Chapter 23: Settling The Debt

By | November 6, 2016

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“Thank you for your concern my Lady, but we have already prepared for that!” Zhuyu Court’s staff snapped a finger while smiling. From around the corner, dozens of large horse carriages appeared and each carriage was accompanied by 3 or 4 guards in battle robes, holding knifes and swords!

“The managers know that the debt amount is large. To prevent any accidents, they have informed the bank and asked them to bring people and carriages here, and will deposit the money directly into the bank.”

Murong Ruo’s face turned green and her fists clenched tightly under her sleeves. They had already guessed she would say that and thus had planned such a trap for her to jump into. How hateful!

“Lady Song, can we settle the accounts now?” Zhuyu Court’s staff softly inquired; his eyes shone with undisguised happiness making Murong Ruo burn in fury, she could not wait to tear this face that was triumphant and provocative.

The crowd was watching from the sidelines so Murong Ruo could not kick up a fuss. She held in her anger and said, “Of course. Lan’er, bring some to the treasury to withdraw the money!” Her calm voice revealed a slight gritting of teeth.

“Yes, ma’am!” Maid Lan’er curtsied and called the 6 shopkeepers at the bottom of the steps, “Gentlemen, please follow me!”

“Thank you for your effort!” The 6 shopkeepers politely bowed and invited Huitong Bank’s staff and strode into the Wu’an Marquis’ Mansion.

Looking at the way they thought it was in their right to do, Song Qingyan hatefully stomped her feet. She hurriedly walked towards Murong Ruo and lowered her voice, “Mother, are we really going to settle all the accounts? We don’t have that much money in the Mansion!”

In these recent years, she had often followed Murong Ruo in and out of Zhuyu Court, the silk shop, and had always taken many things each time. It was definitely going to be a huge amount.

“I know!” Murong Ruo’s eyes flashed with coldness, “But the fact that Wu’an Marquis’ Household owes them 10 years worth of payment will spread widely. If we do not settle the bills completely today, we will prove to them that we do not settle our bills and will be laughed at by the people of Capital, ridiculed by the nobles and everywhere we go we will be pointed at by people until we are not able to walk with our heads high. Wu’an Marquis Household will not be able to continue staying in the Capital.”

“That serious?!” Song Qingyan frowned hard and her arrogant little face sank. She grumbled resentfully, “Grandmother is too much. If she wants the money then she should just say. Why did she let the 6 shopkeepers make a scene and make us, Wu’an Marquis Household, lose face? It will also not reflect well on her…”

“Do you think that Zhuyu Court and the antique goods shop is still being managed by your grandmother?” Murong Ruo glanced at her and scoffed.

Song Qingyan paused, “Mother means that Zhuyu Court, the antiques good shops and Jinxiu silk warehouse have all changed hands… It might be trouble caused by Murong Xue, that little bitch. Last time she schemed against me and took back all the jewelry I had chosen from my aunt’s dowry. This time she’s even worse; she actually schemed against the entire Wu’an Marquis Household…”

“Don’t say so much!” Murong Ruo waved her hand and interrupted her. She took out a bunch of keys from her sleeve and gave it her, “Quickly go to the treasury and take out that set of jade jewelry, Southern pearl jewelry, and red emerald jewelry… bring them to Duobao Court and exchange them for cash…”

Song Qingyan listened to the list of jewelry names and widened her eyes in shock, “Mother, those are your dowry. You liked them the most!” And she had even promised that when she got married, they would be given to her as her dowry. How can they be sold?

“For ten years we have taken at least a million taels worth of goods from Zhuyu Court and those 6 shops. The money we have in the Mansion, including the cheques, will not add up to that much. We must pawn these jewelry to gather up the money…”

Murong Ruo said quietly, her eyes flashed coldly and she lightly patted Song Qingyan’s shoulder, “Don’t worry. When we overcome the hurdle in front of us, Mother will redeem all of them to give them to you for your dowry!”

“Alright!” Song Qingyan nodded. Holding the key, she reluctantly walked towards the treasury.

Murong Ruo looked at the guards from Huitong Bank walking here and there. The handkerchief in her hands were twisted into knots and her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly – when Qingyan was forced by Murong Xue to return Chen’s jewelry, she had thought that it was just an argument between little girls and did not take notice.

She never imagined that only a few days later, Murong Xue had not only snatched the shop deeds away from her mother, but had also attacked her unexpectedly, forcing her to return everything that she had swallowed from the 6 shops, and even damaged her reputation, causing her to lose face in front of everyone. What a good trick!

This weak and sickly niece of hers is definitely not a simple character. It seems like she needs to find a time to return to the Murong Marquis’ Mansion and meet this niece that she has never taken a good look at before!

Bright sunlight shone onto the water surface, reflecting bits of golden light. A light breeze caressed and brought with it a sky filled with raining flower petals.

Murong Xue wore a pink robe made of thin cloth and gracefully sat in front of the round table underneath the viburnum flower tree. She sipped lightly at her tea and casually counted the bills.

The 6 managers stood not far off from her and looked at the large amounts on those bills. They did have not envy or jealousy in their eyes, just respect. They had used all sorts of ways to demand payment over the last ten year and could not make Wu’an Marquis Household spit up even a cent. Once Murong Xue’s plan was carried out, Wu’an Marquis Household had hurriedly returned all the money owed. So brilliant!

When they stood at the corner of the street and saw the carts of silver taels being pulled to Huitong Bank, they were still stunned. Wu’an Marquis’ Household had so much money yet they kept delaying on their payment. What terrible character they have. When they left the street corner, they heard people discussing and criticizing how bad a character the people of Wu’an Marquis Household have.

“The debt has been entirely settled. All of you have put in hard work. This money is to award everyone. Managers, staff, everyone has a share!” Murong Xue finished calculating the bills and confirmed that there was no error before taking out 6 bills and putting them onto the table.

The 6 managers walked up one by one and picked up the bill. When they saw the amount on the bills, they all smiled brightly, “Thank you so much, Young Mistress!” After managing the shops for so many years, this is the first time they have seen so much bonus. Young Mistress is so generous.

“If the shops’ profits for this year is 10% more than last year. I will also give all of you a huge bonus at the end of the year!” Murong Xue smiled lightly, like a hundred flowers blooming.

The managers’ eyes immediately shone. Young Mistress is generous. If she says that the bonus is huge, it will definitely be not a small amount of taels!”

“Thank you very much Young Mistress. We will definitely do our best in managing the shops and will definitely not disappoint Young Mistress.” The managers solemnly promised and walked out of Luoxue Court full of thanks.

Murong Ye quickly walked forward and looked at the thick wad of bills, full of astonishment, “Sister, how did you manage to think of such a method to collect the debt?”

His sister had easily resolved what was causing the managers such a huge headache. Even he had thought hard but couldn’t find a solution. It was brilliant!

Murong Xue took a sip of tea, her eyes bright and active, “Wu’an Marquis Household is a noble family and places great importance on their reputation. They will definitely not allow any blemishes on themselves. When I asked the shopkeepers to read the accounts at the entrance of Wu’an Marquis Mansion, it would be airing their dirty laundry. If Wu’an Marquis Household did not wish to continue having their dirty laundry aired, then they would obediently pay up!”

“I see!” Murong Ye nodded with half-understanding. His gaze turned bright at the sight of the thick wad of bills, “Sister, since you have so much money, give me ten thousand taels to spend please!”

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