Chapter 29: The battle between love rivals

By | December 3, 2016

A purple figure flew by in the dark night, landing gracefully to the side of the spring. The tall and upright stature, pretty and handsome face, it was no other than the crown prince of Qin, Ye Yichen. He stared at Ouyang Shaochen and Murong Xue in the hot spring with his pair of eyes burning with raging flames. He wanted them burned to death!

Ouyang Shaochen moved with a sense of alertness. He grabbed the soaking long skirt in the water, put it on over Murong Xue’s delicate body, covering her exposed flesh. He uncourteously called: “Crown prince of Qin, this is a place where you are not welcomed, please leave immediately!”

“Save your breath Ouyang royals, I, the crown prince have found the person I’m looking for and I shall leave without delay.” Ye Yichen has experienced Ouyang Shaochen’s martial art skills and tricks before. Moreover, this compound is situated in his palace. It is inadvisable to have a conflict here with Ouyang Shaochen and shouldn’t even be bothered. He appeared here only because of the person he’s looking for: “Murong Xue, come here!”

He has been concerned about her poison attack. Night after night he wanted to send her the Fire Lotus Seed, but to his surprise, she is with Ouyang Shaochen, gathering together in a hot spring and snuggling in intimacy. It is extremely distasteful.

The forceful command pierced through the eardrums of Murong Xue. She creased her eyebrows wanting to return words, but she had forgotten about her soft and feeble body, which had no strength left. No matter how hard she tried, her heavy eyelids wouldn’t open. Her heart sighed helplessly, giving up on retaliation.
She curled up inside Ouyang Shaochen’s chest in idleness, even her eyelids did not have a slight gesture of moving. Ye Yichen had a realization, he understood that she wouldn’t attend to him. His angry eyes burned abruptly like a raging flamethrower: “ MURONG XUE!”

“Stop calling her. Her cold poison is taking effect. She has no room to bother with you!” Ouyang Shaochen replied him apathetically.

Suddenly, Ye Yichen was startled a little bit when he realized it was already midnight. The white bottle of a porcelain vase on his hand glowed with a glimpse of dim light in the dark night: Inside the vase is filled with the Fire Lotus Seed that can rescue Murong Xue’s life. He won’t let her die. It is obvious that he will eventually give the Fire Lotus Seed to her. However, before handing it over to her, he wants to make sure she knows that if she desires to live, he is the only person in this world that can save her. She has to rely on him.

Murong Xue looked up and saw only Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes looking back at her. Her delicate face restored its scarlet complexion a moment ago suddenly turned pale white, droplets of sweat like big beans loomed on her forehead and her delicate body shivered slightly.

The look in Ouyang’s eyes stiffened for a second, it’s her ….. cold poison breaking out again. It seems his endogenic force fused with the warmth from the hot spring can only drive out the toxins inside her body temporarily. If she is to survive safely tonight, she’ll need the Fire Lotus Seed!

His palm moved gently; the white brocade gown lying on the shore flew into his hand instantaneously. He wrapped it around Murong Xue, embraced her and soared up into the sky gracefully like a phoenix, then floated as light as a feather descending on the ground. His finger flicked lightly, in a flash, a layer of white fog lingered around them. When the mysterious white fog faded away, the water stains on them had evaporated and dried!

A tender finger as if made of jade crystals, went through the sleeves and retrieved a green porcelain bottle, then a medicine pill was brought out and fed into Murong Xue’s mouth.

Murong Xue had already been suffering in pain, now bitter and astringent substances fed into her mouth, she disgorged it involuntarily.

Ouyang Shaochen covered her mouth tightly, and said softly: “Don’t spit it out, eat it. You’ll be all right.”

“Ouyang Shaochen, what did you get her to consume?” The look of Ye Yichen was gloomy and frightening. His strict tone of interrogation voiced out: “While the cold poison is breaking out, carelessly consuming random medicine might cost her life.”

“It is Fire Lotus Seed!” Ouyang Shaochen replied casually.

The sharp and stern eyes of Ye Yichen squinted: “Why would you have the Fire Lotus Seed?” Fire Lotus Seed grows on the Fire Yun Shan Mountain, it is collected and delivered to the Qin palace when it reaches maturity, and very few quantities are leaked outside, must be confiscated by Zhen Dynasty ….

“Why couldn’t I, the royals, have it when you also have it?” With a cocky attitude, Ouyang Shaochen cast a glance on him, provokeing the gloomy and terrific Ye Yichen into retaliation: “It is only a Fire Lotus Seed, what’s there to be cocky about?

“Mine, the royals’ only Fire Lotus Seed is able to save Murong Xue’s life but you, Majesty Qin saves nobody with your innumerable Fire Lotus Seeds……” Ouyang Shaochen articulated with an unconcealed sarcastic tone.

His chest resounds his regulated breathing rhythm, he has lost interest in exchanging words with Ye Yichen: “ Xuer’s cold poison has been controlled, I, the royals, am bringing her back for the rest, farewell!”

Ye Yichen looked livid: “ Xuer? How intimate are you to be calling her name like that!”

Watching Ouyang Shaochen turn around, about to leave the scene with Murong Xue in his arms, bridges of powerful endogenic forces shot out from his sleeves, maneuvered by his spread out fingers. It was directed at Ouyang Shaochen, coming from all directions. Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes trembled a little bit.

“You may leave, but Murong Xue stays with me!”

The forceful and callous command penetrated Ouyang Shaochen’s ears. The corner of his lips curved up as though as he was amused. He flicked his fingers; countless endogenic forces blazed out to meet Ye Yichen’s attacks. A loud “Pang Pang Pang!” echoed, the magnitude of the endogenic forces burst in the middle of the sky, elevated a cloud of dust…

As the dust and mist cleared, the surroundings became hollow. Ouyang Shaochen and Murong Xue’s figures disappeared, leaving Ye Yichen alone at the side of the huge warm spring.

Facing in the direction that pair left, Ye Yichen’s face turned dark and terrific. His fist hidden under his sleeve clenched tightly, “ Ka-cha ” was heard. The white porcelain bottle in his hand crumbled into powder, along with the Fire Lotus Seeds inside, merging with his blood meandering through the gaps between his fingers. However, he was completely unaware of this. His cold-stern eyes glitterd: “Ouyang Shaochen, I, the King, will make you pay!”

The color of the night got denser gradually, Ouyang Shaochen crossed several houses, streets, and landed lightly in his royal residence. His snowy color drapes fluttered. Although it was only a set of white apparel, he looked perilously graceful.

The guard defending at the courtyard walked up with anxious steps, greeting reverently: “My Prince!”

Then the guard saw the person in his chest and was startled slightly, that person was covered by Ouyang Shaochen’s snowy coat; a delicate face covered by his chest, blurring the appearance, but from the silk hair like a waterfall, slender and soft, exquisite yet delicate figure, that is definitely a woman.
“Isn’t my Prince disinclined on feminine appeal? How come he is carrying a woman?”

Ouyang Shaochen hums lightly. He lowered his head and watched the sleeping lady resting quietly in his arms; an exquisite radian curved up from his lips, paying no attention to the guard’s doubts and questions. He holds Murong Xue and enters his room with his steps swift like the wind. He snapped his fingers and the door closed, blocking the sight of the guard that was following.

Inside his chamber, Ouyang Shaochen placed Murong Xue cautiously on the bed carved with floral patterns. He untied the long skirt and gown that covered her body tightly and pulled a long thin cloth over to cover her body.

Murong Xue’s eyes were closed. Her long eyelashes were like butterfly wings, forming two thick shadows on her eyelids, her moist and pink lips were pursed up slightly, the tranquil and peaceful look unsuggested for blemish. A piece of jade slid from her clothes, falling beside the pillow, with a red thread that was attached to the jade, hanging on the nape of her neck.

Ouyang Shaochen sat beside the bed. He picked up the jade pendant and examined its fine carvings, glossy bright and mild warm attributes. The longer a person touches it, the more its warmth propels their blood circulation. This is a priceless treasure. This is a superior warm jade!
She has been wearing this jade pendant!

Ouyang Shaochen showed a quirky expression that disappeared after a moment. He placed the jade pendant carefully inside Murong Xue’s clothes, sticking it to her skin. His delicate fingers stroke on her exquisite face and he sighed gently: “Do you really not remember me?” His memory of hers has always been alive and it is a memory of ten years!

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