Chapter 28 – The Meeting between love rivals

By | November 29, 2016

A pair of dark pupils of falcon-like, sharp and penetrating eyes… Indifferent, resembling the unfathomable depths of an abyss which takes in all things; harboring a hundred of rivers, swallowing people in a stream of nostalgia, never to return again to touch the shore.

Those eyes belong to a prestigious man. He is elegant but at the same time possesses a sense of danger. It is for her own good to stay away from him as far as she can. The moment Murong Xue made an appraisal of Ouyang Shaochen, with no time for her to react, he was already standing in front of her as he reached out with his long arms, surrounding her between him and a pool wall. He lowered his gaze to look at her, his deep eyes roamed across the night: “Where to now?”

A warm breath was let out on her cheek, the fog circulated in the air as though a mystifying bamboo lingering around her body. Murong Xue swayed her sight unnaturally:  Ouyang Shaochen’s power is a lot stronger than hers. Furthermore, she is his captive, there is absolutely zero chance for her to escape from him. They both live in the same city, but they have never stumbled across each other. This little grudge between them will never be dissolved if left unsettled. It shall be settled this time, for once and for all.

Muron Xue held her head high, facing Ouyang Shaochen. She uttered word by word: “Ouyang Shaochen, it’s only a game of chess that I had ruined and you still have resentment for it since then?

Those fingerprint bruise on her arm was caused by him; she had to apply medicine several times before the mark faded away. Even then there were shallow traces of the bruise left, but never did she resent him: “So much for the forbearance of a man ?”

Ouyang’s impression of Murong Xue had been that she had an always cold and indifferent demeanor, as if there was nothing in this world that could interest her. This time it was indeed rare sight of her getting agitated. His mood became unusually pleasant, his lips cornering slightly to the side, forming a graceful curve:

“ I, the royals is indeed that petty!”

“ You!” Murong Xue grasped for words for a second as she stared at him furiously: Stingy freak,weirdo!

It was already broken at that time when she saw the chess. If Ouyang Shaochen changed his manner towards her, she might help him to retrieve and recover that chess set, but with his attitude now … ahem, she couldn’t bother less, let him ponder alone.

“That set of chess was an exquisite artwork. It was precious. You have destroyed it along with my painstaking effort, and by rightful speaking, I should teach you a painful lesson, but considering you are but a weak lady, I can show you some mercy and not take my revenge. As long as you accept my terms, then the grudges between us will be written off once and for all!” Ouyang Shaochen spoke leisurely. His eyes were showing an incomprehensible expression.

What is the condition?” Murong Xue’s gaze stiffened. As a crown prince, Ouyang Shaochen possesses wealth and power. A nabobism which mortals can only dream of; riches, gold, jewelry, diamonds and powerful connections. There is nothing material in this world that he lacks. The condition that he proposed must be not simple.

Under the moonlight, Murong Xue’s face had taken a rosy red color, heated by the steam from the hot spring. The hot air had formed two translucent water drops residing on her long eyelashes and the misty fog concealed her dark pupils. Her fair, soft skin radiated a glowing luster. Her red belly band had become transparent upon contact with water and was exposing her body, as if there was nothing on her skin. Her uncovered delicate neck and collarbone were visible, conjuring a tempting attraction. Her cherry red lipswere pursed up slightly as though as it was an invitation for a gentleman to collect…

Ouyang Shaochen’s pupils dilated instantly. He bent down slowly, touching the thin prints of his lips gently on her pink lips ……


The mild and soft touch of the lips left Murong Xue stunned. Her mind went blank and only after a long while she could retrieve her composure back while beholding at his handsome look. Her gaze trembled, she pushed him aside and shouted angrily: “ Ouyang Shaochen, what are you doing?”

Ouyang Shaochen was prepared so he was only pushed two steps backwards by her before coming to a stop.Her distinguished fragrance remained on his lips. It was a pleasant aroma and taste. He welcomed the infuriated looks from her beautiful eyes. The corners of his mouth curved into a perfect angle: “This was my condition!”

“ But I made no compliance, how dare you just… just…” Murong Xue was infuriated: Who was the one who said this unfettered Prince is a mature and has good manners? Show yourself, I’ll ensure not to kill him.

“I…”Murong Xue gasped. He didn’t mention the condition a moment ago, how is she supposed to oppose?

As she was clenching her teeth bitterly and preparing to argue with him, suddenly a strong and sharp pain emerged from her chest. The pain spread quickly all over her body. The great pain and frosty feeling moved through her tendons covered instantly all over her body.

Her tiny face turned pale instantly, big drops of sweat exuded from her forehead and her eyebrows creased tightly!

Ouyang Shaochen looked stern : “What is happening to you?”

“My… cold poison is breaking out!” Murong Xue said stammeringly, paying no attention to Ouyang Shaochen anymore. She turned sideways to face the shore and saw only an empty area without a trace of the silver threads of the wasted bead.

It must be lost when she was inside the hot spring. The water from the hot spring is fluid and moving, those silver threads must have been driven out by the flow and now she can’t use the silver threads to exude the cold poison!

Murong Xue grabbed the hairpin on the shore. She concentrated her gaze and made a forceful effort with the hairpin towards her left-hand wrist!

“What are you doing?” Ouyang Shao Chen moved a step forward, extending his hand to grab her right-hand wrist to prevent her suicide!

“Dispelling my blood that contains the toxin!” Murong Xue speaks unhurriedly, the sound of her voice crumbling: After a person gets poisoned, the toxin stays in the person’s blood. Dispelling the blood also means disposing the toxin inside, however, the toxicity of the cold poison is potent, she has to bleed off at least half of her blood only so she can survive tonight.

Ouyang Shaochen creased his eyebrows: “Your body is very weak, excessive loss of blood will cost your life….”

Murong Xue’s face had a smile. She already knew what he said to her, “The cold poison inside my body is circulating in my tendons. Any moment now, it will explode my blood vessels. If I don’t release my blood, I will die immediately!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you die!” Ouyang Shaochen’s obsidian-like eye pupils appeared in front of Murong Xue’s eyes. His slender, long arms embraced her slim waist lightly, pulling her close to his chest.

Murong Xue’s soft and tender body stayed close to Ouyang Shaochen’s chest, between them were only thin clothing. She could feel clearly his strong and muscular body. Her heart trembled for a while and she struggles subconsciously: “Ouyang Shaochen, what are you trying to do?”

“I am helping you dispel the toxin!” Ouyang Shaochen said those words calmly. His left-hand grabbed both of her wrists effortlessly, stopping her struggle, whereas his right hand was placed on and followed her waistline and slipped into her back.

Suddenly Murong Xue’s body became stiff. Her outer skirt fell into the hot spring. Now she was left with her belly band and pants, also, the belly band was made with two strands at the nape of the neck and waist, her back was entirely exposed. Moreover, Ouyang Shaochen’s palm was pressing the strands on her neck, with only a slight effort, her whole belly band would drop off…

“You are not a doctor, how are you helping me to dispel the toxin?” After the previous incident, Murong Xue did not dare trust in Ouyang Shaochen’s moral character. She made an effort to struggle in order to get away from him.

“Do not worry, if I say I can help then I can!“ Ouyang Shaochen held her small waist tightly,as an endogenic force was transferred rapidly to her via his palm placed on her back.

In an instant, Murong Xue felt warm currents all over her body, relieving her veins that had caused the ache and wrecking pain.

Murong Xue was startled for a little while, then stopped to struggle. She could immediately feel the warmth of the hot spring together with the endogenic force penetrating her flesh, sweeping the irritating pain and cold poison, inch by inch. The cold poison dispersed and cleansed gradually by the united force.

The warm feeling from the hot spring flowed forth inside her blood; the endogenic force transmitted from her back also transferred the intermittent warm feeling. There was an indescribable satisfaction from that occurring.

The Murong Xue’s agitated heart had calmed down instantaneously, and following that, an intermittent exhaustion came. She closed her eyes slowly, a light black bamboo fragrant lingering on the tip of her nose, posing inexplicable feeling of being at ease…

The person under his chest had been quietly and peacefully staying there. Ouyang Shaochen lowered his head to look. He saw Murong Xue in his arms, with her eyes closed, her long eyelashes like tiny fans, casting two thick shadows on her eyelids, the wings of her nose opening and closing according to her regular breathing… Her peaceful and tranquil appearance made one’s mind to move…

Ouyang Shaochen unbearably stretched his hand out, the moment he touched her exquisite small face, an angry male voice penetrated the clouds, resounded through the skies: “What are you two doing?”

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