Chapter 25: Blood Spilt in Prince Jing’s Mansion

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Murong Xue wasn’t born weak and sickly, but when she was four years old, she was poisoned with cold poison, which is strong and potent. When it attacks, it will make the person feel like dying and Qingyan’s physicians had wrecked their brains but have not been able to figure out a way to get rid of it completely – they could only control it using the cold poison’s natural enemy, the fire lotus.

After Murong Xue was poisoned, Murong Yue had prevented the news from leaking. Only Murong Yue and his wife, Murong Ye and his sister, the old Prince Jing, and Ye Yichen knows this secret…

The man in black continued to look down and remained silent.

A flash of cold sharpness passed through Murong Ye’s eyes and he grabbed the collar of the man in black, harshly pushed him to the ground and stamped on his chest before turning around and striding out without looking back.

“Brother, where are you going?” Murong Xue softly questioned, her voice weak.

“To Prince Jing’s mansion to look for Ye Yichen!” Murong Ye answered furiously without stopping or turning around.

Murong Xue raised her eyebrows, “What are you looking for him for? He will not admit that he is behind this.”

“Even if he does not admit, I will also want to go to Prince Jing’s Mansion to meet him. I can’t let him bully us and get away with it!” Murong Ye said with his teeth clenched and strode out of Xueluo Court.

Murong Xue’s body felt like a million needles poking and she was covered in cold sweat. Her slim body staggered and she almost fell.

Maid Anxiang quickly walked forward and carefully supported her arm, “Young Mistress, let me support you.”

“No need. Bring the man in black and follow me to Prince Jing’s Mansion.” Murong Xue’s eyes was cold. Prince Jing’s Mansion is Ye Yichen’s mansion. Ye Yichen and her has had many conflicts and she is worried about letting Murong Ye going there alone.

Moreover, after the meeting at the cliff, she was busy dealing with Du and Murong Rou and didn’t really take notice about Ye Yichen. It is time to meet that high ranking and powerful ex-fiance.

Prince Jing Mansion

Ye Yichen wore a golden purple silk robe and stood in an octagonal pavilion in a painting stance. In his hand held a wolf tail brush that was moving quickly – bright Chinese roses appeared on the white rice paper as though they were going to leap out of the paper.

Thinking about that person that likes Chinese roses, his mouth unconsciously curved into an elegant smile. After finishing this painting, he will give it to her, and she will definitely like it a lot…

“Young Marquis, this is Prince Jing’s Mansion, you cannot barge in…”

“Scram. I want to see Ye Yichen…”

“Sorry, my lord but without his highness’ orders, no one can casually come into the Mansion…”

“I have a very important thing to discuss with him. If you delay it, can you take responsibility… hey hey, what are you doing? Don’t pull me… Ye Yichen, come out, come out…!”

Intense arguing travelled into his ears and Ye Yichen frowned unhappily. He looked up only to see Murong Ye furiously trying to barge into the Mansion and 3 or 4 Prince Jing mansion guards tightly grabbing onto his arms and dragging him out…

He has come to Prince Jing’s Mansion so early, how fast is he!

Ye Yichen’s mouth curved into a barely noticeable smile and he lightly waved his hands. The guards got the message and released Murong Ye, moving to the side.

Murong Ye walked into the pavilion, his face black. He held up his hands towards Ye Yichen and uncourteously said, “Ye Yichen, bring out the fire lotus!”

Fire lotus is produced from the Fire Cloud mountain. The Fire Cloud mountain is in the Yunnan territories, and Yunnan is the Prince Jing’s household’s fief. After the fire lotus is harvested, most of it is kept in the Prince Jing mansion and only a little makes its way out.

The fire lotus bloomed every five years and only bears fruit every five years, thus its production volume is very little. The fire lotus that Murong Xue used to use were gradually brought by Murong Yue and Ge Hui from various large medical shops. Now it has all been destroyed by the man in black’s hands. In such a short period of time, Murong Ye cannot find enough fire lotus for Murong Xue to use and therefore can only request it from the Prince Jing household.

Ye Yichen lowered his eyes and continued painting elegantly. His young and handsome face was so attractive that people could not look away, “What gives you the right to demand for the fire lotus in Prince Jing’s mansion?”

“Just because you sent someone to destroy my sister’s fire lotus!” Murong Ye furiously glared at him, “If those fire lotuses were ok, my sister would be fine, and I wouldn’t have to bother coming to the Prince Jing mansion to look for you.”

“Murong Xue’s fire lotus is destroyed because of the lack of capability in your household, and you had not kept it properly. What does that have to do with me?” Ye Yichen said lightly.

Murong Ye gritted his teeth in anger, “You… I can’t be bothered to argue with you. Just tell me, are you going to give me the fire lotus?”

“Murong Xue has already proposed annulling the marriage. Now, Prince Jing and the Marquis’ households have nothing to do with each other. It’s not right to give you the fire lotus.” Ye Yichen casually said, his voice soft.

“After all that you have said, you just want to take my sister as concubine! My sister did not agree thus you used such despicable means to force her into submission. Don’t you think you are too shameless? My sister’s cold poison has already acted up and if she doesn’t take the fire lotus by midnight tonight, she will die from the pain.” Murong Ye stared at him, his eyes ablaze with fire.

Ye Yichen did not contradict what he had said, and lightly questioned, “Now that Murong Xue is my ex-fiancee, what does her life or death got to do with me?”

“You!” Murong Ye choked from anger and his handsome face turned red. He has realized that Ye Yichen will not ever give him the fire lotus and it is useless to continue arguing with him.

“If Prince Jing’s things cannot be given, we can buy it. Please tell me the price. Even if you want mountains of gold or silver, I will give them to you as requested.”

“The Prince Jing household does not lack in money. No matter how much you offer, I will not sell the fire lotus! If Murong Xue wants to use the fire lotus, there’s only one way – that is to marry into the Prince Jing household and be my concubine!”

At the last few word, Ye Yichen emphasized them. Upon hearing that, Murong Ye’s face turned black and his gaze so furious that it could almost spit fire!

Ye Yichen pretended not to see it and looked at the sky before ‘kindly’ suggesting, “You still have 4 more hours to consider!”

“There no need to consider anymore. I can give Prince Jing an answer now!” Murong Xue walked towards them lightly supported by Anxiang. Her clear voice was dry and hoarse and beautiful and small face was pale without colour. Her slim and weak body looked like it could be felled by the wind, but her eyes flashed with strength and stubbornness. Emphasizing every word, she said, “I would rather die than become your Highness’ concubine!”

Ye Yichen’s paused mid-painting and his face turned scarily black, and a dark look flashed across his eyes!

Murong Xue pretended not to see and grabbed the man in black behind her and pulled him to the front of Ye Yichen, and said, smiling, “This person is the culprit that destroyed my fire lotus. He is up to no good and is making me die. I can’t find the person behind him so let him accompany me in death!”

Upon saying that, Murong Xue flipped her wrist and a sharp hair pin drew a long and thin opening on his neck. Red blood spurted every direction and gracefully splattered on the silver pillars, the bright red of it glaring…

The man stiffened for a moment, then collapsed onto the ground. His eyes werre wide but dead and grey within!

Golden sunlight shone onto the tip of the hair pin, reflecting glaringly. Strong blood smell drifted away, making people’s hair stand and fear arise in them…

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