Chapter 3 – Charged

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Yun-Ye could not believe while checking his surrounding, all the wild beasts were blurred the vision by the black mist, but he himself did not need any power or light to see his surroundings clearly.

The ice snake was torn down in half, being thrown aside while the other snake that almost ends Yun-Ye’s life was staggered, seems it would not have any chance to live on.

“What situation is this?”

Yun-Ye felt his vision had changed that he could see clearly. His wound also disappeared, feeling a strange energy flowing around.

His right arms gently swung, his whole body flew towards really fast, he can be leaped on in the very high distance, and he felt his body became very light. He can listen to every detail sounds in miles afar.

Yun-Ye feeling unbelievable by this new power. He punches a hole through an old tree beside him. This power is sure ten times stronger.

Yun-Ye stopped and still dumbfounded, he turned around and destroyed one more tree. He cut it into the half.

“How did this happen? What in the world?”

Yun-Ye just standing there at the field staring into both fist, his eyes displayed unbelievable stares.

He tried to recall what happened before, he remembered clearly he was attacked by two snakes. In near death situation, the skies appeared a black and white light and it dropped into his body. He cannot remember next.

“Is this true that black and white light had changed my body?”. Yun-Ye took a deep breath, feeling the difference of his inner body. He only felt the flowing energy, he did not feel anything strange.

“Perhaps the Gods felt me so they granted me new power and let me change my life?”

Yun-Ye felt his body pass through the mist, he flew forward.


Outside the door, Dao Lie-Liu just laughing coldly at a bunch of young men.

“Do you understand my words? Joining as new disciple need to pass me spirit stones seven parts, after six months if you did good you only need to pass me five more parts. A year after that if you can satisfy me then I will make the deal. If you cannot play by the rules, you can just move to the tower of spirit beasts.”

“Yes.” Hearing the crowds were being pushed by Dao Lie-Liu, not only rage, but also they were frightened enough.

“Alright.” Dao Lie-Liu satisfied.

Among the crowd, there was one young man staring at Dao Lie-Liu with rage.

“Ay, Mo-Chen? You got a problem?” Dao Lie-Liu just laughs, glaring with cold eyes.

“You want us to give you the spirit stones that is one forbidden action.” A thin man full of rage spoke calmly.

“Forbidden you say? Then you go find my master and talk to him about this.” Dao Lie-Liu just laughs loudly and said: “A new disciple just joined in and made trouble for his master, try to visit the tower of evil beasts for months.”

The two disciples that guarding Dao Lie-Liu with a cold face also rushing to Mo-Chen.

The crowd began to question themselves, what is the tower of evil beasts?

Mo-Chen’s face went white, his eyes shot strong energy but he just kept calm.

“Dao Lie-Liu, you think you can keep living like this?”

At this moment, a cool raspy like a voice from afar came.

“Hm?” Dao Lie-Liu turned his head, his eyes full of blue light : “Oh it was you, you ran for three days, even you pick the wrong herb in the mountains, and you still dare appear before me. But you came on the right time, I must throw you into the tower of the evil beasts!”

Three days? Did I lose for three days? So the black and white rays made him passed out for three days.

Yun-Ye took steps approaching, those power not only changed his body but also changed the aura like those golden warriors before.

Those two disciples of Dao Lie-Liu’s rushed fiercely to Yun-Ye.

Yun-Ye just laughs coldly, his body overflowed with the energy.

He attacked the two men, fell down with blood flowing on the ground.

No one expected that. In these years, no one dares to oppose Dao Lie-Liu for real.

Dao Lie-Liu did not believe this, with that amount of power, he felt huge pressure.

Yun-Ye glared at him with icy cold eyes, he turned his head to Mo-Chen, said : “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am. Thank you.” Mo-Chen shook this head, he looked a little shy.

“It’s good to hear, please step aside, there are old debts I need Dao Lie-Liu to pay to me,” Yun-Ye said.

“Sure!” Mo-Chen looked happy, said : “Brother Yun-Ye you need to watch yourself.”

Dao Lie-Liu’s face darkened.

“Yun-Ye, I warned you the rules in here were not made by me only. The spirit stones were too much for me alone to eat. You should know there are other masters above me.”

Yun-Ye of course, he knew what Dao Lie-Liu meant.

But he decided to do this, how can he regret it now.

Yun-Ye just took a deep breath and ran forward.

One step leaped, he felt ridiculous to have the power like those black and white shadows’ aura.

It was hard to describe in words.

Dao Lie-Liu eyes went more cold. He casted his spell.

“Yun-Ye, you ran away for three days, and today you have caused so many troubles, wounded my disciples, I will kill you.” His voice could be reached by the crowds.

“Yun-Ye why are you doing this, you’re rushing.”

“It was because of him, toying us disciples like slaves.”

“Brother Ye, be careful.” Mo-Chen took a deep breath.

“Thank you, Mo-Chen.” He patted Mo-Chen’s head.

“I give you a chance, lay your hand on me first.” Dao Lie-Liu readied his stance.

Yun-Ye just calmly looked at him, “I’ll grant you since you want to face your death now.”

Suddenly, he threw a kicked that cannot be dodged.


Dao Lie-Liu split his legs, one arm guarding him.

“Cracking fist!”

The cracking fist was one of the Tian Jian faction techniques, though it was a low leveled, for new disciples, they would not stand such heavy attack.

“Roar of the tiger!”

Yun-Ye had never learned any low leveled fighting skills, this roar of the tiger was a basic fighting skill. Nothing special, it was just using force to face the fight, an eye for an eye.


One punch followed strongly with another, but only one shadow to be seen, flying to the ground, hit the stone near the front door and fell.

At the crowd, Yun-Ye just stood quietly, looking down coldly to Dao Lie-Liu fell onto the ground.

The crowds stood silent, no one expects that to be true.

Dao Lie-Liu’s mouth bleeding, he kept on crawling but had no strength. Until then, he still did not believe that moment he was flying off the ground.

It could not be, this would not happen. This must be some sort of hallucination, it must be!


Dao Lie-Liu slapped his face.

He finally believed that this was all reality. He was thrown by Yun-Ye off the ground.

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