Chapter 31.1

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The doors and windows of the houses in Kenisi Villas all had high quality soundproofing, but the voice of the knocker as if  it was being directly into one’s ear. The only way that it could be logically explained would be…This person probably had a very high internal force.

  Out of all the people Mo Zhen knew, the only person who would have such a high internal force, unfortunately… it was his master.

  But what did he just say? If Mo Zhen did not open the door, he would find a way to get in?

  Since he can come in on his own, why should he go down to open the door?

  Mo Zhen felt that his answer was quite reasonable, and  with his mind at peace, he laid back down and continued to sleep.

  The Master At the Door: “…”

  Ah Yao had lived in Mo Zhen’s home for a very long time, but it was the first time she had ever encountered someone other than Tang Qiang standing outside of the door. After wandering and drifting around the living for a couple laps, Ah Yao finally decided to go up to the second floor.

  ”Zhen Zhen Zhen Zhen, is it Master who came?!” Ah Yao lifted the quilt that was covering his figure abruptly, but what made it different from the past was that the weather had recently gotten very cold. Mo Zhen shivered as he was drowsily awakened from his sleep yet again.

  Putting the quilt back onto his body, Mo Zhen opened his eyes to glance at Ah Yao, “I know,. You help him open the door, I’ll immediately go down.”

  ”Me?” Ah Yao clasped her hands behind her back, and squirmed around, “It can’t be that Master is directly accepting me?”

  ”No, but if you do not open the door for him soon, I’m not sure what he will end up doing to it.”

  Ah Yao: “…”

  The wind breezed through as she disappeared quickly.

  Since Ah Yao was a ghost, when she encountered the obstacle of the door she usually directly magically went through it, so the process of opening a door was something that she had very little skill in.

  Carefully studying Mo Zhen’s door, Ah Yao nodded understandingly. “Open sesame!”

  The door opened.

  Master at the door: “…”

  He suddenly felt the wind blow strongly through the door, making his hair a little messy.

  When Ah Yao finally saw the person standing there, she was subconsciously frozen in place, stunned.

  She had not seen the Master before and did not know what Master had looked like in the slightest. But even if Master was not like the ones on TV with the long hair and fluttering robe/ fairy wind/bone dust and refined, he should not be….. The *Huanxing type?

(TN: Huanxing is a fashion brand, related to Happy Camp, it’s fashion targeted to youth and represents happiness., Xixi has lived in North America all of her life, therefore Chinese fashion, well… it’s a whole different world. Ocelot has a Huanxing tee shirt that reads ‘TEENAGE RIOT Huanxing, however, Ocelot is not a teen.)

  Wearing a wine red shirt with a grey tie, a black suit and a pair of black shiny leather shoes on his feet, with this elegant and aristocratic temperament, even if he were to immediately go to a high-society gathering, he would not appear to be out of place.    

Not to mention the intense half-squinting eyes beneath his black bangs …This guy could just simply strike the hearts of all the young ladies at the dance!

  Wait wait wait wait. This person was really Master? But he looked about the same age as Zhen Zhen!

  ”Are you satisfied with what you see?” The corners of Master’s mouth rose, his low magnetic voice was filled with a hint of amusement.

  Ah Yao: “…”

  Master, I think you’ve gone into the wrong studio.

  Wind replaced her as Ah Yao disappeared yet again.

  ”Zhen Zhen Zhen, the person at the door does not seem to be Master. He looks like a swindler!”

  Mo Zhen was pulling up his pants when Ah Yao broke into his room. After pausing for a second, he gently pulled up the zipper, “Then it should be Master, no doubt.”

  Ah Yao: “…”

  She looked at Mo Zhen who had just put on his pants and shamefully covered her face.

  She was only a little late, really it was too shameful.

  Mo Zhen simply washed for a bit and went to the first floor. Ah Yao drifted behind him, curious and wanting to ask about Master, “Zhen Zhen, what is Master’s name? He looks so handsome, why didn’t you tell me this sooner!”

  Mo: “…”

  ”Master, he is so young, how old is he?”

  Mo: “…”

  ”Master He …”

  ”Master, he did not come for a blind date with you,” Mo Zhen said before she could finish her question, “And he is my master, not your master. Do not carelessly yell that out loud.”

  Ah Yao: “…”

  Humph! Really stingy!

  When Ah Yao had finally gone downstairs with Mo Zhen, Master had already poured himself a cup of coffee and was currently sitting gracefully on the living room sofa.

  Mo Zhen’s mouth twitched as he stepped down from the final stair. “Master, you really do not treat it as if it’s someone else’s home.”

  Master picked up the white mug on the table and sipped a small mouthful of coffee. “You already know that wherever I go, everywhere is like home.”

  Mo: “…”

  ”But your little ghost girl is very cute, no wonder you can’t let go of her.”

  Master finished this sentence and the atmosphere in the living room soon fell into a strange silence.

  Mo Zhen’s face changed colour a few times. If he really did say that he didn’t want to let her go, wouldn’t it  seem as if he had the desire to hide her away?

  ”Teacher, Master, you are also very handsome~” Ah Yao shyly said.

  Mo: “…”

  So she was only concerned with the first half of his sentence!

  But speaking of Master’s appearance, he also looked like this when Mo Zhen had met him for the first time in grade 2.. Over the past few years, Mo Zhen’s grandmother had already passed away, but the master’s appearance did not even have the slightest change.

  He really was an a thousand year old monster.

  How was he handsome ah?!

  ”I am the master of Mo Zhen. My current name is Chang Xin.” Master said laughingly as he stood up from the couch and smiled at Ah Yao.

  Ah Yao immediately tensed and straightened up. Greeting him with a military salute, she introduced herself, “Master Hello! My name is Ah Yao!”

  Master raised his eyebrows as he turned to look at Mo Zhen, “Were you the one who gave her this name?”

  ”Uh… en.” Mo Zhen’s eyes flashed a bit and avoided Master’s stare.



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