Yue said, “You know what. Why don’t you stay a couple more days? All the different sects are recruiting recently and it’s kind of a big deal for us. What do you think? You will get to see how we recruit students.”

“Exactly. It would be nice for you to see what the recruiting process is like. You can probably even find someone talented and bring him back to the Lord.”General Ye said.

“He’s right. ”Lei said.

Now they are coming to an agreement with each other, huh?

“But I have other missions. I can’t stay.” answered Lu Jiuque.

“What mission? Tell us a bit more. Let’s see what we can do to help.”

“Just to collect some herbs. But this is classified information. Nothing much to tell you guys. Sorry.”

They noticed subtle changes in Lu’s facial expressions. That was really too much to ask.

Who are they to ask something like this?

“But don’t worry guys. I’m not heading out of town anytime soon. If you have anything that you need help with, just come to me.”

Then she left, without hearing out what they need to say.

The three guys are frustrated about the fact that they were asking about classified information that they really shouldn’t have asked about. But they are also happy that Lu didn’t mind and even told them to come to her if they need any help.

She’s so nice. If it were other apostles, they would be in so much trouble for asking such a question.

The crowd outside Ren Ji’s has left, after a whole night.

The three guys accompanied Lu to the door and watched her leave.

“No wonder she’s the apostle. We were obviously crossing the line there by asking about her mission and she didn’t mind.”

“I know right? And she’s so smart.  ”

Her story spread across the whole country. All of a sudden everyone knows about this girl.

All of those don’t matter to her. She’s only targeting that guy in Tianyan Sect.


Lu Jiuque sneaked into her room and hid her white dress and put on her old dirty clothes. Then she stepped in Auntie Chang’s room.

Chang is still sleeping, but she doesn’t look quite comfortable. She’s so tired.
“Damn it!”
Auntie wouldn’t make it through this year if she doesn’t do something to improve her health. Lu can make her feel better, obviously.
But the only problem here is that this won’t work in the long term. The only way for Auntie to really get better is by practicing the Power of Xinghun.

Xinghun practices typically have stronger bodies than their peers and also they tend to live longer.

But generally speaking you would expect someone to start at the age of 5.You have to start early in order to really build a good base.

Without a strong base you can’t practice properly.

And the original owner of this body started at 5. It’s just that she failed. Hence nobody likes her.

Auntie Chang is already past 50 years old. It sounds ridiculous to let someone so old learn Xing Hun.

But anyways she has to at least try. There’s no “impossible” in her book

And when she passes the test tomorrow and gets into Tian Yan Sect, she will be able to practice with Auntie.

Suddenly she felt someone holding her hand.

Lu raised her head only to see Auntie Chang looking at her, worried.

“Hey sweetie. What’s going on? You look sad..”said Auntie.

“One thing you gotta remember. You are the last kid alive in the Lu Family. You are the hope of our family. Please, be happy.”

Be happy..?

This reminded Lu of her previous life where she struggled so much for the sake of her own family, and her soul which was filled with hatred. This brought tears to her eyes.

Although she never met the Lu family, she can still feel the strong love….

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