Chapter 31.2

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Chapter 31.2


  Master bit his lip but did not say anything.

  Seeing that he was silent, Ah Yao did not dare to continue the conversation. The living room was quiet for a little while. Master turned his head and looked at Ah Yao as he said: “You did not die, you know?”

  When Master stated this, he  had a particularly calm and indifferent tone. It was as if he were saying,’Today is Wednesday, you know?’

  But in Ah Yao’s mind, this sentence was as important as a court’s final ruling.

  Stunned and frozen in place for a while, Ah Yao slowly raised her head. Looking in the direction of  Master, she asked “If I did not die, why did I become like this?”

  Master turned his body to face Ah Yao, “You are a living person, and your situation is very different from other spirits. Although I do not know the reason why your soul left in the first place, but since you’re alive, you can return to your own body at any time.”

  Mo Zhen  frowned, standing aside without talking.

  Ah Yao stood still as she digested the master’s words. She watched as Mo Zhen turned to the Master and asked: “How can she  return to her own body?”

  ”This …” Master paused for a moment. After a brief silence he glanced at Mo Zhen before continuing, “the time has not yet arrived.”

  ”Timing?” Ah Yao looked at Master, blinking in confusion., “What is the right time? When will it come?”

  Master chuckle softly, his demeanour being completely that of a God, right down to the mysterious look in his eyes as he said, “That secret cannot be revealed.”

  Ah Yao thought: “…”

  Why did all Fortune Tellers like to say this sentence? If it can’t be revealed, then you do not say it ah!

  Ah Yao’s heart was uncomfortable, but Master had already long abandoned Ah Yao’s concerns  and instead talked about the people’s livelihood. “I heard that the steak in the Carlisle restaurant was delicious, and I have not eaten breakfast yet.”

  Mo: “…”

  What kind of plan was eating steak in the morning?! ! Was the restaurant even open at this hour?

  But his words reminded Ah Yao of something. Her eyes lit up as she turned to the master and said: “Master, I have a bowl of white porridge ah!” Last night the White Demon 2.0 porridge she’d prepared had not been touched by Mo Zhen. The porridge was stored in the fridge. She could quickly take it out and reheat it.

  Ah Yao did not wait for the master to make a response. The refrigerator door opened and closed with  small bounce, a small wok floated from the cupboard, and the gas suddenly ignited.

  Master raised his eyebrows, quite surprised as he glanced at Ah Yao moving around. , “What a hard-working little girl. No wonder Mo Zhen is so reluctant to let you go.”

  Mo: “…”

  Does he need to repeat it again? But this time Mo Zhen no longer cared about Master’s words. He believed that Ah Yao would only pay attention to the complimentary first half of Master’s sentence.

  ”Is that so? Is Zhen Zhen really reluctant to leave me?” Ah Yao moved to stand before Mo Zhen, cupping her face as she stared at him.

  Mo: “…”

  So much for only listening to the first part of it!

  Mo Zhen walked around Ah Yao and headed to the kitchen. After the porridge was heated, Mo Zhen did not wait for Ah Yao, but instead voluntarily grabbed two bowls from the cupboard and dug out a few small dishes, placing them onto the table.

  The master walked to the table. Glancing at the contents on the table, he nodded and said, “Surprisingly, it looks pretty good – though it would be better if the porridge was freshly cooked.”

  Ah Yao hung her head after hearing his words.Bowing down and staring at the floor, she said in a quiet voice: “It was originally made last night, but Zhen Zhen did not want to eat it.”

  That bitter and grieving expression made Mo Zhen seem as if he had a bad heart.

  But the most frightening thing was, even Mo Zhen himself thought so too.

  He pulled the chair out without a word, sat down and started to eat his porridge. At this point he just wanted to be a quiet beauty eating porridge peacefully, but he felt that Ah Yao was most certainly acting.

  As Master watched Mo Zhen’s actions, the corners of his mouth rose higher and higher. He pulled out a chair to sit beside Mo Zhen and quietly ate his porridge.

  Breakfast was a simple and quick meal. Before even 5 minutes had passed, Master’s bowl was  already empty..

  He wiped his mouth with a paper towel and stood up from his chair. “In order to thank you for making this bowl of porridge, I’ll give this bracelet to you as a gift.” He looked at the Ah Yao, speaking gracefully.

  He had just finished speaking when a bracelet suddenly appeared in his right hand. The material of the bracelet was unknown, and each bead had complicated patterns carved within, while the middle was decorated with two small bells. When Master moved his right hand, the two bells began to peal as they clinked together..

  ”Wow, Master is so powerful!” Ah Yao exclaimed as she watched, her eyes lit with amazement., “But how can this thing be worn on my wrist?” She did not have a body. tI was only because of Piao Piao’s magic method that she was even able to change clothes…

  ”This is very simple.” Master smiled, motioning for Ah Yao to give him her hand. Ah Yao obediently followed his instructions as Master slid the bracelet onto her wrist; when the bracelet was finally on, a white flash appeared as master slowly released his hand. The bracelet on Ah Yao’s wrist shook a few times, but it did not fall off.

  ”Wow!” Ah Yao excitedly shook her left hand, causing the two bells to tinkle softly, “Zhen Zhen look! It’s really on!”

  Mo Zhen glanced at Ah Yao’s hand and turned to the master to asked: “What is the use of this bracelet?”

  ”Her soul has been away from her body for too long, so the soul may be a little damaged now. This bracelet can help her keep the vitality and protect the spirit of the body. However,” Master paused, “Do not interact with any people today, or else it will affect the spiritual power of the bracelet.”

  ”Oh.” Ah Yao nodded her head understandingly, “How do I not interact with people though?”

  ”Have a good stay at home and you’ll be fine,” said the Master. Looking across at Mo Zhen, he said, “Let’s go eat steak now.”

  Mo: “…”

  Ah Yao: “…”

  Why did it feel as if Master was planning his next chess move?


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