Chapter 27: Rivalry

By | December 16, 2016

The needle can move exactly as you want it to.

Once reached the maximum level, it is capable of enormous power and can even bring the dead back to life.

Lu used to think stuff like these are just a bix hoax. But now she finally realized that they are not. She used to not get it because of the needle she was using.

She was using the wrong needles the whole time!

It has to be specially crafted in order to hear the calling from its master and cooperate with its master.
Closing her eyes Lu starts trying to bond with the needle. Or, needles.

Yue has never seen something like this before.


“Are you seeing what I am seeing right now?”

“Lei…How many needles are there?


For real? 99?

Is she seriously handling all 99 needles at the same time?

Because they thought she would only use one or two at a time.

Because essentially each needle requires a tremendous amount of spiritual power to control. It’s hard enough to just handle one, let alone 99 of them at the same time.

Usually, you would expect someone to work his way up from handling one to two to three..etc. Bonding with too many at the same time would only bite you in the ass. But this girl. She’s bonding 99 needles at the same time!



They never would’ve believed it had they not seen it with their own eyes.

She’s a badass.

No wonder she’s the apostle of the lord. No one doubts her identity anymore. She’s just too good to be lying about it. Once she’s got a hang of it, Lu Jiuque opened her eyes and told the needles..


The needles listened to her command and pierced into the sick people’s body. The moaning stopped. Then Lu Jiuque made yet another order.


All the needles immediately flew back to her.

Then she collected them and put them in her pocket.

Her moves were so natural as if she was born for this.

People have never seen something like this before. It’s just beyond them what she’s capable of doing. People are so shocked they couldn’t stop staring at her.

Lu Jiuque couldn’t be happier. She’s bonded with all the needles. It feels so good. Bonding with all the needles means she now has the ability to do things that she never thought she was able to do.

Seeing that everyone is now greatly relieved, Lu Jiuque said to General Ye, “Sir. They are all fine now. All they need is some more rest and they will be good to go.”

“Thank you soooo much.!”

Lu then shook her head and told Lei, “Unfortunately I cannot give you your needles back. I have already bonded with all of them. So how much would you charge me for..”

What? What is she talking about?

Why on earth would Lei charge her?

At first, Lei was making the needles simply to help Yue and Ye out. But now that he has seen what she can do, he’d be out of his mind to charge her. This genius right here is using his products. She will generate so many more customers for him. Despite his hulky look, Lei is a very smart businessman.“No, don’t worry about it. I built the needles for you. Yue provided me the raw materials and all I did was just to build on them. No big deal. ”
General Ye then said, “What are you talking about… It was so lucky for us that you were willing to provide treatment for our guys. Why would we ever charge you for the needles? Consider them a gift. If Lei and Yue insist on charging you let me handle them.”

“No no no…” said Manager Yue, “He’s right. Consider these a gift from me. I wouldn’t charge you.”

All of a sudden these 3 guys started competing against each other for Lu’s favor.

Lei said, “No no no. Let me!”

–I made the needles. She should be thanking me.

Yue said, “No! I really appreciate what you have done for us.”

— I invited her here. You didn’t do anything!

General Ye insisted, “Come on. She’s here to help my kingdom. I’m in charge here.”

–What are you fighting for? She’s here to help me after all!

3 big men competing against each other.
They all want to get close to Lu Jiuque and build a stronger relationship with her. Gaining her trust and becoming her “best friend” would open a whole world of opportunities for them.

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