Chapter 3 – Demotion of Wife to Concubine

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The Emperor gave a meaningful look, his sharp gaze travelled over Ye Yichen and fell onto Murong Xue, “The marriage agreement between Prince Jing and you was agreed upon by your parents and not by issue of my edict. It will be against reason for me to issue an order to annul the marriage agreement. You had better ask the elders in both families in order to annul the engagement.”

The Emperor does not wish to meddle in the family matters of his courtiers!

Murong Xue narrowed her eyes. She has an idea of how to convince the elders in the Marquis household to agree to break off the engagement but Ye Yichen’s direct elders are a thousand miles away on their fief. The large Prince Jing household only has Ye Yichen as the master. If he conceals this and does not invite his elders to the Capital, who knows till when shall this engagement drag on before it can be broken off…

As though he saw through her worries, the Emperor calmly said, “I will immediately send a letter to old Prince Jing, and invite him to come to the Capital with haste!”

“Thank you so much, your Majesty!” Murong Xue’s anxiety immediately left her.  If the Emperor personally summoned old Prince Jing into the Capital, no matter how audacious Ye Yichen was, he wouldn’t dare to sabotage. She only needed to wait patiently, once old Prince Jing arrived, the negotiations to annul the engagement could start.

Eyeing her upturned lips and the faint happiness that she was unable to conceal, a dark shadow loomed beneath Ye Yichen’s eyes. She is this happy for breaking off the engagement with him, huh?

“The feast has ended!” The Emperor’s sharp eyes scanned though the varied expressions of his courtiers, got up and walked down the golden throne.

“To the Emperor!” The court officials kneeled to respectfully send off the Emperor.

Seeing the Emperor’s bright yellow silhouette disappear outside the great hall, Murong Xue stood up and with everyone’s eyes on her, she calmly waltzed towards the door, without even casting a glance at Ye Yichen.

Looking at her determined posture, Ye Yichen narrowed his sharp eyes. Three years later, Murong Xue was no longer that weak-bodied, shy-smiling, carefully-ingratiating Murong Xue anymore…

“Your Highness, you and Murong Xue’s engagement definitely cannot be annulled!” Advisor Xu Tianyou quickly walked to Ye Yichen’s side and quietly reminded him, his eyes flashing with severity that only they could understand.

“I am aware!” Ye Chenyi looked away, the black of his eyes deep, “Go to Prince Jing Mansion. Tell Seneschal Wang to represent me and present the bride price to the Marquis’ Household. I want to marry Murong Xue as concubine in three days!”

“Yes, sir.” Xu Tianyou nodded and strode out of the great hall.

Ye Yichen looked towards the direction Murong Xue had disappeared to with deep eyes. He is Prince Jing – that who holds the reins of the military. On the other hand, Murong Xue is a weak girl with a serious illness and without any remarkable talents. By allowing her to be his concubine he is already complementing her. He has already promised the position of first wife to Yuyuan; Murong Xue had better not meddle in it for even a bit!

Murong Xue had no idea what Ye Yichen was thinking. After leaving the palace, escorted by her maid, she sat onto the Marquis Household’s carriage.
The carriage was made of incense wood. Inside the carriage, there was a wardrobe, a marble table with a pot of tea on it, a chess set, a bookshelf and many other furnishings readily available, like a mini-bedroom. The implements on the table were very delicate; every one of them priceless items. In the corner, a purple-gold stove was lit with expensive orchid perfume. The understated luxury made Murong Xue look down.

She remembered that she had agreed to her best friend’s, Ning Qinqin’s, invitation to go on a holiday to Hawaii. Unfortunately, the private jet had met with a strong storm mid-journey. So strong that even the experienced pilot could not avoid, even though he had tried his very best. The new model was torn to pieces by the storm and her body would have definitely been destroyed till nothing was left.

In the sudden darkness that overcame her, she thought that she was a goner. She did not expect that when she opened her eyes again, she would have been reborn. And actually reborn into such an ancient world. How unbelievable!

“Eh, isn’t that the page boy Shuangxi?” A young girl’s uncertain question travelled to her ears. Murong Xue looked up and saw a young boy of about 14-15 years, standing at the door of a mansion, his young face gloomy. He was, without a doubt, Shuangxi.

Murong Xue’s eyes flashed, and gently said, “Stop the carriage!” After the carriage was steady, she was helped out of the carriage by her maid, then slowly walked towards the young boy.

Sensing someone nearing, the boy quickly turned around and came face to face with Murong Xue’s beautiful features. His eyes were widened and he was stunned, then he stammered, “Young… Young Mistress!” What was she doing here?

Murong Xue hummed in answer and asked, “The Young Master is inside?” Shuangxi was her twin brother Murong Ye’s personal servant. If Shuangxi was here, then Murong Ye would definitely be too.

“Heh heh…” Shuangxi laughed unnaturally, eyes flashing. “Wel… Well…”

Watching him hawing and humming, unable to explain himself, Murong Xue raised her eyebrows and walked past him into the big courtyard. In the original person’s memory, Murong Ye was a rich playboy that only knew how to enjoy himself, often forgetting the time; it was not uncommon for him to stay out all night. In a month, he would spend over twenty days outside. How rare to run into him! Of course she had to go and see him.

Walking through the large doors, Murong Xue saw dozens of metal cages on the side of the vast training field. In the cages were black, white, and grey dogs. In the middle of the field, a round-shaped area of about 20 square meters was encircled with a red fence, and within it were a black hound and a grey large hound fighting.
The hounds had cuts all over their bodies; their flesh turning outwards. Red blood coated their fur with large patches here and there; their muscular bodies bloody; but they seemed not to notice, they were still entangled with each other, wildly biting and scratching.

A young boy in green was standing outside of the fence staring fixedly at the fighting dogs, shouting excitedly, “Bite, bite, bite harder… General Black, bite it to death, bite it to death…”

“Snap!” As though the black dog had understood him, it savagely bit onto the grey dog’s neck until the grey dog breathed its last breath.

The young-boy-in-green looked at the broken carcass of the grey and laughed out loud, “Murong Ye, you have lost again. Hahaha… after half a day of fighting dogs, every dog that you had bought died. I really don’t know what to say about your taste in picking things!”

Murong Ye’s handsome face turned slightly black and said unconcedingly, “You’ve only won a few rounds in a row, what is there to brag about? I will immediately buy a ferocious one and completely destroy yours.”

“You have said the same thing for over a dozen times; so much that my ears are going to fall off. Yet I have not seen you win a single round.” The young-boy-in-green’s lips curled contemptuously as his finger quickly moved through the wad of bills that he had won.

His sore spot touched on, Murong Ye reddened and fiercely said, “I was careless previously. That’s why I kept losing. This time I will be more careful and I will definitely beat you. Shuangxi, bring me the money, I wish to choose a dog.”

Shuangxi kneaded the flat purse and walked up with a sour face, “Young Master, we don’t have any more money.”

Murong Ye frowned, “Didn’t I ask you to bring five-six thousand silver taels? Why has it finished so quickly?”

Shuangxi laughed bitterly, “Young Master, you bought four dogs, each costing 500 taels. In addition, each stake was a thousand taels…”

“Alright, alright, you can stop detailing the accounts. Hurry and go home to draw more money!” Murong Ye interrupted Shuangxi irritably. Since Xu Tianan dared to laugh at his lack of taste, he will splash more money to buy a few more fierce dogs and make him lose every penny. Let’s see how arrogant he will be then!

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