Chapter 3 – The Divine Child Is the King of Demons

By | May 21, 2017

“Who is it?”

Lu Jiuche is frightened and she immediately turns her head, but in doing so, she twists her wounds, causing her a stabbing pain.

“Ah, how ugly.”

That’s cute but malevolent voice is still resounding.

This child is really rude.

“Hey, you ant, are you still alive?”

An ant? Her?

Jiuche turns her gaze following the voice, and she believes she has seen an angel…

The young boy standing on the corpse-covered hill is dressed in white, he has silvery eyes and hair, and he looks as pristine as the clear water of a new-born creek. That produces a stark contrast with all the dead bodies below his feet.

His long hair flow down like a roll of silk, caressing a face as refined as a work of art.

On his face as white as  porcelain, his bright eyes are brimming with narcissism. He is so charming that when he blinks, his eyelashes seem like falling stars.

That extraordinary beauty belongs to someone she knows; or rather, that the former owner of her body knew.

He’s the Divine Child!

“Is that you, Divine Child?”

As soon as Jiuche says his name, it is immediately obvious that the boy’s mind has changed, and he now means harm to her.

Suddenly she feels as if something had grabbed her throat, forcing her to look into the child’s eyes.

They are cold, deep, dark, where no light can penetrate.

Inside those eyes, she gets a glimpse of the final death.

“What should we do now, miss Lu? You recognized me, you have uncovered my secret.”

As he speaks his eyes are investigating the girl, sending chills down Jiuche’s spine.

She wishes she hadn’t recognized him.

Only two people could have been there at that given time: dead corpses, and the owner of that mass grave!

He should be called anything but the “Divine Child”! He is the King of Demons!

And – the most frightening thing of all – how comes he knows she is called Lu?

“As you can see, this is where I feed. No living soul can enter here, yet you are still alive, and you tainted the purity of this place.”

The boy’s voice is clear and charming, it sounds harmless, but it is deeply worrying Jiuche.

“Uhm… sir King of Demons… you kindest of heroes… I was trapped, would you please let me go?”

“You think you can leave? And if you revealed my secret, what would I do then? I’d be better off just killing you.”

Jiuche is blinking, doing her best to look naive. She’s silently mumbling about how perfect that child’s skin is: even from so close, she cannot spot any pores.

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