Chapter 23.1

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Chapter 23.1

Mo Zhen’s Weibo post did not have a caption – it only had a kitten’s photo -but the sharp eyes of his fans could easily find clues.

  ”Ah, this sofa I know, it is Zhenzi’s home’s sofa!”

  ”Ah found it, Zhenzi had posted a picture of it before, but unfortunately we cannot map where he lives.”

  ”( o ) When did the Male God start raising a cat?

  ”I also want to be Male God’s cat ≡ω ≡”

  ”Wait, guys visit the forum! Guys, remember Sadako?!!”

  The words “Forum” and “Sadako” were words Mo Zhen was extremely sensitive to. He looked at the Ah Yao still sleeping on the sofa and went to the table to open the computer.

  He directly pressed ctrl + H into the history tab, there really was a neat row of the same forum link over and over again.

  Laughing in his heart, Mo Zhen pressed on the forum link and scrolled down to find the post, “Your Male God doesn’t have an inch of affection in him, he even bullies small animals, can you believe it!”

  Glancing at the ID, it really was Sadako.

  Exiting out of the site, Mo Zhen tried every link on the history tab. When he finally opened all the links, he discovered that Sadako had commented on every floor that was about him, and even stranger, she commented the exact same thing on each one!

  Mo Zhen was a little touched by the diligence of her dedication.

  Taking a deep breath, Mo Zhen closed the computer and walked to the second floor to take a bath.

  Ah Yao was finally awakened by this movement, and with a lazy meow, she watched as Mo Zhen’s back disappeared up the stairs. Jumping off the sofa, Ah Yao’s footsteps were light as she ran off to the second floor. Mo Zhen’s bedroom door shut, but Ah Yao managed to squeeze through the crack somehow. When she looked up, Mo Zhen was holding his pajamas preparing to take a bath.

  ”Meow ~” Ah Yao cried out cutely as Mo Zhen looked down at her. He put the pajamas on the floor and bent down to hold Ah Yao in his arms.

  ”Meow ~ ~” Perhaps it was because Mo Zhen had taken the initiative to hold her, but her following cry was even louder and more persuasive than the one before it.

  Mo Zhen smiled at her, walked to the door with her in his arms, put her onto the ground, and then closed and locked the door.

  Ah Yao: “…”

  FML! What is going on??

  Ah Yao felt depressed: the people in the forum had bullied her this afternoon, the moderators had also sealed her IP address, and now even her Zhen Zhen has kicked her out of the room! Why was life so hard?!

  ”Meow!” Ah Yao desperately clawed Mo Zhen’s bedroom door- trying to leave marks on the poor door. But she was helpless. Her newly trimmed claws had no lethality to them so Ah Yao could only roar and whine to express her dissatisfaction.

  The Mo Zhen on the other side of the door ignored Ah Yao’s angry cries. Didn’t she say that he abused small animals? Might as well live up to her expectations.  

  At the same time, the Cape Forum was also very lively.

  [OMG have you seen Mo Zhen’s latest Weibo post? He really does have a cat at home! The Sadako in the dark room, how are you doing?]

(TN: Dark Room means banned, blocked, moderator has banned you from commenting)

  ”Looking at it, I can say that the little black cat is growing very well? = V =”

  ”Landlord give us a picture ah, if there is no picture you can’t see from left to right.”

  ”In a moment of excitement, forgot the picture sorry _ (: ” ) _ [picture]

  ”So Sadako is wrong”

  ”Even if it’s true that our Male God does raise a small cat, it doesn’t prove that he abuses small animals. Look at the picture. Doesn’t the kitten look very healthy?”

(TN: Ah Yao better be looking healthy after all those chicken wings XD)

  ”Hehe, the animals he has abused might not be just this one. Do you know how many small animals he has raised?”

  ”When you saw how calm the posts above this were, surely you just wanted to sneak in from nearby and disrupt the peace right Li Er Gou?”

  ”Do not pinch ah! Am I the only one wondering how Sadako knew that Mo Zhen had a cat?

(TN: Pinch = fight)

  ”Upstairs you are not alone! I remember during the fruit pudding incident, someone mentioned that Sadako was Mo Zhen’s assistant.”

(TN: Upstairs refers to the person who commented above them)

  ”…What you mean is, we locked Zhenzi’s assistant in the dark room?”


  ”Moderator, will you check?”


  ”Wax.” (TN: literally says wax, what is Chinese slang coming to these days)

  ”At this time, please like the post.”



  Moderator: “…”


Although it’s a short chapter, sigh none of the things these fans are making any sense to me.


Ah Yao’s/Xixi’s shameless imagination

Kitty Ah Yao and Mo Zhen go shopping together at the supermarket for a shower curtain.

Mo Zhen: “Do you like flowers, cats or ducks on the shower curtain?”

Ah Yao silently picks up a shower curtain she found and holds it up.

Ah Yao: “I really really like this one!”

Mo Zhen: …

Mo Zhen: i am not buying a clear shower curtain…



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