Chapter 3

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I don’t even know how I will react if I am in Jian Wei’s shoes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Chapter 3

The phone in Jian Wei’s hand slipped to the ground.

She bent down to find her phone on the dark carpet which covered the floor of the car. As she found the phone and was about to sit back again, she heard Jiang Yi say, “Ah, yes it is.”

Without hesitation, she pressed the hang up button and that annoying sound finally stopped.

The car was driving on a  suburban road with only mountains and trees visible on either side. In the darkness of  night, the car looked like a shadow.

Jian Wei’s head was leaning against the window; she was strongly resisting the impulse to open the door and jump out of the car.

Oh my god! Oh my god! He actually heard!

Such foolish behavior! Getting caught red-handed, she just really wanted to die!

She was a little bit shy and anxious, as well as angry at herself and her little companions who had fiddled with the ringtones….

From her peripheral view, she could see that Jiang Yi was sitting in silence as if lost in thought.

If Jian Wei had to guess, perhaps Male God was thinking of how to reveal the origin of this matter from the past in a way that wouldn’t leave her too embarrassed?

Or, perhaps Male God was preparing to change the topic……

Jiang Yi: “How did you get this? I don’t remember recording this kind of thing.”

Jian Wei:  “…”

Not getting an answer, Jiang Yi looked at her deeply, “Ah?”

That  faint nasal sound was so… sexy.

Jian Wei couldn’t stop her mouth from automatically opening to answer the question, “That is, your lines in different TV series…I cut them, and spliced them together, along with the bgm …”

“It sounds very troublesome. Did you do it yourself?”

“Ah…” In fact, she actually belonged to a large circle of fans. Things like making ringtones, creating videos, taking photos… it’s not difficult at all.

Jiang Yi thought for a moment as his lips hooked up into a smile, “You are quite determined.”

“…” I wanted to jump!

Lin Hao and the driver pretended nothing had happened. Originally they had been concerned about them; however, listening to this, they couldn’t help but laugh!

The three big men laughed, their laughter echoing inside the car. Jian Wei was sitting there feeling extreme embarrassment, but gradually she was able to calm down.

His eyes were so beautiful. They held a touch of smile, as gentle as  a ripple of water. It seems that today she was able make him laugh without any restraint.

Her heart beating like a drum, Jian Wei took a deep breath and forced herself to smile slightly. There was no use being embarrassed. She had already prepared a few words to say, although she originally thought that she would s only be able to meet him in the next few days. Since she accidentally met him like this, she must not miss this rare opportunity.

“Jiang Yi…”

The girl’s trembling voice grabbed Jiang Yi’s attention. Slightly surprised, he looked up to see to that her bright eyes were flashing……. resolution?

“In fact, I have always liked you, liked you for so many years… When you participated in the competition, I always went home every week to watch you sing live. Every song you sang, I would also sing….. I also have a special notebook that I use to remember the music score. I even learned the keyboard. Every time I played, I imagined myself accompanying your singing…

“Although now you no longer sing, your acting is also very good. No matter what you, I’ll always support you. A Yi, as long as you’re happy…”

Really hope you’re happy.

A teenage girl holding a pillow while squatting in front of the TV, watching the radiance of the man on the stage.

School life was boring, with endless textbooks and exercises. He seems to be the only light, suddenly appearing in her life, illuminating her lackluster youth…

Jian Wei’s eyes were wide open. When something slipped from them, she was stunned to discover that she had cried.

She was shocked, never expecting that she would cry. Her face became red again, “… No, no, this is a mistake; I did not intend to cry……”

Jian Wei didn’t dare to see Jiang Yi’s reaction. She rushed to rub her tears, but clumsily poked herself in the eye, causing painful tears.

From opposite came a soft sigh, as if emotionally moved, touched with a little sorrow.

Her line of sight was a little fuzzy; she thought she saw Jiang Yi smile at her, not just casually, but with a trace of  seriousness.

“Well, thank you. Because you appeared, I am very happy today.”

Resembling a quietly-blossoming flower, she felt like  her 13-year-old self again, feeling contentment from his deep, sighing voice.

No one spoke.. Jian Wei knew that the two people in front were having their own observation, but she was too busy to think about it. Lai Xiao Shuang soon called her again. She quickly picked up and whispered her situation.

An hour later, after successfully getting rid of the paparazzi, the car stopped at a junction. Lin Hao said, “Your friend is coming, right? Go the front of Kentucky Fried Chicken and sit there to wait. A little girl can’t stand on the roadside at night, it’s not safe.”

Jian Wei nodded and jumped out, reaching  to get her luggage.

But another hand stretched over first.

A man’s fingers, thin and strong, were holding the pink handle… pulling people into a daydream.

Jiang Yi effortlessly carried the luggage and put it in front of her.

Two people stood at the door of the car in the heat of the summer night. She stared down at the ground as she said, “Then, I’ll go first. You should quickly get inside, you can’t be seen…..”

“Don’t you want to take a picture?”

Jian Wei looked up, astonished. She was confused over whether or not to get a signature or something, but because she was too shy, she did not dare ask him.

Did not expect that he would actually take the initiative…

Thinking that she looked a little blank, Jiang Yi unhurriedly added, “Perhaps, you already have a lot of them. Casually splicing me and Zhou Peipei’s photo together is also possible.”

“What a joke!” Jian Wei quickly interrupted. She grabbed his arm, seemingly afraid that he would have second thoughts, “Zhou Peipei is a fake, how could that count?!”


As she sat down inside the KFC, Jian Wei wanted to slap herself. She actually said that Zhou Peipei was a fake. What’s wrong with her?!

It was almost 11 pm, and there was no one at the KFC. Having donned  the mask again, she chose the most unobtrusive position and took out her phone to enjoy the photo.

Late at night, there was no one else on the street. With the warm yellow light from the car serving as the background, they stood together. Lin Hao had originally wanted to help them shoot, but who knew that the girl had already posed and aimed the phone at Jiang Yi and herself. Because Jiang Yi was too tall, she couldn’t find the right angle. She was so anxious that her forehead started sweating. Finally, Jiang Yi took the phone and raised his right hand, his left arm loosely wrapped around her as he said, “Smile.”

When the “Ka cha” sound was heard, she was glad that she did not blink.

Looking at the man on the screen, she felt that he was very sensible. And when he expressed his gratitude to her, it was exactly the same. Thinking about his gentlemanly demeanor, Jian Wei felt that it was very sweet, but later she also felt a sense of loss.

When he mistakenly thought that she was Zhou Peipei, although he ignored her, he was talking naturally and casually as if in front of acquaintances. When he learned that the girl in front of him was his own loyal fan, he put on another persona. He was kind and gentle, but it was as if they were separated by a glass, separated by a distance.

Fingers touching the screen, Jian Wei suddenly had a thought.

They didn’t belong to the same world.

As a star chaser, she should have been aware of this; she never had delusions about who he was. But perhaps because of the personal experience tonight, with both Zhou Peipei’s and Jian Wei’s identity, she had an unprecedented profound feeling.

Even if she loved him, dedicating her youth to him, she was still a stranger in his world.

The air-conditioning inside the store was blowing on her neck, giving her chills.

She mocked herself. The Male God was considerate to his own fan; obviously it was a blessing. She didn’t need to be so overly sensitive!

She laid her head on the table, her cheek atop of the cool plastic table, looking at the outside through the window. She could see neon lights in the distance. The street in front of her was empty, his car had been  gone for a long time now.

If it were not for the picture, she would have doubted whether it had really happened.

A taxi came into her sight. The door opened and tall girl wearing a high horsetail came out. She was holding her cell phone to her ear while looking around. At the same time, Jian Wei’s phone vibrated – after the debacle just now, she had put it on silent mode.

She pressed the answer button and patted the window, “Xiao Shuang, I’m on the right in front of you, do you see me?”

This was Jian Wei and Lai Xiao Shuang’s reunion after a long while, so they gave each other a bear hug. They were childhood friends from Chengdu and had lived in the same district. Unlike Jian Wei who was a bookworm, Lai Xiao Shuang did not enroll in university after graduating high school Instead she directly entered the working world, doing some behind-the-scenes work inside the entertainment circle. Although they only saw each other a few times a year, they’d enjoyed  a good relationship for years so they didn’t feel awkward at all.

The taxi was driving on a wide street. Although it was almost midnight, both sides of the road were still bright. Jian Wei enjoyed the familiar night view. She studied in Beijing, but because of summer vacation, she had left the city for almost a month.

Lai Xiao Shuang said: “Are you frightened? I heard that Zhou Peipei was spotted at the airport, causing an uproar. This formidable face of yours which genuinely looks like a big star’s, you really shouldn’t let people see  it.”

She thought Jian Wei would immediately bemoan her fate, just like two years ago. At that time, Zhou Peipei had just become a public figure and Jian Wei was mistakenly identified as her while she was on the street. When she told her about this, she had complained for a quite some time.

Jian Wei didn’t know what to say, and face actually became a little bit red, “Well, okay, it’s okay. I suddenly felt that looking like this, it’s not really that bad…..”

Lai Xiao Shuang stared at her and thought that something was wrong.

Having a face that was that similar to a celebrity’s, although at first it might be flattering, eventually when it became a serious disturbance to daily life most people would feel tired of it. Jian Wei was especially disturbed by it.

Having a bit of a  guilty conscience, Jian Wei avoided Lai Xiao Shuang’s gaze.

She didn’t want to tell Lai Xiao Shuang that she’d encountered Jiang Yi. She only said that in order to avoid Zhou Peipei’s fans, she took a taxi to escape. Subconsciously, she felt that that little journey was a gift to her, so she didn’t want to share it with anyone else before she had fully relished its sweetness.

Lai Xiao Shuang suddenly laughed, “You can say this now, but tomorrow when you are going to meet the crew, do you know how much trouble it will be? It will be impossible to remove this mask.”

Jian Wei: “You are so intimidated. Are you afraid that I will go back and not help you?”

“Only if you’re willing.” Lai Xiao Shuang shook her cell phone. “The latest news from the crew is that Male God Jiang has just arrived in Beijing. Tomorrow he will join the crew for the make-up test. Excited? You and he now shared the same sky.”

Recently, Lai Xiao Shuang was working as an  artist assistant on the modern-day drama ‘If There Is No Love’.

Jian Wei, due to her request, gave up her summer vacation and traveled a thousand miles to help this busy person. Tomorrow, she would accompany her to join the crew.

And the artists playing the female and male leads of this drama are, respectively, Zhou Peipei and Jiang Yi.


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