Chapter 23 – Lu Jiuque

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Lu Jiuque faked a moment of hesitation and pretended to be shy, “yeah…well.. Thank you… I was just doing what I was supposed to do…It’s my pleasure saving him..”

This is nothing like  She saved a person and doesn’t want rewards. This makes people like her even more.

“Haha you are such a nice kid. I think we should let you in Tianyan Sect. You have the potential to do great things.”

“I agree, Brother Wang. Let’s tell Elder Li to let her join our sect.”

“I agree!”

Their praising doesn’t stop there.

This is the girl that saved Elder Li’s son. When she joins Tianyan Sect she will become Elder Li’s favorite student. She will have a bright future.

Well then they should definitely start building a good relationship with her.

So that’s why they are trying so hard to flatter her and making promises to let her join Tianyan Sect.

Lu Jiuque said, with that faked surprise on her face, “Are you..sure? Can I really join? I’m not talented though.”

Someone immediately replied, “Oh come on don’t worry about it. You saved Elder Li’s beloved son. You will definitely be able to join.”

“For real?” Lu Jiuque keeps faking that excitement.

“Yeah for real!”

“We will let you in!”

To say Shao Qingrou is pissed off is an understatement.

Lu was the damn villain here! Shao’s not! How can people be so stupid?

Ahhhh….She hates her so much.

Finally, Shao couldn’t do it anymore and passed out in anger, while vomiting blood.

“Ahh Ms Shao!” Lu Jiuque was the first one to notice.

“Hurry, get me some blood-clotting pill!”

“And healing pill!”

They fed her a whole bunch of pills and was finally sure that she’s alright.

Suddenly, someone asked, “Girl, what’s your name?”

“My name is.. Lu Jiuque”

“What! Lu Jiuque from the Lu Family?”

The smile on people’s face instantly disappeared.

Lu asked as if she’s really asking, “Yes that’s right. So you guys have heard of me before??”

Heard of you? Of course we have heard of you. You are the person who brings disaster everywhere.

The smile on people’s face is replaced by disdain, disgust, and sneers.

Everything changed because of her name.

Lu asked, smiling and ignoring their face, “So when will you let me join the Sect?”

Join the Tianyan Sect? Who do you think you are?

You gotta be kidding me!

How can Tianyan Sect let in such a bane?

But after all she was the one who saved Li Ronggui, they had to at least show some gratefulness for what she did.

But now everyone all of a sudden hates her from the bottom of their heart, simply because of her name.

Lu Jiuque kept going, “Alright peeps, so I can go right?  What time then? Or maybe I should probably go straight to Elder Li and tell him you said I could join. Because the test is tomorrow..”

The annoyed look on their face can’t go unnoticed.

Damn it,  what if she really goes up to Elder Lu and keeps bothering him with what they promised?

Elder Li would hate them so much!

No no no, they can’t let her go to Elder Li.

But they can’t force her to stay, either.

A seemingly nice middle aged man then said,” Ms Lu,  we have recently recruited enough students. How about you wait for a while before we start recruiting new ones??”

Lu Jiuque said,” But…in order to come here to take the test I have already spent all of my money. If I wait for any longer period of time I would probably starve to death.”

The man replied,”  Don’t worry.. It’s ok. Here, take these coins.”

Lu Jiuque looked at the silver coin handed to her, and she realized something.

Silver coins are the currency of the Land Of Tianchen, and they are made of rare sacred silver with Qi in it. Once absorbed, the Qi can help one gain enormous power.”

But the reason why most people don’t collect these coins to help them gain power is because it simply costs too much. Plus, richer people have access to better alternatives to coins. Therefore, there coins only serve as currency in this country because they have no other uses.

But it also goes to show that on this land there is a big difference between rich and poor.

The rich get more and more powerful via best resources.

And the poor will end up at the bottom of the society and suffer.

After thinking for a bit Lu Jiuque put away the coin and answered innocently,”This is so generous of you. One coin is so much money. I will for sure let everybody know that Elder Li gave me  a coin to thank me for saving his son. I will let everyone know how much of a good guy he is.”

The crowd of people who thought they could fool her now look so twisted.

This bitch!

If she really tells that to everybody Elder Li would be laughed at so bad!

How is it that the son of Elder Li is only worth one coin.. What a shame!

The leading middle aged man immediately gave her a handful of coins, trying to end this once and for all.

Then he took out a whole bag full of coins and collected some coins from his people, and handed them all of her,”Here, take these coins. But you gotta make sure not to tell anyone about the fact that you saved the son of Elder Li. You gotta keep it between us, ok? We can’t let people think Sister Shao is crazy and tried to kill someone..”

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