Chapter 3: Setting the offering (Part 1)

By | December 20, 2016

Liu Xiuli tried to shed back her bloody tears. She told me that she wanted to say goodbye, so I need to remove my amulet. I hesitated at first but when I saw Liu Xiuli tears my heart got soften and I immediately took it off.

When I took off the amulet, Liu Xiuli suddenly jumps toward me and grabbed my neck. I can feel her nails being embedded in my flesh.

“Lili, Lili?! ” I struggled hard wanting to break free from her, but her strength is surprisingly strong and I fainted.


“One comb for me, two combs for the white beauty together with the red wedding dress for agreement, which is good for the Spring Night.”

I do not know why, but my ears heard such a strange song and it’s getting louder.  I cannot help but blink and squint my eyes. And found that someone is actually leaning against my wooden bed. Why is that person wearing a red wedding dress?

How did this happen?

“My little lady, it’s too late, but since our yin wedding has already been set. I will protect you, for you will be my future wife.” A deep cold voice sounded, I couldn’t help but try to look back at him more.

I actually saw a man was lying in my bed with me, but because the light of the candle on the table was dim I couldn’t see his face.

However, I can clearly see that he is bald and there is a string of beads on his wrist. Is he a monk?

“Who? Who’s your wife?” My voice was slightly trembling.

“Naturally it’s you, your grandmother has arranged it. So in the future, you and I will be husband and wife.” He said it as he is coming down from my bed.

I got scared and scream.

And then I felt that someone was tightly holding my hands, my eyelashes trembled several times before I finally able to opened my eyes. I saw my grandmother clasping my hands.

“Grandma?” I weakly called her.

“Oh, Xiao Xi! you really woke up? Thank you, Master, thank you!” Grandma constantly muttering the word “Master”. It reminds me of the monk I saw in my dream.

My heart cannot help but sank: “Grandma, in my dream I saw a monk, he said that you set me up to marry him.”

This time, I really want to tell grandmother that it was just a dream. But grandmother actually nodded and said that she did arrange a wedding for me and offered me to the ghost.

“Grandma, are you crazy? I’m only thirteen years old! Wedding with a ghost? And what  kind of offering?.” I look at my grandmother and listen intently, I must have heard wrong.

Grandma sighed, she stretch out her arms and touch my neck. I suddenly felt the pain and remembered that Liu Xiuli had grabbed my neck.

“Remember, I told you to always wear the amulet. But why you didn’t listen? Your soul has already been taken and if grandmother didn’t offer you to Master to protect you, then you will be dead by now!” Grandmother looked at me with her reddish eyes and continue saying: “Xiao Xi, grandma has no other way to save you. You shouldn’t hate grandma.”

I shook my head, my mind is a mess, I don’t understand. Liu Xiuli is my best friend, so why when she died, she wants to harm me.

There must be a reason. Is it because grandmother didn’t help her? so she vented her anger on me? In the end, why it has to be my grandmother?

“Xiao Xi, don’t worry, until you become fully an adult, Master will not do anything to you.” Grandma gently stroked my hair, I cannot help but felt loved.

“Is that when I turn eighteen years old?” I worriedly ask.

Grandma’s eyes flashed a little, it seems she doesn’t want to answer my question. She then grabs the porridge above the table and fed me, she told me that she wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me.

I believe my grandmother’s words, as long as she promised something, she wouldn’t break it.

“Oh no! Oh no! Mother Mei, come with me.”

Grandma was feeding me with porridge when the crying voice of a woman came. She then put down the porridge and help me lie on the bed. And quickly went out of my room.

“What’s wrong?” Grandma’s voice came from the outside.

Although the person has a tearful voice and is trembling, but I can still hear it. It must be Liu Xuelian, Liu Xiuli’s mother.

“Mother Mei, do something quickly.” Liu Xuelian cried and beg grandmother.

“I told you to sprinkle the garlic and the black dog’s blood, did you do it?” Grandma’s voice was still calm.

“We sprinkled them, but last night because of the rain it got washed away, what should we do?” Liu Xuelian hasn’t finished her words when I heard grandma’s scolding: “Washed away? then you didn’t sprinkle inside the room? I explained those things to your husband before.”

“Oh, these past few days, his spirit was low, so he may have forgotten. But still, please come with me.” Liu Xuelian pleaded.

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