Chapter 25.1

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Chapter 25.1


The boss of Kensini Villa was a newly returned from overseas chinese person, relying on his own slightly accented but rich mandarin speaking style, he stunned the A City stock market with his wealth and many large land projects, villas created by him were built one after another.

  [Kensini Villa, sitting between the mountains and near water, the traffic is convenient, leisurely relax and enjoy the most exotic views.] – This was Kensini Manor’s opening advertising slogan, it was said that it was the boss himself who personally came up with it. From the slogan itself, one would be able to see how wide and thoughtful the boss’s chinese vocabulary really was.

(TN: the slogan sounds 500x better in chinese btw)


  But he really did accurately sum up all of Kensini Villa’s most attractive and main features. Mountain view- there was a barren hill that was being built right beside it,  water – it was rumoured that they would be spending thousands of dollars to build a beautiful music fountain, convenient traffic – the people who would live in the few villas would not own that many cars ah, exotic – the middle of the music fountain would be a statue of Venus.

(Music fountain, I’m not 100% sure what they call it in english)


  Kensney Manor, from the design to the construction, it included all aspects there were about corporate culture, you have been framed!  (TN: ‘坑死你’ )


  However, the reason why Mo Zhen would buy a house here was entirely because since the boss’s daughter was Mo Zhen’s hardcore fan and the Kensini villa houses were also her design, if Mo Zhen was willing to live here, not only would he only need to pay 50% of the asking price, but they would also build him a little garden.

  These were conditions that most people would be extremely tempted to take, not to mention Mo Zhen truly did like the layout of the houses in Kensini Villa, and many of the features of the neighborhood were designed for and placed importance of having very strong security and absolute secrecy around the villa *, and this was what Mo Zhen had needed the most.

  But now he felt that this function is very funny, because it made people unaware of things that were happening outside. If he had heard the rumours about missing cats and haunting ghosts sooner, he would’ve not left Ah Yao all by herself at home.

  Mo Zhen took his phone and the door key, ready to look around in the villa area. When he walked out the door, he finally thought of looking at the red mailboxes beside his door. This mailbox was not used to receive letters, instead, the only mail it would receive would be news and reports from the Kensini Property Corporation.

  There were three letters in the mailbox, two of which were about irrelevant things, and the last one was of the property group informing residents about the recent high number of missing cats, and to remind you to take care of your own home’s cat.

  Mo Zhen looked at the date and discovered that it was delivered a week ago. With some frustration, he shoved the letter back into the mailbox, what Mo Zhen wanted to know was that, although there were many things that the Kensini Villa had slyly false advertised about, but the security measures were still very complete. Those missing cats, how on earth did they manage to steal them?

(TN: last chapter I said cat gang because the legit translation was cat and gang, so I’m assuming that it’s a gang of people stealing cats.)

  Thinking of this, Mo Zhen took out his phone and called the property corporation office and stated that he would like to see the nearby surveillance video of his home.

  After the Kensini Villa Head of Security team had received the notification from the main office, he ordered the other security guards to quickly tidy up the control room, but also make a pot of good tea; and wait for the entrance of the great Emperor Mo Zhen.

  The property sent a car to drive Mo Zhen to the control room, in order for the control room to match the overall style of the villa, the monitoring room was built as a small western-style building. When Mo Zhen arrived at the building, the security team were lined up on both sides- standing straight, they knew nothing, but had thought that the Head was coming to inspect their work.

  But they could only keep the suffering in their heart to themselves. These days they’ve had several people phone to file a complaint about their missing cat, and to ask to check the surveillance video. Today, even Emperor Mo had come… They had heard that he had began to raise a cat a couple of days ago.

  The hearts of the security team had already burst into tears, even the Captain began to tremble as he opened up the surveillance video on the screen.

  The video showed that at 6:59 pm, a little black cat slipped out of the door of the Mo Zhen’s house and ran out of the gate of Kensini Manor, as it got further away, the cameras could not longer monitor it.

  The captain looked at Mo Zhen’s gloomy face and carefully swallowed, “Mo, Emperor Mo, these days there have been several families coming to check the surveillance camera, and each time, all of their families cats have run out on their own.”

  The captain could not understand it no matter how hard he tried, were these cats crazy? They even voluntarily ran away from home! Even more detestable was when the Captain had reported the case of the missing cats to the police, the police had replied saying that recently there was a Cat Gang group (Cat Thieves) in the neighborhood, making people panic even more.

  Thinking of this, the Captain could immediately feel goosebumps rising on his shoulders, in addition to the missing cats, there had been an uproar of rumours recently of ghosts haunting the villa, if the two were connected, then it would be truly frightening.

  Mo Zhen looked at the monitoring screen once again, ignoring the captain pale pale pale face, he silently walked out of the control room.

  According to the video show, Ah Yao had run across the baren hills, although he did not know why the other families’s cats ran away, but Ah Yao would definitely never run away from home, which meant that something must’ve happened in between.

  Mo Zhen walked out of the gate of Kensini Villa, and went straight across the barren hills.

  The Barren hills were really scarce, in addition to the dead branches and weeds across the ground, the only thing it really had was an abandoned warehouse. The warehouse was built very subtle, if it weren’t for Xiang Yunze dragging him over here for an adventure on the Barren Hills, he would’ve never discovered its existence.

  Mo Zhen did not know what the warehouse was originally built for, but since Ah Yao had ran in this direction, there was a possibility that she may have gone here.

  The day had started to darken, if he could not find Ah Yao tonight, then he would have to resort to calling the police.

  The closer he got to the warehouse, there was a faint smell of blood in the air, ocassionaly he would see small blood stains on the ground leading up to the warehouse.

  Mo Zhen stopped and frowned as he thought for a moment, then on the ground he found a relatively strong and sturdy stick, and walked towards the iron gate of the warehouse.

  Gently pushing the door to the warehouse, the strong smell of fresh blood made Mo Zhen subconsciously frown. The warehouse was very dark and the only trace of light came from a window high near the ceiling.. Mo Zhen walked a few steps until he finally saw the tragic body of a dead kitten.


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