Chapter 24: Cold Poison

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“You need money to go to the colosseum to battle dogs?” Murong Xue glanced at him, her voice soft.

“That’s right!” Murong Ye nodded and acknowledged with hesitation. He didn’t have any money in his hands these few days and had stayed at home bored. He is almost bored till ill now.

Murong Xue’s gaze hardened and she leisurely said, “It’s not that you cannot have the money, however, there’s no free meal in this world. I cannot give you this money for free. We have to make an exchange!”

This complacent fella. All he knows how to do is battle dogs. Even if she has a lot of money, she will not give it so easily.

“What do you want to exchange it with?” Murong Ye smiled and asked. As long as the terms are not too harsh, he can agree.

Murong Xue picked up a book on the table and threw it to him, “Memorize all the contents in this book and I’ll give you ten thousand taels.” She had picked up that book when she was bored and had just flipped 2 pages – much to Murong Ye’s convenience.

Murong Ye caught the book and looks down towards it only to see two big words on its cover “the Analects (of Confucius)”. He flipped open the cover and saw the page filled with complex terms, until his head felt like it grew big. His confident and handsome face immediately turned sour, “Sister, the words on this pages looks like rows of identical flies to me. They don’t know me and I don’t recognize them either. Just stop making it difficult for me will you?”

Murong Xue’s bright face immediately darkened. How much does Murong Ye hate reading books if he is using flies to represent words?

“Then go and find Uncle Hui and ask him to teach you 10 steps. When you have learnt these 10 steps, you can find me and take the ten thousand taels from me.”

If Murong Ye doesn’t like to learn from texts then it wouldn’t be of any use even if she forces him to. Then let him learn martial arts. Uncle Hui’s martial arts skills are not bad and can definitely teach Murong Ye.

Hearing her, Murong Ye frowned harder and pitifully said, “Uncle Hui only knows how to ask me to do squats, and squats and more squats, when he teaches. I have learnt from him for 10 years and he has only just finished teaching me a full set of 49 moves. If I have to learn another 10 more new moves, it will take another 2 years and I will be bored to death…”

Murong Xue’s beautiful and small face immediately turned black until it was almost dripping with ink. Squats are the basics of martial arts. Uncle Hui wants him to build a good foundation that’s why he asked him to do more squats and he actually resents it for being too boring. What an idiot!

Uncle Hui used 10 years to teach him 49 steps not because he didn’t want to teach martial arts but because Murong Ye is lazy and has a weak foundation. Uncle Hui was worried that if he taught too much, it might harm his body…

Learning gives a headache; martial arts is tiring – these are definitely not as relaxing as fighting dogs. This lazy fella really knows how to enjoy life and live it as leisurely as possible.

But her money is obtained through headaches and tiresome work – he can’t expect it to be leisure.

Murong Xue looked up and was just about to lecture him when suddenly a sharp pain came about in her chest. Her bright and small face immediately turned pale with no colour and beads of sweat poured down her forehead…

“Sister, what’s wrong?” Seeing that there was something wrong with her, Murong Ye took a step forward and supported her elbow. The tips of his fingers touched her exposed wrist and it was cold but hardly any temperate. His face immediately turned, “Your… cold poison is acting up. Hong Xiu, Anmei, quickly go and get the medication!”

“Yes yes yes!” Hong Xiu and Anmei was used to this situation and repeatedly acknowledged before hurriedly running towards the room. Their demure faces did not reveal a hint of panic.

Murong Ye took out Murong Xue’s handkerchief from near her wrist and gently wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, gently like the wind consoling her, “Sister, don’t be afraid, you’ll be fine after eating the medication!”

Murong Xue nodded with difficulty. In the original person’s memory, she had experienced multiple time where the cold poison had acted up. Each time it was very painful, but once she had eaten the medication, the pain would disappear very quickly…



Two screams rang one after another. Murong Ye looked up towards the source only to see a man in black with a black mask run out of the Murong Xue’s room tightly holding an ebony box in his arms.

Anxiang collapsed against the door, her demure face white as paper and used all her strength to shout, “Young Master… He has snatched Young Mistress’ medication…”

Murong Ye’s black jade-like eyes immediately narrowed. With a tap of the points of his feet, his thin silhouette appeared behind the man in black and he raised his palm to hit, “Put down the medication.”

As though the man in black did not hear, he stepped to the side to avoid Murong Ye’s attack and they started fighting.

At that moment, two silhouettes, one black and one blue, jumped up and down, left and right, and battled closely. The sharp wind from the fight shook the leaves on the trees till they were rustling.

The man in black was an adult male and was not bad in martial arts. He was quick, harsh and accurate and every move was forceful and unforgiving, obviously he was very experienced. His moves and body combined into one.

On the other hand, Murong Ye was still young and inexperienced, his martial arts moves were stiff and obviously were unpracticed. Against the enemy, they lacked creativity in their use and flexibility, and thus  he was slowly becoming the losing side. His moves became messy and the strength he used was also halved.

Hurried steps rang – it was the mansion guards rushing over. The man in black did not want to continue fighting and his palm hit towards Murong Ye’s chest to seriously injure him and take the opportunity to escape.

Murong Xue’s eyes turned cold and she endured the sky-high pain level as she pulled out the short sword at her waist and leapt towards the man in black. After hitting his palm away, she continuously waved her sword and in the harsh cold light, pierced a few wounds into his left shoulder!

“Hurry, the assassin is there. Don’t let him get away!” The mansion guards ran into the courtyard and surrounded them. Murong Xue and Murong Ye surrounded the man in black at the front and back. The man had been seriously injured and definitely could not escape.

The man in black’s eyes turned cold and he slapped against the ebony box in his arms. Pa! The exquisite box immediately turned to dust and the porcelain bottles and its medication was slapped into dust as well, and drifted towards the ground mixing with the brown soil…

“Fire lotus, sister’s fire lotus…” Murong Ye scooped up a fist of powder but it was mixed in with more soil, wood and porcelain powder, with the medication powder barely noticeable. This black eyes immediately turned red and he harshly kicked the man in black, and countless fists mercilessly fell under his body, “Compensate for our fire lotus… my sister needs it to save her life…”

The man in black lowered his head, his expression stern, and did not say a word.

Murong Xue’s whole body was in sharp pain and her throat was dry. She could not help but cough a few times before weakly saying, “Brother, stop hitting him. He is a kamikaze warrior and will not say anything!”

“Kamikaze warrior?” Murong Ye paused and his black eyes narrowed. He grabbed the front of the man in black and furiously said, “It’s Ye Yichen that instructed you to steal the fire lotus right? Don’t deny. Other than Prince Jing household and the Marquis’ household, no one else knows that my sister has been poisoned with cold poison and needs the fire lotus to save her life!”

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