Chapter 25 – So…She’s here to help

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No one even doubts her identity. She simply looks too good for them to not trust her.

Like seriously, who else could look like an angel?

She must be an apostle if she says so.

“Well.. Sir.. One minute please. I’ll go find our store manager for you.”

It wasn’t long until a blue dressed serious looking middle aged man came over.

Looking at Lu Jiuque he said,”ID please . So that I can know you’re indeed an apostle.”

Are you kidding me. Of course Lu Jiuque doesn’t have an ID.

But Lu Jiuque didn’t give up.

She smiled,”Lord told me to keep this as low-profile as possible.  If everyone knows I’m here the students won’t calm down and prepare for their test tomorrow. Don’t wanna affect their grades. After all they are the future of our country. So no need for ID today.”

The man hesitated,”well but…”

Lu Jiuque kept talking,”Don’t worry sir. I’m just going to provide them the treatment they need and I’ll go when I’m done. No need to worry.”

She’s right.

If she could make the students feel better it would be awesome.

Won’t hurt to let her try.

The man finally said,”well then Ms Apostle this way.”

“What’s your name?”

“Yue Mingtai.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Lu Jiuque walked in.

Once Lu Jiuque went in, the news immediately  spread all over the city that Apostle of the Lord is in town and providing cure.

People rushed to the Ren Ji’s just to take a close look at the Apostle.

After all, they probably won’t ever have the opportunity to see the Lord himself. But it would still be great if they get to see his apostle.

The moment she stepped in, the sound of sick people moaning filled Lu Jiuque’s ears.

They all look like the world is coming to an end.

Yue Yunfeng, the manager, stepped up to the man standing right in the middle of the hallway and asked,”General, we have an apostle here sent from the Lord of Shenzi. She can probably help the students feel better. Are you interested in meeting her?”

The General named Ye Jinfeng is the father of Ye Hui. And he was the one who escorted the students here to take the test.

In other words, he is like the bodyguard. If anything happens to the students, he takes the most responsibility.

That’s why Ye Jinfeng looks so nervous now.

What’s really frustrating is the fact that Shao Qingrou was supposed to go find helpers but she never came back.

As soon as he heard that there’s someone who’s willing to  help him, General Ye couldn’t be happier as he immediately replied,”yeah sure let her come in!”

However, General looks really disappointed after Lu Jiuque walks in.

It’s not that she doesn’t look right or anything. She’s just way too young!

Even the adults here can’t figure out a way to help the students.. Let alone such a young kid.

But he doesn’t have a choice. The test is tomorrow so he has to let her try.

Therefore General Ye said to her,”Nice to meet you. So you have brought medication that could help these students? Well if that’s true I would really appreciate it.”

Lu likes the way he talks. Plus, her target is not General Ye.

“Yes sir. I’ll definitely do my best!”

“This way please!”



It’s really a piece of cake for Lu to alleviate the pain of these students.

But it’s not like she can get the opportunity to do so everyday. She gotta make the most out of it.

Lu Jiuque pretends to be checking the symptoms of the students and then gave bunch of technical explanations to

the cause of their problems just to sound smart and fool General Ye and Yue.

“What? So you’re saying.. You don’t need drugs to help them?”

“Yes. They are not even poisoned. It’s just their nervous system.”

“What do you mean by nervous system?”

“So your nervous system is how you control your limbs. Their nervous system is broken. They aren’t poisoned so the anti-poisoning drugs will not work.”

“Yeah we know what the nervous system is but now that it’s broken what should we do exactly?”

“You see, the guy right here is covering up his stomach and massaging it because it hurts. So we gotta start with his stomach. And as for this guy..”


Yue is a level 2 physician which is why he is willing to let Lu try.

Because if Lu Jiuque was lying he would be able to tell.

But the thing is, this girl obviously knows what she’s talking about. She’s confident and knowledgeable.

And she makes him look like a kid actually.

As soon as Lu Jiuque finished talking Yue bowed to her and said thankfully,”Miss! You helped a lot. I really appreciate it.”

“You are very welcome.”

In fact, the reason why Yue is so shocked is because the world he’s in and the world Lu came from is totally different. They have completely different medical system,

In other words, there’s technically no physician in this world. There’s only drug producer.

They cure diseases by using drugs.

General Ye looks pretty excited as well.

He almost thought there was no hope but she saved them.

She is such an apostle!”

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