Chapter 26 – Let’s make a needle!

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General couldn’t help but keep smiling while he asked, “Well then what should we do next?”

Lu Jiuque can’t be quite sure actually. They come from two different worlds and therefore Lu is not familiar with the medicine and drugs in this world.She needs large amounts of herbs to cure the students but until she can figure out exactly the names of the herbs, she’d better take her moves nice and slow. Don’t wanna cause any troubles.

Therefore, Lu sent people to bring her pen and pencil, with which she sketched a silver needle.
Once she’s finished with the sketch Lu said, seriously, “You guys listen up. Follow my instructions and make this needle. That way we can cure the students.”

General Ye and Yue took a look at the sketch and found that they have never seen anything like this before. It’s designed in such a complicated yet smart way.

But despite its complexity, they have never been taught that needles can be used to cure diseases.
Like seriously, what do you even need needles for?

But since obviously Lu Jiuque seems like she knows what she’s talking about, they decided to give it a shot and therefore sent people to get a mechanic from the best mechanic family in town, the Lei Family.

The Lei Family was shocked by the invitation.

They can’t believe they got invited by THE General Ye and Manager Yue, at the same time.

This gotta be some serious business then. Lei Cheng, the owner of the Lei Family, didn’t hesitate at all as he rushed out.

But he couldn’t be angrier as he saw the instruction sketch by Lu Jiuque.

Because he’s a level 2 mechanic, aka one of the most badass mechanics in town. And now they are asking him to make a needle?

But since manager Yue is a pretty good friend of his, he couldn’t say no. Plus, General Ye is there, too.

After Lei took a closer look at the instructions, he realized that although the needle looks easy to make, it’s not that easy to really fulfill all the specific requirements.

Most importantly, he doesn’t have materials to make needles from.

This is when they got stuck.

Lei said, “The material has to be stable, meaning that it should not be affected by Spiritual Qi or the Power of Xinghun. It’s not that I don’t have it, I do have it in our warehouse but there’s no way I can get it for you today. Shipping takes time.”

The more he talks the more he questions, why do they demand the needle today?

Why such a hurry?

General Ye didn’t know what to do, “But..”

Finally, manager Yue opened his mouth, “Here. I’ve got a piece of ore here. I’m not sure exactly what type of ore it is, but I think this will do.”

And then he handed the rock to Lei.

“Hmm. It’s a nice piece of ore indeed. I couldn’t tell what type it is either, but it will do.”

Actually, Yue didn’t want to share the ore.

Because he acquired this ore from a secret place when he was young. All these years he’s kept it as a memento.
But Lu Jiuque does sound like she knows something.

There’s nothing he could do with the rock anyways. It might not be a bad idea to share it.

Apparently, Lei is very excited about the rock.
It only took a few hours before Lei finished making the needle.

“Yay!! Great!!”
People are so full of joy right now as they see Lei comes in with the famous needle that everybody is talking about.

Yue said happily, “Nice!! Damn man, you’re good!”

Lei replied laughing, “Of course I am.”

General Ye said, “Hurry up. Show this to that young lad.”

“Sure thing!”

When they knocked on the door of Lu Jiuque, she was still reading books.

The Ren Ji’s are the biggest pharmacy in town and there are so many medicine related books in there that Lu Jiuque doesn’t even want to leave.

After hours of reading, Lu Jiuque has pretty much familiarized herself with this world.

After absorbing all the information she is now capable of combining both types of medicine. But it will still take a little while to really refine it.

“Yo! Come here. We made it!”

“What do you think? Is it good enough?”

General Ye and Yue couldn’t hide their excitement.

Lu Jiuque put down her book and stood up from the chair before walking towards the door.

“Look! What do you think?”

Lu Jiuque was surprised by the quality of the needle as she said, “Wow. This is absolutely awesome. It’s made perfectly. Who made it?”

Lei thoroughly enjoyed the way she complimented his work. “I did. Thanks. Now hurry up and bloodify it.”

What the hell is that? Is that even word? Wait a minute. Is he talking about how you are supposed to drop some blood on the holy needle so that you can officially become the holy owner of it?

So…They made it a holy needle? Not just a regular needle? Gawd damn!

Excited, Lu Jiuque bite open her fingertip and let two drops of blood fall on the needle.

The moment the blood got in touch with the needle it started shining, as if it were brought to life.


Lu can even feel her heart pounding so fast as if the needle is becoming a part of her.

Holy needle. No wonder.

The three guys saw how Lu remained calm after she got this needle. Now they look up to her even more.

What an apostle. Got a holy needle in front of her and still so calm.

After Lu Jiuque finished the bloodify process, she put away the needle and smiled towards Lei, “Thank you for doing this.”

It’s an understatement to say that Lei is shocked.

He’s shocked because she’s so beautiful. Like the-whole-world-would-stop-and-stare-for-a-while kind of beautiful.

Dayyum. Never seen such a hot chick before.

Lu Jiuque said, “We are running out of time. Let’s go help the guys in there. ”

Then she walked in the hallway and stood in the middle of the crowd, holding back her emotions.

She’s excited. Because now that she has this needle, aka the holy needle, she can do some special magic tricks that she never was able to do before.

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