Chapter 34 – Competition

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Two beautiful girls, one standing and the other sitting – this was a scene to behold. The customers who were having their meal were in high-spirits. In groups, they gathered and started a discussion among themselves: “The one standing is the princess of the northern Mongolian deserts, Qin Yuyuan.

“She is very elegant and alluring. Who is the one sitting? She has such a beautiful face…..”

“Did you not hear that the princess had said the one sitting is the Zhen Country Queen’s daughter?”

“She is Murong Xue. She was the one who was demeaned to a concubine instead….”

“Murong Xue, though her face is pale and she possesses a weak body but she has a youthful aura and she seems prettier than Princess Qin…….”

Murong Xue, prettier than her? A hint of gloominess appeared in Qin Yuyuan’s eyes and then vanished in an instant.

“Lady Murong (Queen of Zhen Country) was unbeatable. Murong Xue must have inherited her skills. But she keeps declining, claiming that her skills aren’t good. Is it because she thinks Princess Qin’s skills are so poor that she doesn’t deserve to even learn from her?” the voices of exchange rambled on, a third of them were quiet, another somber and the other argued on fiercely.

Ouyang Shaochen’s jet-black diamond-like eyes were quiet, he stared at Qin Yuyuan coldly. He was about to open his mouth to say something when Murong Xue stopped him and smiled at Qin Yuyuan.

To force Murong Xue to compete with her, she had brought up her host’s deceased mother who had passed away 10 years ago. If she didn’t comply, maybe she would’ve even brought up the topic of the host’s ancestors!

As a descendant, she couldn’t help them restore their former glory. But she will not let them not rest in peace. It’s only a matter of playing the Yangqin, she will oblige!

“A simple competition is too boring, what about if we bet on something?”

Qin Yuyuan smiled. That means she has agreed to play.

“What should we bet on then?”

Qin Yuyuan’s purpose was to just force Murong Xue to play the Yangqin, so Murong Xue can make all the rules she likes. The more rules she makes, the more she would be humiliated in front of everyone!

“Let’s bet on the Yangqin you have!” MuRong Xue said, “It looks like a Jiaowei Yangqin, if I win, it shall be mine……”

* Jiaowei Yangqin is a type of Yangqin (a traditional Chinese musical instrument)

Win? Such guts!

Qin Yuyuan has met many gifted players in the desert but none of which who could beat her!

Qin Yuyuan looked at Murong Xue, “What if you lose?”

“I will pay you a Yangqin with the same value as a Jiaowei Yangqin!” Murong Xue responded with a serious tone.

“Deal!” Qin Yuyuan’s eyes gleamed. She wasn’t interested in what she would pay her when she lost.

Instead, she just wanted to see the result of Murong Xue losing. If there was something that could make people remember that Murong Xue’s skills were not like they had expected, it was her obligation to do so.

“Deal!” Murong Xue replied readily. She looked out the door with the corner of her eye: “Waiter, bring me a Yangqin!”

Qin Yuyuan returned to the Lanxiang private room, in which the door was opened, and sat in front of her Jiaowei Yangqin. The waiter went into Meixiang private room to deliver the Yangqin and placed it in front of Murong Xue.

At that moment, the atmosphere at Yueyang Restaurant instantly became uproarious.

Who is Qin Yuyuan? She is the princess of the northern Mongolian deserts, Prince Jing’s wife-to- be and  the future queen of Qingyan!

Then who is Murong Xue? She is the first daughter of the Zhen Country queen. She was initially the first wife-to-be of Prince Jing. However, Prince Jing demeaned her to a concubine; she was set up by Qin Yuyuan. But she didn’t want to be a concubine and did not want to be recognized as that position…..

The future queen of Qingyan and the first wife-to- be of Prince Jing met and now they’re going to compete! Even if they compete because they’re jealous of each other or it was to just purely to display their skills, this would be an impressive match!

It is so rare to see two remarkably beautiful women competing with each other, even if you’re just passing by, you mustn’t miss this!

The customers in the dining hall put down their bowls and chopsticks and looked towards the direction of the two private rooms. Their eyes filled with anticipation. The other customers who were in their separate private rooms opened their doors and came out to witness the occasion too.

Qin Yuyuan gently tuned her instrument and fixed a smile at Murong Xue: “Guests first, why you don’t take the lead?”

“No,” Murong Xue shook her head, her eyes glistening, “Let’s play together!”

Qin Yuyuan was aghast! Under normal circumstances, the Yangqin was meant to be played one after another. This was to let the observers compare who played it better and yet, Murong Xue wants to play it with her at the same time? Does she not know that the weaker of the two would certainly be outplayed by the stronger one? This would only emphasize how dreadful the playing of the weaker one was.

She must be pretty reckless; does she have a death wish? I shall grant her wish!

“Alright, let’s play together then! You first!”

“No Princess Qin, you first!” Murong Xue smiled politely; her small pale hands were placed on the strings.

“Xue!” Ouyang Shaochen looked at Murong Xue, his dark eyes showing concern- he had heard Qin Yuyuan played before, she was outstanding.

“Don’t worry, I might not lose!” Murong Xue smiled; her eyes were sparkling with excitement. She seemed really confident. The corner of Ouyang Shaochen’s mouth tilted to reveal a smile. Even if she lost, as long as he was here, she would not be in any harm or be wronged in any way!

“Vong!” Qin Yuyuan plucked the strings of her Yangqin.

She started first as she was disgusted with their intimate exchange. Her slender fingers plucked the Yangqin with great speed. Music streamed out melodiously. The observers were left astounded- this music should only be played in Heaven itself! We, mere mortals wouldn’t be able to comprehend and appreciate it! Princess Qin really has remarkable skills!

“Vong!” Murong Xue followed, music streamed out harmoniously. The observers nodded their heads; her skills were pretty good but not as good as Princess Qin. However, she did manage to express the charm of the tune exquisitely.

Seeing that Murong Xue managed to win the admiration of the crowd, Qin YuYuan narrowed her eyes and took a turn in her playing. The clear melodious tune turned into a sorrowful composition.

Almost immediately, it took effect and Yueyang Restaurant was filled with melancholy. The men were expressionless and continued to drink their wine. However, the women had tears in both eyes and were gently wiping them…..

The fact that she made the crowd shed tears, made her smiled proudly: to make people cry listening to music is considered as the highest achievement of playing Yangqin, she could do it so easily,

MuRong Xue still needs tens of years of practice to achieve that…..

Sensing Qin Yuyuan’s challenge, Murong Xue smirked. With her eyes glistening, she began plucking the YangQin with impeccable speed. A sudden wind arose and it was like the waters of the Yellow River gushes forward, it was like thousands of horses galloping together. The playing was so powerful and much louder that it made Qin Yuyuan’s playing almost inaudible. Throughout the whole restaurant, one could only hear the more powerful and compelling playing of Murong Xue.

Qin YuYuan’s face turned pale, she glared furiously at Murong Xue: So this was her idea all along! She knew she couldn’t beat her so she purposely played the higher note to make her playing less audible. Even if her playing was remarkable, people might not be able to hear it, that means she would lose. Such a disgusting tactic! Murong Xue met her glare, her mouth still smirking, as if to say: “Try playing an even higher note to make my playing less audible, if you can.”

Qin YuYuan’s expression darkened. She had met many players who did the same thing, but not one who could do it as well as Murong Xue…….

She knew she couldn’t make Murong Xue’s playing less audible. But she could use other ways to win…..

Qin YuYuan’s mouth curved into a curious smile, her slender fingers furiously plucked at her Yangqin, the delicate music hid an ominous energy that was propelled towards the direction of Murong Xue……

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