Chapter 23.2

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chapter 23.2

 Chen Qingyang closed her phone and put some coins into the vending machine. From the bottom slot of the vending machine, she took out two cans of milk as she walked through the large entrance of A hospital.

  It had been a very long time since she had sealed an IP address, but the one time she actually did it, she banned Mo Zhen’s assistant?

  It really made one uncomfortable.

  And there were also many people who currently felt the same uncomfortable feeling that she feltin the forum. Ever since the incident, a rumour saying that Sadako was Mo Zhen’s assistant had quickly spread around. Many users had excitedly made plans to wait for Sadako’s arrival in the forum, preparing to attack at the first sighting. They had waited and waited, but for several months, Sadako had not appeared in the forum.

  But this was another story.

  Chen Qingyang went to the door of the ward. She didn’t really want to clear this problem of Sadako being Mo Zhen’s assistant. Looking through the glass window of the ward, Chen Qinyang’s eyebrows raised slightly.

  ”Xiang gongzi, it’s so late, why haven’t you left yet?” Smiling as she opened the door, Chen Qingyang carelessly threw a can of milk at Xiang Yunze.

  The milk had been sitting in the fridge for a long time and layer of precipitation covered the top of the can. Xiang Yunze caught the can of milk in his hands, feeling the coolness of the metal on his fingertips. ” I was waiting for the beauty to come deliver food, so I deliberately stayed.”

  Xiang Yunze pulled the milk can open and faced Chen Qingyang as he smiled at her. Chen Qingyang walked towards him, and sat down at the bedside, “Now I’m not reprimanding you Xiang gongzi, but considering Da Li’s character, if you do not tell her your feelings, she will not understand.”

  Xiang Yunze’s hand paused for a moment. He had wanted to wait till she had graduated to confess to her, but he did not expect that when he returned to the country that this would happen. Looking up and drinking the milk, Xiang Yunze whispered: “I’ve said it many times before, but I’m not sure if she has realized it yet, and also do not call her Da Li.”

(TN: Da means Big, so basically she’s calling Li Yan, Big Li, which also means strong)

  ”She’s always been very strong ah! You don’t know how she was like during university…” Chen Qingyang also drank her milk, but when she realized what she was saying, she quickly covered her mouth.

  If she continued to talk about the past’s happy memories, Xiang gongzi would probably become very sad.

  As Li Yan’s college classmate and roommate, Chen Qingyang has heard the name Xiang Yunze come from her mouth many times before, but the way she heard it was usually as “Yunze Ge Ge”- this was how Li Yan called Xiang Yunze ever since they were children, even now it had not changed.

(TN: Ge Ge = brother in Chinese, didn’t want to put in English b/c it made it sound like he was a pastor of a church)

  Looking at how it was going, it was obvious Li Yan was ready to call him “Brother” for her entire life time. But this time Chen Qingyang held herself back and did not mention it.

  Chen Qingyang was a typical literary girl; her father was a literary magazine editor and her mother was a dancer. Chen Qingyang from an early age was exposed to many forms of art and literature – even her name had been taken from the Book of Songs: “Wan Xi “.

  Papa Chen had stated he wanted his daughter to become a gentle, kind and, demure type of woman.

  But he would’ve never thought, not only did his daughter stray more and more from the gentle and virtuous path, even her name had become the same as a shampoo brand.

(TN: Qingyang means Clear in chinese, which is a shampoo brand)

  Fortunately, Chen Qingyang had not wasted the years of literature and art she had learned. In primary school, her first grade essay was chosen by the teacher to be read out loud at a podium-reading; in middle school when she participated in a new concept essay competition, she accidently won first place. When she entered university she had already successfully signed with Pujiang network and became a web-novel author.

  En, she really did end up straying completely from the virtous path.

  In addition to writing, Chen Qingyang had a hobby, which was-Mo Zhen. Saying she was Mo Zhen’s biggest fan was not enough to express her deep love and admiration for Mo Zhen.

  Mixing in his forums as a moderator, Chen Qingyang always felt she was only one step away from Mo Zhen. But recently, there have been people making trouble, especially that person called Sadako. It would be best if she (Sadako) didn’t let her (Qingyang) find out who she is!

  ” Qingyang, what are you thinking about?” Watching her as she drank her milk, her expression seemed as if she was deeply lost in thought, so Xiang Yunze couldn’t help but ask curiously.

  Chen Qingyang raised her head and looked at him. She bit her lip as she said: “Do not call me Qingyang.”

  Xiang Yunze pondered for a moment and then thoughtfully asked: “Rejoice or L’Oreal, which one do you choose?”

(Rejoice & L’Oreal & Haifei Silk are both haircare/skincare lines)

  I choose Haifei silk line!

  ”I was just thinking that perhaps the reason why she’s still asleep is not because she needs a treatment from the hospital, but a kiss from a prince,” She said.

  Xiang Yunze: “…”

  ”Xiang gongzi, don’t let this chance run away. When Da Li wakes up, I definitely won’t tell her you were the one who kissed her.”

  Xiang Yunze finished drinking from the milk can and crushed the metal in his hands, “No wonder you write novels, your brain is really creative.”

  ”I don’t have a hole in my brain, I have a black hole.” Chen Qingyang also finished her milk and stood up from the bedside. “Xiang gongzi, I’ll leave now, you should leave early too.”

  Taking the can away from Xiang Yunze’s hands, Chen Qingyang was walking through the door of the ward when she heard him utter a sound. Throwing the two empty cans in the nearest trash can, Chen Qingyang looked at the ward again before leaving the central hospital.

  Oh mother, she really wanted to peek… Perhaps when she left, gongzi really did take a kiss from Da Li ah!

  # Best friend needs to be sold_ (: “) _ #

   Xiang Yunze seemed to be a playboy, but he was someone who would never take advantage of a girl he liked. So in the end, he did not kiss the sleeping Li Yan, but instead got up and went to call Mo Zhen.

  Mo Zhen had just finished feeding Ah Yao a small fish when the phone on the table began to shake. Looking at the caller ID on the screen, Mo Zhen picked up the phone and sat down on the sofa “How’s Professor Xiang?”

  ”I just wanted to ask if your cat’s still alive? If a person who can even kill cactuses starts raising a pet, it makes people very concerned ah.”

  Mo: “…”

  So this guy was concerned about his weibo post?

  ”Professor Xiang, are you sure you don’t have a crush on me? “

  ”You only realized now? I think you should’ve realized back when we are in grade 6, and when I fought that bad boy from the high school next door for you, you should’ve realized my feelings then.”

  … … They way he said it, it actually seemed very suspicious.

  ”Why are you calling me?”

  Xiang Yunze laughed dryly, why was everyone seem to be displeased with him today? “I want to eat with you tomorrow, are you free?”

  ”Are you inviting me out to confess to me?”


  Hanging up on Xiang Yunze, it was not a moment after that a text popped up on his screen, “Tomorrow at six o’clock, Arc de Triumph.”  (restaurant name)



#being named after shampoo brand isn’t that bad, I was named after an assassinated empress…

Dont know how to feel about Chen Qingyang, mostly b/c the way she speaks is sooo hard to translate in the later chaptersss

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