Chapter 29 – Tough guy

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Lu smiled and answered, “Sure thing. Don’t worry.. Alright, I’m going to go take the test now. Have some rest.”

“What time is it? Hold on, let me cook you some breakfast first.”said Auntie.

“No no no, it’s ok. Just get some more rest. They have free breakfast at the test center.”

“You sure?”


Auntie’s too tired to insist. Therefore, she fell asleep again.

Lu went out and bought some breakfast for Auntie, and then head to the test center.
While on her way there, Lu started to feel the strong desire.

The desire to get in Tianyan Sect.

She gotta get in.

The test center is located right in the middle of the City of Yuyue, inside a shopping mall. The whole place is packed up with people, with only the cage in the middle left open. The cage is for cage fighting.

Surrounding the cage are rows and rows of bleachers.

The top floor of the bleachers has only one seat, which is hand-crafted out of white jade.

That seat right there must be reserved for someone really special.


Isn’t that seat reserved for the Apostle? Like, the ACTUAL Apostle? Not a fake one like her?

So does that mean..there’s gonna be an actual apostle is coming here?

But.. If he does come, she lies about her being an apostle would be exposed, wouldn’t they?

Lu asked someone, “hey..Who’s that seat for? Is it reserved for the Apostle? Is he gonna here today?”

The person apparently didn’t recognize who she is as he answered, “You do realize that it’s the Apostle, right? You poor little thing. That seat is only there for decoration purposes. You won’t get to actually meet the Apostle.”


Great. As long as the real apostle doesn’t come.


The person said, “What are you standing here for? Are you taking the test? I don’t think so. Get out of the line.”

Lu didn’t mind how rude he was. She found Ye Hui at the other line looking for something, or someone.  So she walked to him.

The person saw Lu walking up to Ye’s line and instantly felt roasted. That line is for the Kingdom of Qingyan. She dressed so poorly..How can she be from The Kingdom of Qingyan?
Never judge a person by the look…
“Ye Hui! What are you looking for?”

Her calling apparently caught him off guard. And if you look closely you would notice how his face instantly turned red as he discovered her presence.

“I was..I was actually.. I was not looking for you… I was just…Looking around.”

“Yeah, right. So you were looking for me. What for though?”


“Ye Hui! Stay away from that dirty ass bitch. Do you forget how you guys got poisoned yesterday?” shouted a young lady walking up to them.

She looked special. She’s like the type of person that you will never forget once you see her.
She’s one of the smartest kids along with Shao Qingrou in the entire Qingyan Kingdom. Her name is Qin Ying.
She was already a level 9 student at 16 years of age.

In other words, one more step and she will be licensed to practice the Power of Xinghun. She’s simply beyond reach for most people.
Even the best sects are paying close attention to her, hoping to recruit her.
But she’s not only smart, she’s evil as hell.
She indirectly caused the death of the original owner of this body.
This is the girl who pushed her down the cliff.
But Qin Ying was also very lucky that she wasn’t there yesterday. Otherwise, she would’ve gotten herself into some serious trouble, just like Shao Qingrou did.
But still, that doesn’t mean Lu won’t get revenge on her in the future.

Ye Hui heard her shouting and shouted back, scared, “What..What do you mean!”

Qin Ying said, “Ye Hui, get your punk ass out of here right now. Lu Jiuque is nothing but a piece of shit! She caused so much trouble yesterday! If it weren’t for her, Qingrou wouldn’t have had a fractured bone! And all the others wouldn’t have got poisoned and almost died! Ima kill this bitch right now!”
Despite the fact that Ye is obviously scared of Qin, he knew Lu saved her yesterday and he can’t just sit back while Qin tries to have beef with Lu. “Don’t you dare! You kill her and i will tell my dad!”
Poor little Ye Hui. Still thinking Lu saved him yesterday.
Lu was quite surprised actually. Not because of Qin Ying hating on her, but because of Ye Hui defending her in public.
Is it just because she saved him yesterday?
Defending the girl that everybody hates..Does he even know what that could get himself into?

Tough guy.

“Are you out of your damn mind Ye Hui? That bitch right there almost got all killed yesterday!”

“No, I’m not out of my mind. I’m just doing the right thing here!”

“If you don’t step out of the way i will beat the sh*t out of both of your asses!”

“Well then why don’t you go ahead son let’s see what you got!”

Noticing the beef between the three, everyone else stopped and stared at them.

Everyone looked at Lu Jiuque with hatred.

Because they all recognize her. She’s that cursed girl that brings trouble everywhere she goes.

And at the same time, the examiners start to come in and have a seat in the bleachers.

Noticing the mess here, the examiners asked each other what’s going on.


Rumors spread quickly in such a situation and it didn’t take too long until everyone knows The Lu Jiuque is here.


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