Chapter 3 – Lord of Shenzi is actually the Demon!

By | November 9, 2016

“Who is it?!”

Lu Jiuque turned around and looked which made her fractured bones hurt even more,leaving her grinning.

“hmm. So ugly.”

The innocent sound came again, yet filled with evil.

“…damn.” Such an impolite kid.

“Louyi, why are you still alive?”


Was he referring to her?

Lu Jiuque looked toward where the sound came from, then terrified with what she saw.

Is that an angel or something she’s looking at?

Dressed in white, the silver haired fine young man was standing right on top of the pile of dead bodies, his body glowing sacredly which contrasts sharply with all the death below him.

His long hair runs all the way down like silk, framing his perfectly good looking face.

The kind of sacred beauty does not belong to mundane world…Is she dreaming? But why does this guy look…so familiar?

He doesn’t belong in her memories…but in her new body’s memories…
Wait a second!

Isn’t he the Lord of Shenzi?

Right upon saying out loud his real identity Lu Jiuque noticed his tremble, which terrified her even though she’s dealt with death her entire life.

She then felt something grabbing her by her throat tightly, making her eyes wide open looking right at his eyes.

Those eyes are deep, obscure, and cold.

From his eyes she sensed eternal death

“Oh well…Look what we got here? Ms Lu, how come you recognize me? This is like my secret.”

Young man gazed upon her creepily, giving her goose bumps.

Lu immediately regretted recognizing him. She should have pretended not knowing who he is.
It’s either a prey like her, or the predator of this place that can be here at this moment.

This little kid dressed up all white and clean. He’s definitely not the Lord of Shenzi.

This is obviously the Demon himself!

Was she stupid or something?

What’s really scary is…How does he know her last name?

“You can probably tell by now. This is where I eat. The living can’t be in here.But you are still alive and you are contaminating this place.”

This young boy has that unique soft voice that attracts people, which at this moment makes Lu feel threatened.

“Well…I mean…Actually…I didn’t mean to be here. I got framed…How about I leave right now?”

“Leave? Then what if you expose my secrets to people after you leave? I should probably just kill you here.”

“…No! I won’t tell anyone! I swear! Look at my genuine eyes!”

Lu Jiuque blinked her eyes to the Demon, trying to please him.

Damn, this guy’s skin is so good there’s not even any pores on it!

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