Chapter 27: Goodbye Ouyang Shaochen

By | November 25, 2016

‘Go to the town of Hou’s  house, and looking for Murong Xue now!’

‘I need her assistance to complete my plan, she cannot die yet!’

Xu Tianyou feels relief after he heard of these commands. He aware Murong Xue is important for them to achieve their plan.What if Mu RongXue dies, they will face a lot of difficulties. So, Ye Yichen has the initiative to find Murong Xue is great:’ Princess, you could send any individuals to find Murong Xue and you would not need in person.’

Ye Yichen unconsciously thought Murong Xue may have poisoned to death. His feelings are inexplicable irritants, he wishes to see her immediately with Fire Lotus Seeds: ‘It’s better for me to remind her in person!’

Xu Tianyou nodded to Ye Yichen, he agrees with him : ‘Princess, Mu Rong Xue is not in the town of Hou’s house.’                                                         

‘Where is she then? Is she in Medical hall, looking for her doctor to cure her cold poison? She will not be so dumb to believe that cold poison can be cured without fire lotus seeds, right?

‘Hot Spring Villa!’ Xu Tianyou split it out, word by word.

‘Hot Spring Villa? What did she do there?’

This night is chilling. Murong Ye is standing on the shore, holding a rabbit design lamp with one hand, and leaning on Murong Xue with the other hand. While staring at the hot curl of the hot springs, lots of doubt appeared on his mind: ‘Sister, What are we doing here?’

‘To eliminate cold poison!’

‘Can hot spring eliminate cold poison?’Murong Ye is so surprised.

Murong Xue smiles. According to modern research, soaking in hot spring can eliminate fatigue, illnesses, and pain, soften and whitening skin. ‘Of course, I can’t eliminate the cold poison from my body by merely soaking in the hot spring, but with the aids of acupuncture it may be a Yes!’

‘Really?’ Murong Ye feels this method is skeptical.

‘Of course, it is. Did I fool you before?’ Murong Xue said it gently.

Murong Ye is picking his eyebrows. Yes, he knows his sister is never lying to him: ‘But we have no doctor, and silver needles for acupuncture…………….’

“It does not matter, I have seen the acupuncture points of the human body, and it knows its location accurately. For the needle … …” Murong Xue removes the bead from her hair and scattered it into numerous skeleton root: “Use this instead!”

‘Are you sure?’ Murong Ye looked at the thin silver.

Murong Xue smile patted Murong Ye’s shoulder and carefully told him:” You are my watcher, do not let others come to bother me! ” “

Looking at her eyes glittering confidently; Murong Ye starts to believe his sister:”Then I will be waiting and guarding outside the woods, if anything happened, shout my name loudly!”

‘Ok.’ Murong Xue nodded. After watching Murong Ye pass through the woods, she unties the waist ribbon and slipped her long skirt, jump into the hot spring pool in her underwear.

The warm spring water surrounded her; the hot steam is pervasive, infiltrate through her skin. The pain of her body is reduced.

Murong Xue felt relief, she aware soaking in the hot spring can only temporarily restrain the poison, not eliminate it.

She holds one of the silver needles with her white and small hand. The moonlight is reflected by the sharp needle tip.

During acupuncture treatment, the silver needles need to be precisely stung on various acupuncture points. Murong Xue tried on some new acupuncture points, hoping it would help her to eliminate the cold poison or to save her life………………

‘Who is around me?’

‘It’s me!’ It is a beautiful male voice which sounds familiar.

Murong Xue attentively, seeing a young man is approaching her slowly. His white underwear has been soaked in water and tightly attached to his body. He has a broad shoulder, narrow waist profile, and a good looking face. He is Ouyang Shaochen!

‘How would you be here?’ Murong Xue stares at him surprisingly. She feels shy and merely exposed her head and neck above the water. Due to the hot steam, he can’t see MurongXue’s body when he is two to three meters away from her.

‘This hot spring villa is owned by my family. What’s so strange if I am here?’Ouyang Shaochen said it clearly with smiling.

Murong Xue stunned, how come her brother doesn’t remind her of this. If she knows this hot spring villa belongs to Xiaoyao family, she would think twice………………..

As she has been granted the access to the hot springs by the steward, she doesn’t feel she is wrong: ‘Your family owns so many hot springs, why would you like to be here?’

Murong Xue looks beautiful when she is angry.

Ouyang Shaochen said softly: ‘I have been here for a quarter of an hour, and you are just arriving…………..’

Murong Xue chokes, she realizes she can’t blame him: ‘Why you keep yourself quiet?’ Luckily, Murong Xue is not naked.

Ouyang Shaochen casually said:  ‘I was sleeping until I heard the splashing sound of water!’

‘You!’ She doesn’t believe that. How come the conversation between her and her brother did not wake OuyangShaochen up, but the splashing sound of the water awake him.

Both of them stare at each other; looking at those obsidian-like pupils of the eyes.

Murong Xue stunned, would Ouyang Shao Chen still remember the last time when she purposely ruins his chess game? She thinks it is better for her to walk away immediately.

She grabbed and put her skirt on. When she is preparing to leave the shore, all of a sudden she attracted by a huge pull force. She falls back a few steps and fell into the hot spring.

‘Ouyang Shaochen!’ Murongxu’s hair and clothes get wet totally, her wet clothes are attached to her slim physical glance, she fiercely stared in the direction of Ouyang Shaochen.

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