Chapter 25.2

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Chapter 25.2

  His heart suddenly jumped in shock. Mo Zhen, although he could not bear to see more of the corpse, he still could identify it- it was not Ah Yao

  Slightly relieved, Mo Zhen continued to go inside. Along the way he saw the bodies of a few more kittens. Mo Zhen’s hand that was clutching the stick had suddenly tightened.

  The warehouse had been very quiet this entire time; there should be no one in it. Mo Zhen walked around a wooden box situated on the ground, and was instantly stunned in place by the scene before him.

  Lying on the ground were a few young men and women. The bleak white light coming from the window shone on them… silently, like a corpse.

  Mo Zhen bit his lip and looked around, and towards the stack of wooden boxes he called, “Ah Yao!”

  ”Meow!” A little black cat figure appeared on the wooden box. Seeing the person standing below, it deftly jumped and flew into the arms of Mo Zhen.

  ”Meow woo ~ ~” Ah Yao rubbed her head in Mo Zhen’s arms continuously, the stick that was in Mo Zhen’s hand had already fallen to the ground. Picking up the small paws of the kitten, Mo Zhen carefully checked again and did not find any wounds. He only asked: “Are you okay?”

  ”Meow woo ~” Ah Yao was held in the air, her four small paws desperately shaking. By now, Mo Zhen’s tight nerves had already completely calmed down and he reluctantly leaned against the wooden box behind him. Ah Yao continued to meow in Mo Zhen’s arms as Mo Zhen brought her up to his face, and gently kissed her little nose.

  Ah Yao’s kitten body immediately stiffened, then she began to howl as she buried her head into Mo Zhen’s arms- attempting to drill deeper. Perhaps her voice was a little too excited, because the people who had been lying on the ground finally started to wake up..

  It was Mo Zhen who first realized the movement of the people on the ground near him. Just as he was standing up straight, sirens of police cars began to ring in the distance.

  When the policeman rushed in, the talented person on the ground was getting up. Seeing the situation inside the warehouse clearly before them,  three policemen rushed to those young men and women in front of them to arrest them while the other policemen rushed to Mo Zhen and uneasily asked: “Mr. Mo, are you alright?! “

  Mo Zhen shook his head and with a puzzled expression he asked, “How did you know I was here?”

  The policemen standing opposite him froze for a moment. Watching Mo Zhen, they said: “Mr. Mo, was it not you who called the police?”

  Mo Zhen was surprised a moment, “Me?”

  The policeman nodded. In his heart he thought about how this Thousand Knives Gang had scared Emperor Mo into such confusion.

  He reported a string of numbers, confirming that it was indeed Mo Zhen’s number. Looking at Ah Yao laying in his arms, Mo Zhen nodded his head and said: “Sorry, it seems that I did report it to the police.”

  ”It does not matter. Is your cat is okay?” Concerned about Mo Zhen, the police hastened to ask about the situation of the kitten in his arms.

  As the saying goes, if you bully one’s dog, you must face the owner; the residents of Kensini Villa were all very important faces and figures in A city. Already two cats had consecutively gone missing, but this case had even involved a Cat Gang; it was inevitable that the police would feel some pressure.

  ”Meow woo.” As if she was responding to the policeman’s question, Ah Yao shook her small front paws and called to the policeman. The policeman subconsciously reached out to touch the kitten’s head, but he stopped when he saw Mo Zhen’s burning eyes.

  Taking back his right hand, and seeing the smiles on his colleagues faces he said, “Thank you for helping us to crack the case!”

  Although the killing of kittens and puppies could not be convicted of a charge in this country, they could sue for the deliberate damage to one’s property. These senselessly killed kittens were all of extremely valuable species, so expensive that they would be very impressive property. Well… although the cat in Emperor Mo’s arms seemed to be a wild cat, the policeman believed that this cat was definitely a type of aristocratic cat that he had never seen before! Just by seeing its temperament he knew for sure!

  ”Mr. Mo, thank you again!” The police comrades shook the hands of Mo Zhen, “But do not act again later, it is dangerous.” He could understand Mo Zhen worrying about his own kitten, but the neurological diseases of abused cats could not guarantee that it would not harm others when it felt unsafe.

  ”Oh, en … …” Mo Zhen ambiguously made a sound. Well he did not know what had happened with these people.

  But Ah Yao must know, so he must go back and slowly interrogate.

  The police made a simple transcript with Mo Zhen, and the few officers that were involved were allowed to leave. Mo Zhen held Ah Yao as he walked into his house and put her own the table, “Well, in the end, what happened?”

  ”Meow ~” Ah Yao’s waving paws were ready to open the computer when a strange woman’s voice sounded in the house.

  ”Is that question for me?”



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