Chapter 32: Again, Sitting In Such Posture

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Chapter 32:  Again, Sitting in such Posture

Dajie, you see, Young Master Gu has come to pick you up. I’ll drive your car back for you.”

Song Jiumei recognized Gu Yanhao’s car in a blink. Her eyes bent into crescent-shaped moons as she smiled from ear to ear and pointed out.

The elegant Song Jiuyue smiled graciously, thinking Gu Yanhao must be waiting to give her the ‘Bounding Passion’ hairpin inside the car.

Puffing up her chest slightly as she turned to Song Wuyou while displaying a hurried expression, Song Jiuyue uttered, “Wuyou, Papa is going to host a dinner the night after tomorrow, don’t forget to prepare a birthday present for Papa. Now, Young Master Gu wants to send me home, so I can’t stay and chat any further.”

Dropping that sentence, Song Jiumei swirled around and walked in alluring steps towards Gu Yanhao’s car.

However, before she could manage more than a couple of steps, Ah De, who was sitting in the driver’s seat got out of the car, and called out to Song Wuyou — who had turned away in the opposite direction, about to leave, “Young Madame, Young Master is looking for you!”

Song Wuyou’s action wavered. Turning her head back, confusion was evident on her face as she stared at Ah De.

It was Xu Jing that had a surprised cum delighted expression on her face.

Song Jiuyue’s feet staggered, in the next moment, the beautiful smile on her face stiffened.

Young Master Gu’s intention isn’t to send her home, he was, as a matter of fact looking for Song Wuyou?

Seeing Song Wuyou was still frozen at the same spot, Ah De added: “Young Madame, Young Master said, if you don’t get in, he doesn’t mind coming out and personally ‘leading’ you into the car.”

Each word was like a sharp needle viciously prickling Song Jiuyue’s skin.

“Miss, let’s get into the car.” Xu Jing cheerfully pulled on Song Wuyou’s hand towards the car.

The moment Song Wuyou opened the door, she caught a glimpse of Gu Yanhao’s cold and unfathomable eyes sweeping over her.

Gu Yanhao sat inside the car, exuding terrifying chill from his entire being.

Looking at the picture before her, instantly, Song Wuyou had cold shivers running down her spine from the other party’s bitter cold gaze that seemed to bore deep into her marrows. Song Wuyou was aghast momentarily, but still, she climbed inside.

After she had entered, Xu Jing quickly shut the door and climbed into the front passenger seat. The backseats are Young Master Gu and Miss’s world, how could she dare to trespass?

“Put your seatbelt on.” Gu Yan ordered sharply as his cold eyes swept her way again.

The car moved only after she had properly put on her seatbelt.

From beginning to end, this man had not spared a single glance towards Song Jiuyue who was standing outside the car.

‘Sending’ his car away, Song Jiuyue could no longer maintain the smile on her face.

“What happened ah?”

Song Jiumei came to Song Jiuyue’s side and her eyes were glued to the speeding sports car. A strange expression flashed across her face as she exclaimed out loud with dissatisfaction, “What’s the matter with Young Master Gu today? Why did he let Song Wuyou into his car?”

Isn’t it Gu Yanhao’s unspoken rule –– never letting Song Wuyou in his car?

“At the moment, Song Wuyou is still his wife, isn’t it normal for her to ride with him?” Song Jiuyue did her best to muster up some reason and composed herself. However, the sourness in her voice was undeniable.

“So what if she’s his wife? Doesn’t Young Master Gu find her annoying?”

“Even if he does hate her, he can’t not bring her back home together, right?”

“I thought Young Master Gu would present that hairpin to you in front of Song Wuyou after he bid it down.”

“Don’t be silly.”

Song Jiuyue smiled wryly, “The entire M City knows Song Wuyou is his wife, and she is also present at the event. Young Master Gu won’t do something that stupid.”

“In short, in the fashion design competition this year, you must grab the first place.”


Unbeknown to all, the atmosphere inside the car, was a little awkward.

Song Wuyou was sitting in straight demure posture, perfect with both her hands folded and placed on her thighs.

Sitting in this posture for so long, doesn’t she feel tired?

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s mouth curved up in mockery, “Song Wuyou, is there a need to waste your effort pretending in front of me? What kind of person you are, don’t you think I know very well?”

“……………” Song Wuyou gave him a fleeting cold glance wordlessly.

She really doesn’t want to talk to him — she is in a very bad mood.



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