Chapter 32: Beat up her Cousin

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shizi (世子): means “heir son“, referring to the heir apparent of qinwang, basically son of the emperor’s brother.

qinwang: means a prince of first rank or a prince of blood




“I don’t know you very well, so there’s nothing to talk about!” Murong Xue said coldly, on her naturally beautiful face, she wore an icy gleam in her eyes.

Watching her forged a kind of desire in Du Chenjiang’s heart. He looked at her even more intently with his pervert beady eyes, taking in her full body and face.

“How can you say that? We’re cousins! You didn’t know me back then, but now you do!”

“Go away!” Murong Xue exclaimed, cutting his babbling and gave him an icy stare: The Du family consists of people who are either avaricious or lascivious. She didn’t even want to bother to waste her time talking to such people!

The passing pedestrians chuckled at the scene. Their silent snickering made Du Chenjiang flushed with embarrassment.

He glared at Murong Xue and said, “Murong Xue, I only feared that you were saddened by the fact that Prince Jing had demeaned you as his concubine so I came over to comfort you, don’t give me that rude attitude of yours…..”

When he was a guest at the Zhen Manor, he did accidentally meet Murong Xue. Her lovely face and petite figure left him with a lustful fervor. The only thing that stopped him was the fact that she was Prince Jing’s wife-to-be. He dared not make a move.

What he did not expect was that when Prince Jing returned, he turned Murong Xue into a concubine instead, without caring for her feelings. It was obvious that Prince Jing didn’t like her as much as he thought. Even if she has the position of Prince Jing’s concubine, Prince Jing wouldn’t mind if he had some kind of relationship with her…..

First time strolling around the city and I meet this prick. He completely fouled my mood and what was that terribly constructed excuse he just made, absolutely disgusting

Murong Xue increased the hostility of her stare, it was like an arrow directing at Du Chenjiang: “Shut up.”

Du Chenjiang felt the hairs on his body stood up: it’s so creepy that this stare is so compelling!

“Master!” his manservant blurted out while shaking his arm. He had seen Murong Xue’s frightful glare and thought: Why is the Zhen Manor princess’s stare so terrifying!

Du Chenjiang returned to his senses. His shame became the rage. How could he, a great man of nobility background, be scared of a weak girl’s glare? It was humiliating!

“Murong Xue, I was teasing you because I regarded you as an equal. Don’t you dare throw that obscene temperament at me….”

As he was speaking, that he stretched his hand to grab MuRong Xue.

She sensed it and dodged his hand. She then lifted her leg and swiftly kicked the lower part of his body forcefully.

Du Chenjiang was unprepared and was kicked in the groin. He backed away 2, 3 meters and fell with a heavy thump on the ground.  Clutching his abdomen, he shouted with pain: “Ahh…it hurts…!”

Murong Xue pulled back her leg and peered at him rolling on the ground in pain. She wore the same icy look on her face.

“Master!” Du Chenjiang’s manservant exclaimed as he regained his senses. He then quickly ran over to help him up.

Du Chenjiang, supported by his manservant, was holding his groin, his face pale with misery.

With his lips quivering and his eyes glaring at her, he said, “Murong Xue, just you wait! I will never let you off!”


Murong Xue kicked a stone and sent it flying towards him. It hit him squarely on the forehead, leaving a swell. It was all too much for Du Chenjiang to bear, he had tears in his eyes and he immediately fell silent. He could only furiously glare at her as his manservant carried him to the nearest medical clinic.

Finally, the nuisance is gone!

The corner of Murong Xue’s mouth tilted to reveal a smile and she turned to go on with her walk-


Only to crash into a human wall.

She was in pain and her tears rolled down uncontrollably.

She paced quickly backward and saw the culprit’s handsome face.

Frowning, she asked, “When did you get here?”

“Just now!” Ouyang Shaochen replied, staring down at her embarrassed face. His jet-black diamond eyes gleamed with a tinge of humor as he stepped forward, holding a handkerchief and tried to gently wipe away the tears on her face: He was already there when she met Du Chenjiang, seeing that he wasn’t her opponent and that she had taught him a lesson, he didn’t intervene.

When Murong Xue felt the tender touch of his hand, she regained her senses and realized that she was looking at Ouyang Shaochen’s face at a very close distance. Her eyes swept across nervously and grabbed the handkerchief: “Sorry for troubling you, your highness….Allow me to do it myself….did you follow me?”

Having the handkerchief snatched from him, his expression turned slightly downcast. He put down his hand and lightly shook his head: “No, I had some errands to attend to and coincidentally passed by here!”

Wiping away her tears, Murong Xue asked, “Where are you off to attend your errands?”

“Zhuque Street.” he said calmly.

Zhen Manor was at Changxing Street, Zhuque Street was just a street apart ….

“It’s already noon and I’m going to the restaurant to have my meal. If your royal highness has anything urgent to attend to then hurry on to Zhuque Street!” she replied, smiling sweetly and hurried towards Yueyang Restaurant: Even if he was really going to Zhuque Street to attend to errands or not, he couldn’t possibly be going to the same place as her now!

Ouyang Shaochen looked on as she ran ahead. He gazed at her, deep in puzzled thought: Why did she always try to avoid him as if he were scorpions or snakes?

In the dining hall of Yueyang Restaurant, the waiters balanced trays and shuttled back and forth. The place was filled with all kinds of delicious food smells that sent people drooling. The shopkeeper stood behind the counter, tick-tocking his abacus. He smiled as he saw the thick book of financial records.

“Are there still any private rooms left?” Murong Xue stood in front of the counter asking in a soft voice: The dining hall was already full, if she wanted to have her meal, she would have to book a private room.

I’m sorry Madam, our private rooms are fully occupied.” The shopkeeper replied her politely with a smile.

Murong Xue scowled slightly, there are no available seats in the dining hall and the private rooms are fully occupied, seems like she has to go somewhere else.

“Xue Er!” Ouyang Shaochen walked elegantly into the dining hall, the exquisite flower pattern on his clothing resonate his noble status.

The crowded dining hall had suddenly come into a silence. The people stared at him with admiration.

“Who is this young man? He looks extraordinarily handsome…”

“It seems like he is the shizi who just came back to the town, Ouyang Shaochen…”

“He is Ouyang shizi, he is indeed as impressive as he is reputed to be…”

Ouyang Shaochen ignored the discussion of the crowd and walked slowly toward Murong Xue.

Looking straight at him, Murong Xue asked, “Didn’t you go to the Zhuque Street to get your things done?”

“The person in charge is not in. I’ve booked a private room on the second floor to wait him. If you want to have your meal, you can come with me.” Ouyang Shaochen looked at her gently.

Murong Xue frowned a little. The dining hall is crowded with people, and the private rooms are fully occupied. If she rejects his offer, she will definitely have to wait for a long time.

Ouyang Shaochen has actually made a reservation for the private room earlier on, which means that he is not tracking her. Thinking that there is no harm to have a meal in the private room with him, she said “Thanks, shizi!”

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