Chapter 33: Reversed life

By | November 15, 2016

At first, she also felt some guilty conscience and some fear for the Mu Family. After all, all these things don’t belong to her but belong to that girl called Little Shishi.

Happiness comes so suddenly as if everything in sight was nothing but a dream when you woke up and opened your eyes, you will realize it’s merely a dream.

However, when she opened her eyes again, she was still in the princess-like beautiful room, lying on a soft bed.

Chairman Mu Sheng was sitting beside her, he had a serious face but cannot hide his love expression, for him, she is a very gentle little girl, and so he wanted to spoil her so much.

Whatever she wants, he will definitely fulfill them one by one! Mu Wan Rou who grew up from lack of parental care and never experienced such a rich life conditions got immersed at once in this sudden happiness.

But what really makes her selfish and want to possess all these, is that man.

The Mu Family is the capital’s most wealthy nobles, while Mu Yazhe is the most husband candidate for those well-known daughters. Mu Yazhe is so excellent, so for those same excellent people they cannot help but to admire him.

Why did God love him and generously given him so much luxury?

Rich family, handsome face, noble and proud identity, and stunning talent!

Everyone is very jealous of everything he has!

Her greed and obsession with him … …made her lost herself.

While God did not treat her fairly, although she is the Mu family’s Madame and the President’s wife now, but she only stole it from someone else.

Sometimes, life suddenly changed. Now, she had become the Madame of this huge business empire.

At first, she was still nervous, but later, she gradually feels at ease, enjoying everything that does not belong to her.

But … … “Fate” love to tease people, ironically, she unexpectedly has no ability to get pregnant, it is congenital, although Chairman Mu Sheng use all his connections to the medical community, but they couldn’t cure her.

What’s more ironic was the surrogate girl that Chairman Mu Sheng selected, turned out to be her … … The jade pendant’s real owner.

Mu Wan Rou’s cold sweat was dripping and sense some crisis.

After so many years, they meet again. When they were nine years old, she took away her jade pendant and everything that should belong to her. After nine years later, she surrogates for her, and gave birth to those two children!

Somehow, like an invisible chain, Mu Yazhe’s fate tied up with Yun Shishi, will they be together? Mu Wan Rou’s heart somewhat felt disturbed!

Did he has begun to doubt her identity? that she was the real owner of this jade pendant, and then … … secretly ordered people to investigate?


In recent years, she had always hide it very well.

In fact, at the time of adoption, Chairman Mu Sheng has also been suspicious of her. But he got too hasty when he sees her with that jade pendant, and didn’t even bother to check her identity.

As she grew up, she gradually became beautiful and meticulous, but in the end, she doesn’t resemble the facial features of that adoptive eldest daughter, which caused Grandfather Mu Sheng to be suspicious again.

So he secretly ordered to take her hair, to do the DNA test. But because she was so clever and was able to sniffs out this incident, she secretly bribed the hospital genetic service to tampered the DNA results. Therefore, Chairman Mu Sheng was convinced.

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