Chapter 24 – Apostles

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If this little fool really cares about Shao Qingrou so much she would definitely take their advice.

As expected, Lu Jiuque said,”Yeah sure! I won’t say anything. Don’t worry! But.. My body aches so bad. I’m probably injured.”

They didn’t see that coming.

Is she seriously trying to get their medication?

No way in hell..

But she does look injured. She’s got blood all over her body.

She must have been got the injuries from protecting Li Ronggui.

But the people doesn’t look grateful at all.

Because she doesn’t deserve their medication. That’s the medication made in Tianyan Sect. Famous stuff.

The leading man said,”Unfortunately the last piece has been used on Sister Shao.”

Lu Jiuque didn’t give up. She replied,” It’s ok.. If there’s no more medication then some herbs will do. I will be fine.”
“Sure. We do have some herbs.” The man grabbed some herbs from his space bag and handed to Lu Jiuque. “There you go. Remember, these herbs are great for healing injuries. Don’t waste them. Alright then we should get going. Remember not to say anything to anyone, ok? For the sake of Sister Shao.”

Once he’s done talking the people took off immediately as if the mere existence of Lu Jiuque annoys them.

Those herbs don’t heal injuries. Not at all. You can even die from using the herbs on your wounds.

But all they needed to do was to get rid of Lu Jiuque. Doesn’t matter to them how badly injured she is or whether she will die.

Because they did what Elder Li told them to do, didn’t they?

Li Jiuque grabbed the herbs. And put them in her pocket.

Great for healing injuries, huh?

Yeah right.

“Ms! Sweetheart! How are you doing!? Are you ok??”  Chang yelled out loud as she went back home and saw Lu

Jiuque covered up in blood.

“I’m fine Auntie. This is not my blood..”

“It’s not?”Auntie Chang doesn’t sound too convinced.

“Of course not! Look!”

Lu showed auntie Chang that there’s not a single wound on her body.

“Don’t scare me like that next time.. And ya you are just too skinny.. You gotta eat more..And by the way do you even know what time it is now? You should go to sleep.. Test tomorrow..” Lu Jiuque was talked into taking a shower and going to bed after that.

She hasn’t slept so early in so many years.

Midnight, after making sure that Auntie Chan is sleeping deep, Lu Jiuque got up quietly and pulled out a ice cold white dress from the closet.

The Lu Family sold everything it had.

Rumor has it that this white dress was one of the only things her dad didn’t sell and brought here by Auntie Chang.

It can finally be put in use now.

Lu Jiuque put on the white dress and found that it fits perfectly.

Then she put on some makeup before walking out.

City of Yu Yue is where the test will take place. In Chinese this means jumping fish, symbolizing success.

The test is tomorrow, which probably explains why nobody is sleeping now and lights blaze from every building.

Pieces of memories remind her of where the test area is located at.

The young girl dressed in white walks quietly yet elegantly across the street.

She looks beautiful.

Pedestrians couldn’t help but stop and stare at her.


“Goddamn it that guy bumped into me!”

“Are you F* blind or something?”

“Get the F* out of here! Don’t block the damn way!”

“What are you looking at? Huh?….MOVE! Don’t block my way! I wanna see her, too!!”

She leaves a big mess wherever she walks by.

People just can’t seem to move their eyes away from her.

She’s so beautiful and special looking that nothing can be compared.

People can’t help but wonder, who is she anyways?

She’s so stunning.

Absolutely stunning!

Some people even started following her,  only to find themselves end at at Ren Ji’s.
The Ren Ji’s is a local pharmacy here at city of Yu Yue. What is she doing here?
Not saying she can’t be here, but there are a ton of sick people in there so what if she gets sick too?

The disease could be contagious.

“Yo,  don’t go in there!”

A staff member stopped her from walking in. He probably would’ve started cursing if she weren’t this beautiful.

Everyone knows the Ren Ji’s is in big trouble now!

Lu Jiuque smiled,”what? Why not?”

“No… I mean..”

“What are you even doing?”

“The Ren Ji’s has been sold to someone else. So..”

“Yeah I know. And also there are like a whole bunch of sick people waiting for treatment

in there, right? You guys can’t seem to find what the cause is.”


The guy was surprised that she knows so much. It’s supposed to be a top secret that they can’t find the cause. How does she know?

“How do you..”

Lu Jiuque kept going,”If you want them to be cured you gotta let me in. I’m here on behalf of the Lord Of Shenzi.”

The words”Lord of Shenzi” scared him.

“What? Lord Of Shenzi? What.. How??”

The way people look at her changed. She deserves respect.

No wonder she looks so special. She’s an apostle for the Lord.

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