Chapter 30.1

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Chapter 30.1


Master came back.

  Mo Zhen’s right hand clutched his stomach as his mouth moved bitterly. He suspected that this person had intentionally picked this day to make a special trip back.

  But maybe it was a good thing. He would no longer have to feel sorry for Ah Yao.

  Just as he was thinking about Ah Yao, Ah Yao’s voice floated near his ears, “Zhen Zhen, what’s wrong?! Your face is so pale ah!”

  The sudden sound shocked Mo Zhen. Suddenly, as if he were a plant that was uprooted from the ground, he quickly sprang up and closed the computer .

  Ah Yao: “…”

  It couldn’t be that he was just watching porn right? Her high level of curiosity only appeared when she went on Mo Zhen’s forum and smeared his reputation.

  Violently shutting the computer, Mo Zhen laid down once again on the sofa. But his stomach’s condition had worsened due to his nervousness.

  He did not know if Ah Yao had seen it.

  Thinking of this, Mo Zhen could not help but laugh mockingly. He had moved out of sheer instinct. Somewhere, subconsciously, he did not want Ah Yao to know who she was.

  But how to handle this? Master had promised to come back and find her identity, and she was going to have to go sooner or later…

  But he had not expected it to be so soon.

  ”Zhen Zhen, does your stomach hurt?” Ah Yao drifted into the air and bent over to look at Mo Zhen.

  Mo Zhen’s forehead exuded a fine layer of sweat due to the severe pain, but he still stubbornly pursed his lips and shut his eyes tightly.

  He does not want to see her now.

  Just the sound of her voice made his heart violently twist in pain; it was much more painful than his stomachache.

  When Mo Zhen did not speak, Ah Yao did not question it. She guessed that he was in too much pain to speak. The second drawer under the TV was opened and a box of medicine floated in the air to Mo Zhen. Ah Yao floated to the water dispenser and filled a cup with hot water. Bringing the cup of hot water to Mo Zhen’s side, Ah Yao spoke beside Mo Zhen’s ear… he could feel her breath tingling, “Zhen Zhen, sit up and take the medicine.”

  Mo Zhen’s brow moved as if he were struggling internally. When Ah Yao saw that he remained unmoving, she floated to his other side and spoke in his ear, “Zhen Zhen, you have to take the medicine to be cute!”

  Mo: “…”

  Even when I don’t take medicine, I’m still cute!

  Mo Zhen was speechless. Even at a time like this the conservation can still be easily driven off track by Ah Yao.

  Sitting up, Mo Zhen took the floating glass of water and medicine into his hands. He then lined up the tablets according to size and swallowed them.

  Beside him, Ah Yao sighed: what was more important – his OCD or dying?

  After he had swallowed the pills he laid down on the couch once again. It was only after  the pain had been reduced by half that he half-opened his eyes and stared at Ah Yao.

  He did not know when she had changed her clothes. Although it was still a dress, she had changed into a long-sleeved fall dress with a small jacket on the over it..

  ”What happened to your clothes?” Mo Zhen opened his mouth and asked in a low dumb voice.

  Ah Yao heard Mo Zhen’s question and excitedly turned around, “Does it look good? This is the latest from TOMATO magazine’s clothing line!”

  Mo: “…”

  It seems that even death could not stop a woman’s vanity..

  Ah Yao, however, was still immersed in her new clothes, “Piao Piao is really so powerful! This is what she taught me today, so now I don’t have to worry about changing clothes!”


  Mo Zhen silently stood up from the sofa, preparing to go upstairs and sleep. Ah Yao followed him from behind, drifting up the stairs until Mo Zhen stopped and glanced at her.

  ”What’s the matter?” Ah Yao said as she looked at Mo Zhen’s back, continuing to float in place..

  ”My master is back, and I will make some time for you guys to meet,” Mo Zhen said as he stood still for a moment.

  After Mo Zhen said this, he did not look back at her and walked directly up to the second floor.    Ah Yao floated near the entrance of the stairs aimlessly. His master had come back? Would she soon be able to remember who she is?

  But why did she not feel happy at all?

  The sound of Mo Zhen closing his door made Ah Yao glance up at the second floor. When she saw the door of the bedroom shut, she turned around and drifted back to the living room to sleep.

  Perhaps it was the stomach pain, or maybe because of Ah Yao, but Mo Zhen did not sleep well that night. Although his physical and mental condition were terrible, he still had to get up early to go to the studio.

  As usual, Ah Yao floated behind Mo Zhen, intending to follow him to the studio. She had not stepped a foot outside the door when a cold voice sounded in the air, “You cannot come to the studio with me.”


  Ah Yao opened her mouth in protest, but when she saw Mo Zhen looking coldly at her, only a quiet “oh” came out of her mouth.

  ” Master will come over soon and you should not run around.”


  When Mo Zhen closed the door and drove out of Kenisini Villa, he felt a little relieved.   

 As long as Ah Yao was by his side, he always felt a breathless feeling.

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