Chapter 26: Provocation

By | November 22, 2016

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Ye Yichen’s face was livid. At that moment, Murong Xue knew the assassin was sent by him. As she couldn’t get any useful information from the assassin, she would kill him in front of Ye Yichen, what a provocative and demonstrative move by her.

Ye Yichen had been leading troops to war for so many years, but it was the first time he had met someone who dared to provoke him; she is really audacious and extremely hateful!

“Let’s go, brother!” Murong Xue gently wiped her bloodstained hairpin with a silk handkerchief, and she turned over slowly.


“Prince Jing is a busy person and he has to deal with a lot of things daily. Let’s try not to interrupt him and just go!” Murong Xue interrupted the words coming from Murong Ye with a smile, held his arm, and dragged him out of the house.

Ye Yichen was looking gloomy and horrible as he stared at Murong Xue’s slim figure that was walking away without any hesitation. He suddenly raised his arm and swept all the stationery that was on the table onto the ground. The calligraphy paper was soaked with the blood on the ground. Through the white paper, the flirtatious red of the blood was stinging and eye-catching.

He kept his gaze on Murong Xue, watching her figure gradually disappear from his vision. Suddenly, he got a strange feeling and wanted to get angry: How dare she just walks away like that? Completely disregarding her ongoing seizures from the cold poison, she is not afraid of the dreadful pain………

Xu Tianyou came forward, watching Murong Xue’s staggering yet physically straight figure, walking with messy but orderly pace, and asked, ‘Prince, are we pushing them too far?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Murong Xue and Murong Ye are both 14 years old. They are still young, yet they have been through tremendous tragedies. Hence, they are like frightened birds, they always tend to protect themselves from others. If we keep using persecution method, I’m afraid we will naturally arouse their fury!’

Xu Tianyou had never been victim of cold poison. But he heard that cold poison is unforgiving and incurable. It can only be suppressed by eating Fire Lotus Seeds, or else the person will be tortured with an excruciating pain to death.

‘I suggest we try approaching them with kindness, let them know Prince will not bring harm to them.’

Ye Yichen has his own plan, he has a reason for wanting to marry Murong Xue, but definitely not to their life.

Now Murong Ye is still young and he is not capable. He can’t compete with Du (the dowager). No longer than few years, Du will definitely take over  the town of Hou, and when that time comes, he cannot guarantee Murong Ye can stay alive!

But if Murong Xue agrees to marry Ye Yichen as his second wife, Murong Ye will be Ye Yichen’s brother in law. He can protect him from any danger and Murong Ye can live in wealth. Meanwhile, Murong Xue will have endless Fire Lotus Seeds. She won’t be tortured by the pain of the cold poison and can have an extended life!

How come Murong Xue refuses to stick to such a perfect plan which is beneficial to both her and her brother? She may feel insulted to be someone’s second wife, but how can this outweigh her life?

‘Prince, they are not far away from us. I shall call them back, and explain it to them!’ Xu Tianyou had no intention of explaining the whole picture to those siblings. He merely wanted to persuade Murong Xue into marrying Ye Yichen.

‘Not necessary!’  Ye Yichen shook his head in disagreement. ‘The return of Murong Xue will only cause disputes between her and Yuyuan, as she wants to become first lady princess only……’

‘Murong Xue will die if she doesn’t consume Fire Lotus Seeds. She deserves it, but it is not worth if your plan is going to spoil due to her death.’ said Xu Tianyou.

‘Everyone is afraid of death. No matter how stubborn she is, she will not dare to step into the gate of hell, and she will definitely return before midnight!’ At that moment, she will lose her bargaining power, then her name and her status at Jing Palace will be decided by me.

The sun was disappearing from the horizon. Murong Xue leaned on Murong Ye as they walked out of Jing Palace. Murong Ye turned back, took a glance on the plaque on which was written three bronze characters ‘Jing Palace’, he said with unwillingness: ‘Sister, are you sure we are leaving?’

Murong Xue voice tinged with sadness: ‘It doesn’t help to stay in here, as Ye Yichen will not give me the Fire Lotus Seed.’

If the cold poison persisted, the consequences would be unimaginable… Murong Ye spoke softly: ‘Jing palace is probably the only place within the entire capital where we can find Fire Lotus Seed. I am weak and useless as I can’t even get a single life-saving pill for you.’

‘Do not worry, there must be a way out!’ Murong Xue tried to comfort his brother, as she patted his shoulder.

‘You might be right, but you need to take the Fire Lotus Seed within the next 3 hours!’ Murong Xue looked pale: We have searched most pharmacies in the capital. No matter how capable I am, I certainly won’t able to find a Fire Lotus Seed within 3 hours. ‘The Fire Lotus Seed is efficient, but there must be an alternative way to reduce the toxicity of the cold poison, for example, acupuncture or decoction!’

Murong Ye disagreed, ‘These methods have long been tested by well known doctors, their effect is minimal, to survive you must consume the Fire Lotus Seed……………’

Murong Xue touched her eyebrow; she had seen in a modern medical book, acupuncture could be used to cure any kind of poison. Since cold poison is also a kind of poison, how can it be incurable?
‘Sister, what are you thinking?’ Murong Ye was extremely worried as he noticed her sister was unconsciously frowning.

“Nothing!” Murong Xue smiled gently: “Brother, does the capital have hot springs?

‘Hot springs? Yes, why?’ Murong Ye got puzzled.

Murong Xue smiled mysteriously: “I have my own ways!’

The night had fallen. Jing palace was lightening up, all of the corpses had been removed, and the residue of blood was wiped clean. There was a gold fragrance furnace located at the corner for eliminating the unpleasant smell of the blood in the air. On the table, the sand inside a transparent hourglass was flowing down.

Ye Yichen was sitting at the stone table, holding a book, looking intentionally or unintentionally at the door of Jing Palace. The red door was left open; there was no one apart from the guard.

Ye Yichen felt irritated, he looked at the hourglass and his face turned gloomy: It’s midnight soon, and Murong Xue has not returned yet, she really is not afraid of death!’

The sand was flowing and accumulating slowly. It indicated midnight was getting closer. Ye Yichen suddenly stood up, he picked up a white porcelain pot which contained Fire Lotus Seed and strode out.

Xu Tianyou was stunned: ‘Prince, where are you going?’

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