Chapter 22 – The Shining Eyes of the King of Demons

By | November 24, 2017

After the last time Jiuche saw Shao Qingrou using the power of the Spirit of the Stars, Jiuche had understood everything.


Although the Art of Stars Power was very strong, so strong that one could decapitate a magical creature, the technique that these Four-Foot Masters were practicing was extremely slow.


If Jiuche could beat them up before they used the power of the Spirit of the Stars, then these masters were like a tiger without a teeth.

With Li Ronggui, Jiuche knew exactly the right time to hit.


Even when Shao Qingrou had been crushed by the flying creature and had no way of moving, Shao Qingrou could still kill her without the power of the Spirit of the Stars. It would not have been difficult task at all …

But how could that “Poisonous Flower”, which had repeatedly tried to capture and kill her, had withered so easily?


Jiuche went back and forth, with her sparkling pupils, between Li Ronggui and Shao Qingrou and then burst into an extremely annoying laugh.

Playing with her iron bar, she said with absolutely no care, “Miss Shao, it’s only two of us now. There is no need to pretend. You hate me, right? Well, I hate you too. So don’t worry, I will give you some good smack after I finish with this guy first.”

When she had finished talking, Jiuche gave a few hits to Li Ronggui, which strike him all around his vital points. He felt so much pain that he almost fainted. The pain so unbearable that even the faintest cry of help could not get pass his mouth.

Seeing the dying look of Li Ronggui, Jiuche said with contempt, “Hahaha! Who’s the dying dog now! Should I beat you again? Eh? I couldn’t hear you… What! You’re the son of that master?!”


Who knew Jiuche could acted like a predator preparing for the attack, tending her ambush and pushing her prey into her trap.

Seeing Jiuche’s extreme insolence, Shao Qingrou was astonished for a moment until she understood the reason for Jiuche’s abnormality.


Jiuche’s behaviour made Shao Qingrou to think that Jiuche had not yet realized who Li Ronggui really was causing Jiuche to beat him to that state with such arrogance!

But all of this was … so great!


Really amazing! Hahaha!

Shao Qingrou was extremely excited that she was unable to hold back the laughter. However, Li Ronggui was still there, so she tried to hold back her enthusiasm. In a lamentable voice, Shao Qingrou said, “You … you’re really …! Who else could it possibility be, Jiuche? It is, of course, the son of the Great Teacher Li of Tianyan School. The master that produces second-degree immortality pills, Li Boyi! “.


” Li Boyi, the master manufacturer that produces second-degree immortality pills!!”, Jiuche’s face suddenly stiffened. The satisfaction became astonishment. Even the iron bar she held in her hand fell to the ground with a great thud. Her astonishment continued to grow, “What … what … what are you saying … stop joking around! There is no way that he … he … just how can he be the son of the Great Master Li Boyi? You are lying to me! He is just your right arm! ”


You must admit that Jiuche acting wasn’t bad at all. That sincere agitation had even deceived Chang Shen, who began to amaze herself with Jiuche, “Miss … this … this Li Boyi who would be? This…”

Jiuche widened her mouth as if to cry, “I thought… I thought it was just a very skilled master!”


Chang Shen was pale that one would feel that she was seeing the end of the world.

On the whole continent of Tianchen, the Masters of Pills of Immortality were the most worthy of respect that one could imagine even Chang Shen, who was just a housewife, knew it.


Sorry. He was not a mere master. He was a Master Producer of Pills of Immortality or rather a Master Producer of Second-Degree Immortality Pills … but well … no one really cares.


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