Chapter 22 – Such A Nice Person

By | November 28, 2016

Lu didn’t notice the subtle changes in the Demon’s facial expressions. All she did was waving her fists towards the direction that the Demon left.

“I hate this guy!”

“He might look hot but he’s a prick.”

Cussing made her feel much better.

And it was at this moment that she heard the loud noises of people coming.

They are here! Lu Jiuque adjusted her looks and lied down instantly and started yelling.

“Miss Shao! I won’t ever let you hurt Li!” “Miss Shao! Wake up! This is Li, and I’m Lu Jiuque! Miss Shao… Stop right now!” “Help me!! Ahhh Help me… Miss Shao stop! You don’t wanna do this!…” “Don’t worry I will protect you Li!” She acted it out perfectly.

When the guys from Tianyan Sect gets here all they see is Shao Qingrou holding a big metal bat ready to throw a big blow on Li Ronggui.

And they also saw, of course, Lu Jiuque protecting him.

She’s got blood and dust all over her. Her eyes are filled with fear.

But still she wouldn’t back off one bit, which contrasts sharply with Shao Qingrou who has that big evil smile on her face.

Everybody is shocked looking at this scene. So Shao Qingrou does have some mental issues, just like the old lady described to them.

“Shao Qingrou! Stand down!” The middle aged man shouted to her, his eyes glowing. Then he unsheathed his sword in an desperate attempt to save Li Ronggui.

That’s a badass holy weapon right there. It even makes that cool sound. But Lu Jiuque took her move first before the man did.

She picked up some rocks and threw them accurately at Shao’s vital points. And this unfreezed her.

But the “unfreezing” and her body falling down actually make it look like she’s REALLY trying to kill Li Ronggui. 。

The middle aged man saw this and got even angrier. Is she out of her damn mind or something? His dad is right here and she’s still trying to kill him. Something needs to be done about this.

The silver blade cut right through Shao’s arms and broke it in half.


Shao Qingrou’s face twisted in pain. Her screaming was scary and she almost passed out.

Instantly, Lu Jiuque stepped up and held Shao Qingrou in place before she clicked on her vital points again, letting blood burst out.

Ironically, this makes Lu Jiuque look even more like the good person here. Shao Qingrou hates her so much she wants to tear open her throat. Lu Jiuque is such a manipulative person. More manipulative than the American politicians and media.

Then Lu Jiuque even started begging for her, which pissed her off even more.

“Sensei…Please don’t kill her! She’s a good person. This is not her fault because she couldn’t control herself.  I’m sure she didn’t really mean to put Li in danger…”

“Sensei!…. Please… Please let Shao live…”

“Sensei..Please…Let her go…”


Can this bitch get even bitchier? She herself is the damn villain here.And she’s making it look like she saved Li, and she’s begging for Lu’s life.

What the heck? This is wrong on so many levels.


Shao Qingrou is so pissed off she starts throwing up blood again. Don’t believe in that bitch. She’s so manipulative! But of course, nobody can hear when Shao Qingrou says something in her mind.

All she can do now is protesting, soundless though, because she’s been freezed. And all the others only see a skinny girl crying with blood and tear all over her body, scared to death.

But even then she’s still holding Shao Qingrou tight and protecting her with  How nice she is. Finally, someone said something.

“Elder Li, it looks to me that Shao indeed has some mental issues and she couldn’t control herself sometimes. She didn’t mean to hurt your son. Why don’t you let her go?” “Exactly. After all Shao is one of us and one of the best in Tianyan Sect.”

“Elder Li, just let her live please. And her master is going to be mad if you kill her.” All these people begging for her life even furthered the assumption that Shao Qingrou is the one who hurt Li Ronggui, and Lu Jiuque is the one trying to save her life.

And Lu Jiuque didn’t tell people she saved Li to get praised, but to save Shao Qingrou’s life.

What a nice, kind little girl! Such a good person! Li Boyi finally loosened up and put down his sword.

In fact, he has already known that his son only got hit once and has some bruising. No big deal. Only takes a few pills to heal him.

However…He cut off Shao’s arm. This is pretty serious and can get him into some trouble. Shao Qingrou was really talented and already a student of Tianyan Sect at the young age of 25. Her master likes her and will definitely do something about this situation.

But no way Li Boyi would apologize. And in fact, he wouldn’t even admit he did too much because he could’ve just

killed her.

Holding his son in his arm Li Boyi’s voice travelled to people’s ears, “She can live for now. I’m going back. Clean up this mess y’all.” Then Li Boyi flew away without even thanking Lu Jiuque for saving his son’s life.

Once Li Boyi is gone people bursted out praising. “Thank you so much. Thank you for saving Li. He’s the only son of Elder Li Elder Li would do anything for him. So if there’s anything you want for reward just tell us.

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