Chapter 31 – Opportunity

By | January 11, 2017

After a short while the man has pretty much figured out what was going on and so he doesn’t look as mad anymore.
“Alright then Qin Ying. I know that you really care about your friends. That’s good. I’m not going to punish you for caring about your friends. Relax, you’re not in any trouble. Now get ready for the test.”

Everyone was shocked to hear that he’s not mad at Qin Ying.

Usually you would expect this man to be so mad right now that he would literally kill whoever broke the rules. This guy is famous for being super strict. How can she be an exception? Doesn’t make any sense.

Although Qin Ying is trying really hard to hide her excitement, her face tells it all.

She didn’t do all this for nothing. This guy remembers her name now! That’s exactly what she wants!
He just called her name!

Now everyone will remember her name! She’s gonna be famous as hell!
Plus she’s definitely going to pass the test today. So after today she will be in the best sect in the entire kingdom and everyone else will know her name. Her future is going to be so bright!

“Thank you!  I will for sure do my best on the test.” said Qin Ying, gratefully and respectfully.
Lu Jiuque is apparently amused by this.

Qin Ying is a master at manipulation. She broke the rules by picking up a fight with Lu, and now all of a sudden she’s the good kid?

All the fighting and cursing didn’t get her into any trouble, instead, they all make people remember her name, in a good way!

Lu honestly didn’t expect to run into something like this but at the same time she finds it funny, and pathetic.
The man nodded and turned to Lu Jiuque and Ye Hui, looking irritated. Then he asked,  “What about you two? Wanna apologize? She just did. Now’s your turn.”

Lu Jiuque sneered in an extremely disrespectful way and replied without even looking at him, “What do you want me to apologize for? I didn’t do nothing wrong. You know that.”

The crowd is absolutely terrified by what she said. Does she have any idea who she’s talking to? Does she have any idea how much trouble will she be in for saying that?

This obviously caught the man off guard and it took him a while to reply, “Whether you did anything wrong or not, you were fighting on test day. You broke the rules and that’s what you did wrong! Now I’m gonna ask you one more time. Are you going to apologize, or not?”

“So you are saying that on test days people can get away with picking up fights by faking an apology, and those who refuse to apologize because they were the victims will be punished for not apologizing?? We are the victims. We didn’t do anything wrong. She started it. So no. No apologies.”

For a second time, the crowd is terrified.

They have never seen something like this.

She gotta be in so much trouble now for saying all of that.

“You sure you don’t wanna apologize?”Just as everyone is guessing how much longer she’s gonna live, Lu smiled, “You know what? Here’s a way for me to apologize. Do you want to give me the opportunity to apologize?”

What is that supposed to mean?

“What opportunities?”

“Opportunity for me to sincerely apologize.”

“Sure. You want it, then you can get it.”
“Thank you.”

Moment later, Lu Jiuque bitch-slapped Qin Ying right on the face in front of everyone.


What in the sam hell did she just do?

She’s so dead.

Qin Ying stood up and stared at Lu. She’s raging.

But she knows she doesn’t need to fight back. Because for doing something like that in front of everyone, Lu’s already dead meat now.

Qin’s right. It can go unnoticed how mad the man is right now.

At first he thought Lu Jiuque was just some naughty kid. But now that he’s seen so much of what she could do, there’s no need for her to keep living.

Time to destroy her.

Just before he takes action, Lu said something, which instantly stopped him.

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